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  1. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  4. *****
  7. #1: a letter written in Common, the sender obviously rushing their work.
  8. "Hello! My name is Mana Ode, I call for four to five humans, a band if you will, of them to come to Rune City-"
  9. Right under this line was scrawled the Translocation co-ordinates.
  10. "-I am willing to pay around 50,000 Bits and more if performarences are received well! I need this job completed before the night is halfway done."
  11. It appeared the writer had finished at first, but at the last moment had written something at the bottom of the paper with such haste that it almost made it unreadable.
  12. "P.S: Doesn't matter if Hoomons are bad at music I can compensate!"
  14. *****
  15. #2: (31XP and up Group ONLY)
  16. "To: Razorback:"
  17. "3 humans required for recovery effort. If recovery succeeds there will be a choice of payment: 50,000 Bits, 1 Middle Dynasty Era weapon or armor, or 1 Middle Dynasty Era enchanted item. If recovery fails there will be no payment. Discretion is required: bring equipment to remain silent and hide identities, there can be no talking during recovery or the project will be forcefully cancelled."
  18. -A series of oddly coded translocation coordinates are written in blocky Kingdom text, the sender visibly obfuscating their own hoofwriting, coordinates somewhere in the Eastern Empire Wastelands, ended by the following: 21 Stars, Right 8, Water Up
  20. *****
  21. >VETERAN REQUEST (21XP and up solo, or 0XP and up Group)
  22. "From Shanis, To Razorback:"
  23. "A long time customer of ours from the Crystal Empire is searching for pre-Dynasty examples of Kingdom-era rune carvings, carving kits, and anything with an ethereal mark. My client does not want to buy these items, simply study them to develop relations with the Ethereal Wardens and learn their shaping techniques. I know Naliyna might have a few she'd rather not give out, but the client is offering 20,000 Bits to study each item for half an hour apiece. If Naliyna isn't available or whomever takes this job simply wants a bigger bounty, the backside of this letter has the runes to an abandoned conclave in the Northern Tundras."
  24. "Note: this region is probably the coldest on Tallus, so only a few creatures can even survive here; not even ice drakes find it comfortable. There are small volcanic wurms that live in snow tunnels year round, and something Zigri has called a frost-eater, might want to look it up. Be very well prepared, have thick clothing, make sure you have some form of eye protection, and carry at least two heatstones each."
  26. *****
  27. >WARRIOR REQUEST (41XP and up, Solo ONLY)
  28. "To: Razorback."
  29. "Expeditions across Hive claimed lands have resulted in partial maps retrieved from Late Dynasty Outposts. Maps detail unmarked ruin in upper rainbelt. Request: single human well versed in close combat counter-Spectral & counter-Undead tactics. Likely elemental hostiles in proximity. Traps are present in most Late Dynasty ruins, bring supplies to treat alchemical infections, wounds, toxins. Possible rewards: unknown. Should nothing be recovered the Hive will provide 2 crates of intact Changeling armor plates. Notice: a Vanguard will provide transport to target location, acceptee must be blindfolded to ensure secrecy. No 'recording' can be allowed."
  30. "From: Flanker Enrault of the Changeling Hive."
  32. *****
  33. >MERCENARY REQUEST (61XP and up Group)
  34. "From Misel, Vanseliege Changeling:"
  35. "Greetings to all of the Hive's allies! I am requesting a unique substance known as 'Ash Droplets'. According to my Queen, Ash Droplets are a semi-corrosive substance that occur unnaturally in locations of high heat, extensive arcane history, and may be related to dragon's blood pools. It may be found in both the High Ashlands of the Hegemony Mountains and the Razor's Plume Mountains in the Lower Dragonspines. Early Crystal Kingdom records indicate that original heatstones were made from this compound by Dragonspines aligned Crystal ponies; all production ceased and there are no records explaining why. All I require is a single Ash Droplet to experiment with, though I must implore anypony that goes in search to be cautious, always travel with at least two others, bring coldstones and extra water as both regions are still hot due to volcanic activity."
  37. *****
  38. >ELITE REQUEST (71XP and up Group)
  39. "From: a Halberdier-General of the Imperial Wardens:
  40. "I hereby request that as marely of these ponies as can be found are to be executed quietly, or simply disappear. Ensure all assassinations occur only in Canterlot, extra payment will be provided if the body is mutilated. If abducted there must be not be a single trace discovered. Don't kill any names outside this list or I'll make sure to deal with this problem firsthoof. Furthermore, don't expect anything outside of my payments, I'm a discreet busy mare that hates trading favors."
  41. "P.S.: Bring me the head of one on a silver platter within the next week and I will ponifally convince a very certain shadowy and nameless pony to provide training to Razorback."
  42. -A long list of names follows, some royalty with a few nobles mixed in, and a large number of others.
  44. -Underneath the list are two notes written in easily legible Common, definitely done by a pegasus with excellent wing control.
  45. "An off-the-books offer has also been made to acquire the highly demarended services of a "certain shadowy and nameless pony" for both Razorback and Tartarus Isle should at least one of these targets be eliminated by the end of the week, no further details on who this trainer is and what they teach."
  46. "'Also more or less a reminder to keep an eye out for any intact Changeling Cores in the possession of the targets, it's unlikely any still survive, but just in case."
  48. *****
  49. >RENOWNED REQUEST (81XP and up Group ONLY)
  50. -This page is written in shaky Common Equestrian on expensive gold-bordered vellum paper, stained with numerous bloody flecks & human fingerprints, and smells faintly of perfume.
  51. "To Razorback, the Hive, or the Moors:"
  52. "If this letter reaches any of these three factions, then that means I'm finally dead and freed from this damned curse. None of you know me and I don't expect anypony, or anyone, to cry over my shitty decisions, pathetic life, or failure to do the right thing. What I demarend is simple: get all of my fucking gear out of a stash in the Empire Lowlands. If the Changelings find it first, destroy everything with acid, don't even let a single piece escape. If the Moorites find it first, pack the hole with as marely Void-infused mareabombs as can be carried and get the Nine Hells out of there. If Razorback finds it first, you're welcome to use whatever is left, just don't touch something you aren't supposed to, or else the Era Lock will kill faster than you can scream. If a human does fuck up and touches something out of their era: don't fight what comes next. Trust me, it's a lot less painful to die that way."
  53. -Underneath are four lines of scrambled letters and numbers followed by a series of Crystal Conclave engrams.
  57. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  60. *****
  61. >Newly placed on the Bulletin Board, a paper elegantly listed as 'Star Court Alchemical Recipes Available for Purchase' at the top contains instructions to send a recipe request to a location in the Crystal Empire, along with 10,000 Bits. Three other paragraphs were written below the price in very neat, utilitarian Common script, listing the following:
  63. "Dragon's Bile: a modification of the ancient recipe known as 'Torch', this is an improved version due to the addition of several compounds which greatly increase it's volatility and spread. Not recommended for use near combustible materials."
  64. -The rest has been scribbled out and written over with "Bought elsewhere" in Naliyna's hoofwriting.
  66. "Refresh: a recent improvement on the recipe known as 'Waker', Refresh is considerably more effective than it's predecessors, with nearly the same cost margin to produce. Unlike Waker however, Refresh is also a fulfilling, fatigue removing drink! Not recommended for use with depressants or stimulants as side effects such as hallucinations, chills, and synesthesia may occur."
  68. "Venom: a new twist on the age old use of the marely alchemical recipes commonly known as 'Toxin', introducing two common reagents in a clever marener that produces drastically more debilitating effects. NOTE: this recipe may not be distributed without prior permission from the Star Court. Believe us, you will not like our lawyers."
  69. >Underneath was scribbled in entirely different penmareship from the previous one:
  70. -"We don't like them either!"
  73. *****
  74. Pasted in the center of the left corkboard were a list of sheets in impeccable Common Equestrian, the flowing script denoting a professional unicorn hoofwriter.
  75. "By reading this document the Star Court hereby signifies that it's membership is not liable for, obligated to reimburse because of, and will not pay any damages relating to the acquisition, trade, modification, reforging, insertion, removal, consumption, use of, or the misuse of it's sale stock, whether by individuals, groups, factions, or otherwise. All sale stock bought is sold as is with no warranty and no stock may be returned in case of accidental purchase; we are NOT Las Pegasus, ponies!"
  76. "All circumstances that can, do, would, may, or will cause legal fees or obligations, court settlements, injunctions, or cases, whether city, local, country, or other regional based, forced signage of treaties, and all other extenuating events are out of our hooves. Any damage found upon delivery must be immediately referred to the Vortex Remnant for legal representation."
  77. "NOTICE: no member of the Sea's Bounty and Malurian clans are allowed to sell sea creatures of any species, size, variety, or coloration to the Star Court without prior inspection by a designated representative at Cairn Wharf. We are still recovering from the Deepglow Squid incident, and we WILL find whom is responsible for that mess!"
  79. Underneath the overly large disclaimer, hasty, foalish Imperial script was scribbled in, followed by an impeccable mare's hoofwriting in stocky Crystal Kingdom runes:
  80. "he lies lawyers are all ducks- dicks!"
  81. "That is not a word you should be using, consider yourself reprimarended. CYON: use proper punctuation and grammar the next time you openly mock our lawyers."
  82. "kay fine. was still fun"
  83. "That is still not proper. You are on night shift for the next month."
  84. "o. crap."
  86. In fine print underneath the feuding hoofwriting was listed translocation coordinates to a location in the Empire simply labeled 'Star Court', stating to send an item request along with payment.
  88. "ADD SOME EXTRA FLAIR TO YOUR NEXT DATE! A random lot of three Empire crystal pouches sourced from local shops. Average weight of contents ranges from 5 to 8 pounds, contents may require reharmonizing due to age or being played with by foals. 12,000 Bits."
  89. -Crossed out and written underneath: 'PURCHASED'
  91. "MAKE YOUR OWN WHITE DRAGON TOOTH HOOFBLADES, JUST LIKE IN THE DARING DO NOVELS! A lot of two 5-pound whitesteel ingots. Newly cast from the Boneyard south of Dragonspine Mountains. Material purity judged 'nearly perfect, but smells like three soaking wet Diamond Dogs that crawled out of a Deep Moors swamp' according to a Star Court smith. 20,000 Bits."
  93. "EVERY SMITH WANTS TO PROVE THEMSELVES BY FORGING A LEGENDARY WEAPON AND NOW YOU CAN! Four lots of two 3-pound ingots: redsteel, blacksteel, bluesteel, greensteel. Newly cast in the Dragonspine Mountains, Crystal Empire, Gryphon Kingdoms, and Rune City. Material purity judged 'high, also doesn't taste too bad' according to local Crystalsmiths. 80,000 Bits per lot."
  94. -Under this one Naliyna has written in 'TOO EXPENSIVE, DON'T BUY'
  96. "ENJOY OPTIONS? HERE'S PLENTY! One sealed pouch of 5 randomly assorted mystic gems. Sourced from the Boneyard Mine on the southern tip of the Dragonspine Mountains. The Star Court assures all buyers that the average grade is 'exceptional', though they may smell a bit like Diamond Dog. We do not inspect any pouch due to mixups in the past, and please note that the size of each mystic gem is not guaranteed as these come from an exclusive mining contract with the Boneyard. Contents may settle during shipment, please do not consume. 80,000 Bits."
  97. -Another note written under this listing: 'OVERPRICED, I can get these for 10,000 Bits each'
  99. "CALLING ALL MINOTAURS! DO YOUR WEAPONS NEED THAT EXTRA 'PUNCH'? WANT TO RUIN THOSE ANNOYING WATCH GUARD TOWERS? DESIRING SOME HIGH IMPACT MINING! LOOK NO FURTHER THAN OUR PREMIER SELECTION! For sale: one Heavy Siege Golem Fist, approx. 14" in length, 9" in circumference, weighs 14 pounds, severe wear & damage, retains 3 of it's 4 digits, fell off at the wrist due to inactive bonding. Hailing back to the legendary Endless March of Stone era, this recently uncovered relic comes from the Forlorn Valley by a team of Empire explorers. After careful examination of the marely destroyed Golems found, they discovered a startling secret: each Golem's fist was equipped with it's own offensive enchantment-like functions! Even more shockingly, most of these weapons were easily harmonized to allow transference of their powerful offensive capabilities! This Heavy Siege Golem Fist is able to infuse most crushing weapons with an explosive, mareabomb-like Siege Drill ability, capable of punching straight through most armor, or even up to two entire hooves worth of compressed granite! 100,000 Bits."
  101. "AN OLD FAVORITE, STRAIGHT OUT OF IMERON! One Bladedancer Signet. Approx. 1" tall, 3/4" wide, 1/8" thick, composed of volcanic steel-ash, new. Imeron's finest mystics are proud to announce the revival of their steel-ash forging techniques, and the Star Court has acquired this first item in an exclusive deal! Bladedancer Signets can be melded to a weapon or infused onto a living being in an innocuous location, one that will not chafe, allowing the bearer the ability to effortlessly weave between weapon strikes, though at the cost of the bearer's own accuracy in hoof-to-hoof combat. Would also make a wonderful aid for entertainers! Please be careful with infusions of this class as the Star Court is not responsible for harm caused by it's sale stock. Not for sale to ponies under the age of 10, minotaurs under the age of 12, or humans under the age of 18. Priced firmly at 105,000 Bits."
  103. "EXPERIMENTAL CRYSTALLINE INNOVATION, STRAIGHT FROM THE EMPIRE'S MOST ADVANCED WORKSHOPS! A lot of two 20-pound two-stage power crystals, newly harmonized by a secret Crystal Forger and their team! Judged acceptable for use in buildings up to 5,000 square hooves in interior size, it is claimed that just one of these will heat, cool, and light even the most finicky and eccentric pony's marension, and the Star Court ponily stands by this claim! OBLIGATORY LEGAL WARNINGS: not recommended for tandem use with standard 100-pound power crystals. Will emit bright light at all hours under normal use, or in open rooms, vertigo may occur due to this function. Please do not allow foals to sleep on these power crystals as they may produce 110 degrees of heat during normal operation, always monitor your foals please! Keep in a well ventilated room or with a suitable number of Empire coldstones to prevent heat build up. Please do not use these power crystals to cook food on. NOTICE FOR ALL EXPERIMENTAL POWER CRYSTAL SALES: if damaged upon delivery or found to be defective, please return immediately for reharmonization, tuning, or complete replacement for no additional cost, limited to a maximum of 5 replacements per year, no limit on number of replacements. 110,000 Bits per lot, sale limit of one lot per year."
  104. -Naliyna's hoof writing under this one reads: 'Not worth the cost or danger until they've been proven'
  106. "LAST CALL FOR A TRUE GERMANEIGHAN RELIC! One Thaumis Rakefang from Germaneigh. Approx. 4" in length, 1/4" in width, composed of alchemical enchantment sealing compound, made from 100 to 300 years ago. Not sharp, but PLEASE do not test on your nose! The sole purpose of Rakefangs are to infuse a non-elemental, armor-piercing weapon enchantment, and are highly limited in availability due to the recent Treaty of Canterlot import restrictions! This will be the last Thaumis Rakefang sold by the Star Court for perhaps the next 50 years, so order this one for your collection NOW! 130,000 Bits."
  108. "ANCIENT CONCLAVE WARRIOR TESTED, MODERN RUNE KNIGHT APPROVED! One recurved Crusader Terminus Shield. Approx. 3' tall, 2.5' wide, 2" thick, weighs 15 pounds. Fully combat serviceable, minor wear on lower edges, slight damage on face. Heritage traced back to original Crusader Conclave before merging with Wardens. Bears heraldry and reliefs of defunct family line dating to Middle Crystal Kingdom era; no known modern descendants. Makes a great conversation piece after trudging across the Northern Wastelands in search of Conclave relics, or after traveling through the Deep Moors in search of the freshest fruits, finest silks, and most fragrant spices! 130,000 Bits."
  109. -Likewise, Naliyna has crossed this listing out and written above it: 'RIPOFF PRICE!'
  111. "ARE YOU A BATPONY OR PEGASUS LIVING IN THE MOORS? SICK AND TIRED OF BEING CHASED OFF YOUR TREE OR OUT OF THE SWAMPS BY CREATURES THAT HATE YOUR EXISTENCE? THINK YOU CAN HOOFLE AN EXTRA TWO WINGS WORTH OF POWER? FOR A VERY LIMITED TIME, THIS OFFER IS FOR YOU! The Star Court is pleased to announce the sale of a recently and masterfully refurbished pair of Royal Skyraider Wingblades! Exactly 4' in length with serrated, flawlessly sharp armor-piercing bladed tips, these ancient full wing spanning armored blades decorated with markings of Shrike royalty are ready for a new, fearless owner that dreams of conquering the worst the Deep Moors has to offer, and then some! Comes with four additional 5-pound Lofting ingots for wingblade extensions, refits, extra armoring, or to build the matching weaponry of your dreams! On sale NOW for only 150,000 Bits!"
  113. "LIMITED TIME OFFER OF AN ANCIENT FAVORITE! The Star Court is pleased to announce that we have acquired a Relentless Escort Sigil! Excavated straight from the ruins of the unnamed capital city of the Late Dynasty, these sigils are said to be one of the most treasured awards given by Empress Silver to the most experienced and tactful Escorts, heavily armored wayfaring ponies that kept the marely physical roads of Equestrian safe for all travelers! When emblazoned onto armor in a prominent position, the Relentless Escort Sigil will grant enhanced accuracy, power, and defensive capabilities to the bearer, the benefits of which steadily increase the more opponents the bearer faces. Due to the recent extreme interest in items related to the Dynasty, we are announcing a first payment sent, first sold approach, so don't delay and buy this relic now! The chances of finding another one in perfectly functional condition like this one is less than one in ten million! (So says our Imeron mystic, that is. -L.S. the 3rd) 200,000 Bits firm."
  114.  -'PURCHASED, don't ask.'
  116. "HARNESS THE MIGHT OF AN ELDRITCH MONSTROSITY! One Eternal Water Core. Perfect sphere, approx. 4" in diameter, weighs 2 pounds, likely older than the Changelings. Recently acquired from a source that claims to be a former Rogue Elite, we present to our exclusive customers this unique artifact containing an Eldritch Water Elemental Drake dating back to an age before the Dynasty! Since our lawyers are idiots and we have exceptionally high standards, we must state that the buyer should be aware this particular Drake is verbally vengeful, sorely scathing, and unusually surly. Requires somepony with a high degree of commarend to convince the Drake to aid them. Due to previous circumstances, the Star Court will not perform another 'demonstration' of the Drake's formidable capabilities. 230,000 Bits."
  118. "BE THE MOST STUNNING DUELIST IN THE UNDERCITY ARENA OR DURING THE WEEKLY 'WHO CAN BEAT A WARDEN IN FULL REGALIA?' MATCHES! One crate of armor worthy Spirethorn Drake Scales, approx. 15 pounds sorted, unknown age. Considered the fourth rarest of Equestria's drakes, collected by small order known as Daughters of Hywn'Fer. Highly coveted by Honor Guard members, as these are difficult to acquire there are no assurances we will be able to stock more, thus the Star Court advises the buyer to use caution (or significant blunt trauma!) if available. Not for sale to citizens of Canterlot, and should not be used as lantern decorations. 260,000 Bits."
  119. -Another 'RIPOFF PRICE!' recipient.
  121. "COLLECTOR? SADDLE ARABIAN HISTORIAN? FIELD RESEARCHER OF ANCIENT CIVILIZATIONS? ARCHAEOLOGIST SEEKING TO PROVE THEIR THEORIES? THIS RELIC BEGS TO BE STUDIED ONLY BY THE MOST DEDICATED! One Vulchon Sumarean Seal. Approx. 3" in diameter, 1/2" thick, composed of volcanic-forged bronze, has heavy wear on both facings, unknown age. Purportedly created after mythological King Gilgamane the III's death, this Seal is emblazoned with a figure of Gilgamare the I, the pair of rulers of the lost Sumarean civilization that long predates Saddle Arabia, though no other information is known. NOTICE: due to extensive research by the entirety of the Empire's Lorekeepers and several pre-Dynasty historians on loan from the Starborn Citadel, the Star Court hereby warns the buyer that there IS a being within this relic sealed in a self-contained, heavily protected pocket dimension. We highly recommend that the purchaser gathers a large mercenary force (or one of the Five Sisters if available) before attempting to release what lurks inside. 300,000 Bits."
  124. >An ink note is written in flowing Common text, pasted next to the For Sale listings:
  125. "Heya Razorback, Feathers here, I'm currently finding myself with an abundance of time on my hooves and disliking it, so I'm offering up my Alchemical skills to anypony or anyone who wants them. Pay me whatever you want for it really, although my price, if any, may not always be of a monetary nature. If you're interested, I can usually be found in the Library; If not, don't worry about it, I'll find you." -Sunny
  128. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  129. ATTENTION ALL OPERATORS: all pertinent post-Operation or event information should be recorded here. Lately there have been a number of gaps in information, so if an Operation has been completed, write out as marely details as you can remember and post it here. -Jeff
  133. *****
  134. "So, I used a wish disk Anon gave me to summon the SOLG, or Strategic Orbital Linear Gun. This is a orbital weapons platform used for ground strikes. Granted, it's really smaller than its original variant but nonetheless powerful. But upon summoning it, a Planar Construct decided it was a good idea to attack it, causing the satellite to react with its defenses. Even now at the time this note was written, the SOLG is continuing to defend itself and is trying to bring its mass driver to bear. But the presence of this Construct may have dire consequences, since it now means the Constructs know we are here, and that we are hostile." -Clemency
  136. *****
  137. UPDATE:
  138. "Fair tidings compatriots! No doubt thou hast taken note of the condition of both Lady's Gale and Fluer. However, this horribly unfortunate turn of events comes not without some gain! In our search for Lady Fluer, Ivan, Gale and myself had all been taken into some strange realm by an equally ponderous mechanism, located in some forgotten hole deep within the Everfree. This realm, being almost entirely made of some strange red material and in marely ways fully animate, was not the strangest thing, however. After fighting our way out of this place, we found later to be known possibly as the ''sanfoo-ill-leach-ah,' we had arrived at some strange and long-abandoned fortress! Events followed quickly - a flood threatened to demolish the structure from the mountains, and the entire fortress lifted itself skyward! A flying fortress, friends! Within the foreboding walls, Ivan and I came upon a grand library. It would appear that the fortress once belonged to an organization known as the 'United Regions Alliance.' Ivan also marenaged to recover volumes with detailed information on those mechanical horrors - Constructs, I believe. Unfortunately, marely foul events occurred, most importantly the appearance of a great and terrible flying creature, which we presume to be a Construct, based upon its metallic voice, terrible light-beam weapon, and wholly metal-made claw. A guardian of some kind. We were unable to destroy the monstrosity, or acquire a good view of its form, as the elks had already sustained great damage. It may still lurk in the shadows of the snowy mountains, so take great caution if any of ye find yourselves venturing fourth in that direction! I shall be placing the information I had recovered on the URA and this fortress within our library - I imagine Ivan will do the same with his volumes on constructs."
  139. -Indurian
  141. *****
  142. UPDATE:
  143. "In response to Keldon's Request posted onto the Bulletin Board, I and Hodch's cat, Nibbles, have paid a visit to the Star Court in the Crystal Empire to discuss negotiations for providing a supply line to his army as it is preparing to move through Neighvada. While negotiations is not my strong suit, and it did get hard and confused during the talks, Duchess Celery Souffle, the representative for the Star Court, have worked out a deal. She will provide a lifeline to Keldon's army, whatever it means she will provide them food or gruel, it will keep them afloat. In exchange, Razorback Fortress will need to provide intermittent discoveries of any sort, as long as it will provide them a monetary gain. We will be provided a grace period but as long as they get their innovation, they will uphold their bargain. NOTICE: ANY DISCOVERY. DOES NOT HAVE TO BE MILITARY OR ANYTHING THAT CAN AFFECT THE TECHNOLOGICAL PROGRESS OF EQUESTRIA IF IT COMES OUT. AS LONG AS IT CAN MAKE THEM MONEY, IT CAN BE ACCEPTED." -Clemency
  145. *****
  146. UPDATE:
  147. "Emily, Ivan, Fuoco, Cu'Nir and I encountered something noteworthy during a hunt in the Everfree - whether or not it was the prey we were after, we came across a large creature comprised of body parts from numerous ponies/horses, as if some kind of patchwork centipede, the heads all working as one large mouth at the front. This could very well be something not natural, possibly the result of experimentation or something like that. One of you will probably have more accurate thoughts on the matter than I. Just be aware that more things like it could potentially be out there."
  148. "P.S. Phoenixes HATE the Void. So, uh, keep that in mind if you ever meet one and don't feel like being roasted."
  149. "P.S.S. Due to a wish disc proving useless (again), there's now a projector in the Commarend Centre, should you ever somehow get your hands on some film reels. Technically mine, but do what you like with it, I don't give a toss."
  150. "P.S.S.S. Found that old pack of fags I got on the train...yeah, bad memories for all involved. I don't smoke, so feel free to take them, sitting in the Commarend Centre too, for anyone who wants them."
  151. -Simon
  153. *****
  154. UPDATE:
  155. "Celestia contacted Razorback a few nights ago, wanting to tell us she was ambushed by Royal Guards in Canterlot. Her escorting Honour/Day Guards along with herself killing them off, not without some wounded and fatalities of their own. At the time was en route to a council consisting of the Canterlot Nobility, to see if she'll get their support. Depending on the outcome expect contracts coming in for us to operate in Canterlot city. Update on situation status pending still." -Lont
  157. *****
  158. UPDATE:
  159. "After a mission into the heart of Stalliongrad, Stream Lark and Pear Blossom are now in our custody. They are being held at the Enclave for interrogation BUT I would not recommend intervening with the interrogation party. Pear Blossom's marension is damaged due to Novus' handiwork and the Empire's Wards has lost a backer, who was Stream Lark. Our hire, Rua Longstresses, is nowhere to be found due to a translocation mistake(?) Flow of money has been disrupted in Stalliongrad and a message is sent to the Councilierge in this attack. Expect Councilierge psions to look out for us. Three other important Councilierge leaders were at the auction among others due to the fact they have outbid the others. After initial attempt at attacking, they were warned to leave the Councilierge. Other bidders left. Multiple guards where present, as expected, but Lark's guards were mind wiped, probably for obedience. The mind wiped guards were killed by Rua. Weapons, armor, relics, and slaves acquired are a crystal mare, Crown of the Ark Viper, Wyre Drake's Core, Sigil of the Dusk Striders, Northern Star of the Empire, and a Biteblade that I can't remember."
  160. "The nature of the translocation mistake is sensitive and probably shouldn't be told. In addition, several Saddle Arabian rugs, crates of food, and seven servant contracts were acquired, the contracts being 3 pegasi, 1 Crystal pony, 1 unicorn, 1 batpony, and 1 Saddle Arabian. They are all also foals (and one colt) Also, I summoned the green masked human from a door that saved our ass. Also, he might have PTSD. Someone help him. Give him a hug."
  161. -Clemency
  163. *****
  164. UPDATE:
  165. "Saddle Arabian mare Lejura recovered verily from a D.M.M.C. installation. Possesses knowledge of Councilierge. If ye wish to speak with Lejura, recommended that food is procured forthwith.'
  166. >Underneath this, he posts in smaller text:
  167. 'Additionally, if any know or hear word of the fate of the D.M.M.C. team which greatly assisted in the rescue mission, please relay such to Sirs Torven, Bubba, Pareidolia, Novus and Indurian, as well as [REDACTED].'"
  168. -Indurian
  170. *****
  171. UPDATE:
  172. "Shortly after the celebration at the Enclave, an orb termed the "Spirit Core" entered the Fortress and communicated with the Ice Core which left its perch in the mess hall. It claimed to be sharing information with others of its kind pertaining to the recent instability in Equestria. It then took the translocation stone towards Canterlot."
  173. -Pareidolia
  175. *****
  176. UPDATE:
  177. "Ri'Vahz and I were involved in repelling a Councilierge attack on Las Pegasus. Linara was sighted and engaged in the fighting but escaped. She is in possession of very powerful abilities, beyond the normal limits of what Psions and even Enchained can do. Ri'Vahz advises that information on her status and abilities is to be given to Twisted Wing and our allies."
  178. "She should not be attacked without sufficient protection and/or marepower. She is not to be taken lightly under any circumstances, and is a top-priority target if it is safe to engage. I recommend you head to the Vale and stock up on Rune Soap Cubes before going on a mission where she is/may be present, namely the Silver Soap Cubes to potentially dampen her capabilities."
  179. -Simon
  181. *****
  182. UPDATE:
  183. "Me, Belltower, and Hodch recovered fifty geodes from an inhabited cave, yielding an unprecedented amount of gems. A damaged Rift Carrier Construct was recovered and brought back to the Fortress for examination and possible repair and reprogramming. Secured in Alpha Locker, so don't go asking to touch it!" -Jeff
  185. An addendum in neat, precise Common is written under Jeff's message:
  186. "Hodch here. I've had a great deal of experience with Constructs in the past two decades, specifically in altering basic unit protocols. Theoretically it is possible to take advantage of a Rift Carrier's abilities to open small technological gateways into the Rift itself, a process that I am unable to document due to the difficult nature of Constructs. I've installed the Carrier into an enclosed environ within the Arena for this purpose as it is technically capable of dragging from one to six of the weakest Construct models out of the Rift, though I've little idea what exact models will be forcefully brought in. If someone, or somepony, wants to test this theory when I am available, simply let me know."
  188. *****
  189. UPDATE:
  190. "Twisted, Jeff, Pare, Lont, Clemency, Hollow, and Thrill travelled to Kimer Volcano in Eyeraq to investigate the unnatural weather. The body of Frost Dragon King Gelvran was identified and secured. An impromptu fight between Constructs and another plane, the Vortex apparently, broke out prior to leaving. No surprise, there."
  192. *****
  193. UPDATE:
  194. "Got sent to a Diamond Dog mine town called Boneyard, was resting place for a Moss-Wisp, some Ethereal plane being made of vines."
  195. "Diamond Dogs didn't want to let it recover so they pissed it off with torches, fire seems effective on it."
  196. "Called in a golem named 'Champion Belregard' that knows Cadence, need more info."
  197. -Twisted Wing
  199. UPDATE, part of Twisted's report:
  200. "Cadence is talking to Belregard, will get an update later on."
  201. "Ethereals are not an immediate threat to us, not unless they want to risk crossing Discord and the Sisters."
  202. >And in capital letters, which the tube of toffee conveniently wrote in bright red.
  204. -Lont
  206. *****
  207. UPDATE:
  208. "A former Honor Guard Commarender under the name of Claren has been presumed MIA; have been informed the earth pony mare has turned rogue and may not be able to be trusted any longer. Intel is vague."
  209. "Has been said the former Commarender was searching for another mare, a spy, under the name of Meadow Breeze whom was sighted within Stalliongrad. She has information regarding the Councilierge and their ties to Horizon and the Tyrant. Description: A slender earth pony with a red mane, pink coat and green eyes. Scar on her forehead and a numerous amount of piercings on her ears and... genitals."
  210. "Spoke with her not too long ago, requested by her to us in return for assistance and intel: Stalliongrad chemical supply company to be removed from the equation within the next week. Cannot be made public. Which means no poisoning the population or anyone! Twats!"
  211. "Rumors that some of the Councilierge are not all ponies, Species: Unknown."
  212. "The Royalty have been said to be acting very suspicious. Their attempts on stalling the Canterlot treaty are presumed to be more than enough evidence. May have ties to the Councilierge; record any information gained and keep it safe until there is enough evidence to convict the guilty."
  213. -Filth
  215. *****
  216. UPDATE:
  217. "To any and all Operators: Exercise extreme caution when and if visiting the Vale. A group of large, armoured Gryphons was found interrogating Corvren inside the Inn. As soon as the leader spotted me, he gave chase, identifying me as "one of them." I can only assume that by "one of them", he means human. They may have been investigating the Inn as a lead due to the fact I have visited before, but that was quite some time ago, so whoever they are, they must have had eyes on me for a long time."
  218. "Until we find out who these gryphons are and what their intentions are, use caution, and if necessary, they are to be treated as hostile."
  219. -Simon
  221. *****
  222. UPDATE:
  223. "Itam/Etam mission complete."
  224. "Though it wasn't what it seemed, as it appeared Zigri nor Shanis knew about the green armored Minotaur since they never mentioned it or the fact the area myself, Pare, Kraut and Mothra (A new pony that is...a form of moth?) was actually an arena where we were aided by Dul the Siren."
  225. "Yes, a Siren. An otherworldly pink/purple being. Maybe Planar."
  226. "For more info radio Pare."
  227. -Lont
  230. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  231. MISSING:
  232. -Spiral: due to unknown circumstances, Spiral has left the Fortress for an undisclosed amount of time, though Hodch and Krinza appear to taken up his duties. For those that want to have items, weapons, or armor crafted and enchanted, seek out Krinza and Aiutante in the Workshop.
  235. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  238. -As of Razorback's second winter, Horizon has been eliminated and the Sunorbs are gone. -Jeff
  240. -The Councilerge is an ongoing current issue. If you have any pertinent information pertaining to them, please contact Twisted or Broken Hoof.
  242. -Celestia is currently active in Canterlot. We don't know what she's doing, so keep an ear out for information regarding her activities. -Jeff
  245. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  249. -All Operators now have access to heavy non-portable weaponry: missile launchers, rocket launchers, mounted turrets, towed artillery, two-man & squad based weaponry are acceptable. However, advanced weaponry will still be era-locked, and weaponry must weigh a total of 7 tons of less.
  250. -Access unlocked for small mechanized or engine based mechanical implements or utility devices below 7 tons maximum weight. Examples include: chainsaws, augurs, light cranes, vehicle lifts, etc.
  251. -Access unlocked for working & functional weapon prototypes, or modern-era based technologies for those not from a highly advanced world.
  252. -Access unlocked for modern generation armored fighting vehicles or armored personnel carriers; all AFV's & APC's must be below the 7 ton cap.
  253. -All instances of exoskeletons & powered armor are now unlocked. Their stats and capabilities will be dependent upon what they are based on, and, for the most part, may be improved beyond their base capabilities, up to a maximum of 2 or 3 upgrades depending on the roll used to acquire them.
  254. -Rubber, Plastics, Ceramics, and metamaterials unlocked.
  256. -THE FORTRESS has been given a recent upgrade, if all of you remember hauling ironwood for months on end. The walls have been extended to 1200 meters on all sides, we've got a new Pony Barracks, a new Clinic, and the Mess Hall is much larger now.
  258. -The Southern Starborn Enclave has been reactivated with an active guard, holding numerous items and being our primary bank vault. Also, marely powerful and potentially dangerous weapons and items are held here as well, now. Don't worry, somepony on watch will stop you before touching something dangerous.
  260. -Old Horn: a big ass minotaur druid that carries a ton of pouches, and uses a still-living tree as a walking stick with a chunk of crystal or amber atop it. May make usual visits to the Fortress.
  262. -Any confirmed dragons spotted or confronted should be treated as neutral/friendly contacts. Dragons are reasonable to talk to, and should not be considered a threat unless they attack first unprovoked. They are usually irritable and greedy, however.
  264. ITEMS: Kraut is currently making stealth boots for any and all operators. Get your pair when he's free, because the boots sure are!
  266. -In the Armory: heavy 1/2" iron orbs in an ash box with a note stating to use when it's necessary. Only Operators may have this item, and may only carry ONE at a time.
  268. -Get some fucking combi-goggles so you can see better. Shit, get them upgraded, too!
  271. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  273. -The Daykiller Artifact is general use, though one must ask Dante to take it with and return it ASAP. Also available is Hollow's hunting revolver. Mind your wrists!
  275. -There are four sets of ram-air parachutes in the Armory for general use. Comes with reserve chutes. For the love of god, do not use one without proper training!
  277. -There are wetsuits, fins, and helmets that are enchanted for underwater breathing; two sets for humans and two for ponies. Find someone who knows how to-WHAT AM I SAYING! No one is going to look for training! Suit up, shut up, and try not to get eaten by the murky depths!
  279. -Lann has made four sets of multi-role ghillie suits for operators. They seem to make you invisible to.. practically all forms of detection. Know exactly what type of area you're going in to, as she needs to alter them to fit the environment. Currently do not work in any urban environment.
  284. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  286. -Now that everyone in the Fortress has been settled in and (mostly) been care of, those with proficiencies should attempt to take the initiative and share their knowledge with others. Remember: Sharing Is Caring! The following personnel/poninel/gryphonel can help improve specific skills to whoever is interested:
  288. -Alchemy/Chemistry: Dancing Eyes & Tipper
  289. -Casting: Denra, Hodch, Tipper
  290. -Medical: Tipper
  291. -Combat: Dancing Eyes, Denra, Hodch, Mercy, Roust, Twisted Wing
  292. -Movement: Mercy & Vanil
  293. -Negotiation: Denra
  294. -Perception: Jeff & Naliyna
  295.  +Scouting: Jeff & Vanil
  296.  +Wilderness Survival: Jeff
  297. -Ranged: Jeff for Combat Rifles/Shotguns, Battle Rifles, and Small Arms; Dante for Heavy Weapons
  298. -Stealth: Caliya, Jeff, Mercy
  300. *****
  302. >There are now 2 slots available for an Operator to train into Helicopter Piloting, though 1 slot has been preferentially and permarenently reserved for Clemency's use only
  303. >In order to qualify for this training, an Operator must have: at least 31XP, Expert Engineering, Expert Movement, Expert Perception, and does not have their own vehicle.
  306. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  307. City, Faction, & Personal Reputations towards Razorback:
  310. Arkadian Divides: +50/100
  311. Status: Friendly
  313. Anfang & Gryphon Vale: +70/100
  314. Status: Tenuous Ally
  316. Canterlot: -45
  317. Status: Unfriendly
  319. Circle of Assassins: +29/100.
  320. Status: Friendly
  321. Liked: Jeff
  323. Cloudsdale: -25/100
  324. Status: Unfriendly
  326. Councilierge: UNKNOWN
  327. Status: Kill On Sight
  329. Crystal Imperial Citizens: -10/100
  330. Status: Unfriendly
  332. Crystal Kingdom Citizens: +100/100,
  333. Status: Full Ally
  334. Liked: Lont
  336. Detrot: +10/100
  337. Status: Friendly
  339. Discord: "Why am I here again? Oh you silly mortals and your equally silly love for numbers! I am at 20 out of 100 on the scale of how much I want to throw grass-flavored candied fish at humans today!"
  340. Status: "Throwing some at Mercy right now, excuse me a moment-"
  341. Liked: "I most certainly enjoy the chaotic presence of Miss Feathers, her disposition is most sunny!"
  343. Dragon Legions: +11/100
  344. Status: Friendly
  346. Dragonspine Mountains: +11/100
  347. Status: Friendly
  349. Elder Dragon Council: +51/100
  350. Status: Potential Ally
  351. Liked: Twisted Wing
  353. Free Trader's Guild: +20/100
  354. Status: Friendly
  355. Liked: Naliyna, Sunny Feathers
  357. Germaneigh: -16/100
  358. Status: Unfriendly
  360. Gryphon Kingdoms: +45/100
  361. Status: Friendly
  363. Gozka: +25/100
  364. Status: Friendly
  365. Liked: Jeff
  367. Imeron: +25/100
  368. Status: Friendly
  369. Liked: Clemency, Jeff, Twisted Wing
  371. Las Pegasus: Unknown
  372. Status: Unknown
  374. Las Pegasus Undercity: +75/100
  375. Status: Trusted Ally
  376. Liked: Dante, Hollow
  378. Lishanki: -25/100
  379. Status: Unfriendly
  381. Lunar Adherents: +100/100
  382. Status: Full Ally
  383. Liked: Clemency, Jeff
  385. Manehattan: +45/100
  386. Status: Friendly
  387. Liked: Aiutante, Aster
  389. Moor's Discordites: +40/100
  390. Status: Friendly
  392. Prance: +25/100
  393. Status: Friendly
  394. Liked: Twisted Wing
  396. Rogue Elites: +56/100
  397. Status: potential Ally
  398. Liked: Dante, Mercy
  400. Saddle Arabia: +37/100
  401. Status: Friendly
  402. Liked: Jeff, Twisted Wing
  404. Sea's Bounty: +55/100
  405. Status: Ally
  406. Liked: Clemency, Jeff
  408. Solar Adherents: +20/100
  409. Status: Friendly
  411. Solar Guard: +25/100
  412. Status: Friendly
  413. Liked: Jeff
  415. Stalliongrad Citizens: -75/100
  416. Status: potential enemy
  418. Starborn Villages: +80/100
  419. Status: Ally
  420. Liked; Clemency, Jeff
  422. Tartarus Island: +50/100
  423. Status: Trusted Friends
  424. Liked: Mercy, Razorback
  426. The Citadel: +85/100
  427. Statsu: Trusted Ally
  428. Liked: Clemency, Jeff
  430. The Dynasty: +16/100
  431. Status: Friendly
  432. Liked: Dante
  434. The Hive: +100/100
  435. Status: Full Ally
  436. Liked: Hollow
  438. The Malurian City-State: +25/100
  439. Status: Liked
  441. The Moors: +100/100
  442. Status: Full Ally
  443. Liked: all of Razorback, except for Flash
  445. The Second Dynasty: +75/100
  446. Status: potential Ally
  447. Liked: Dante
  449. The Tower Guard: +30/100
  450. Status: Mildly Friendly
  452. Watch Guard -75/100
  453. Status: potential enemy
  456. *****
  459. Arkadian Divides:
  460. -NONE
  462. Anfang & Gryphon Vale:
  463. Spiral: -25/100 Unfriendly
  465. Canterlot:
  466. -Spiral: -50 Disliked
  467. -Twisted Wing: -75, Despised
  469. Circle of Assassins:
  470. -Mist Dancer: -50, Disliked
  472. Cloudsdale:
  473. -Mercy & Twisted Wing: -75, Untrusted
  475. Crystal Empire City-State:
  476. -NONE
  478. Councilierge:
  479. -UNKNOWN
  481. Detrot:
  482. -NONE
  484. Dragon Legions:
  485. -Mist Dancer: -55 Disliked
  487. Dragonspine Mountains:
  488. -NONE
  490. Elder Dragon Council:
  491. -NONE
  493. Germaneigh:
  494. -NONE
  496. Gryphon Kingdoms:
  497. -NONE
  499. Gozka:
  500. -UNKNOWN
  502. Imeron:
  503. -NONE
  505. Lishanki:
  506. -UNKNOWN
  508. Lunar Adherents:
  509. -Mist Dancer: -65 Disliked
  511. Manehattan:
  512. -NONE
  514. Prance:
  515. -UNKNOWN
  517. Rogue Elites:
  518. -NONE
  520. Stalliongrad Citizens:
  521. -UNKNOWN
  523. Starborn Villages:
  524. -Mist Dancer: -55 Disliked
  526. Sea's Bounty:
  527. -NONE
  529. Solar Adherents:
  530. -Twisted Wing: -85 Untrusted
  532. Starborn Villages:
  533. -NONE
  535. Tartarus Island:
  536. -NONE
  538. The Citadel:
  539. -Mist Dancer: -65 Disliked
  541. The Dynasty:
  542. -NONE
  544. The Hive:
  545. -NONE
  547. The Malurian City-State:
  548. -NONE
  550. The Moors:
  551. -NONE
  553. The Second Dynasty:
  554. -NONE
  556. The Tower Guard:
  557. -Mist Dancer & Twisted Wing: -25 Unfriendly
  559. Watch Guard:
  560. -NONE
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