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  1. Some bitches be like, her man's got to be invincible. He can't show any sign of weakness. He has to be better. More mature, more experienced, more capable etc than her, otherwise she won't consider him a good choice for a mate. It's sexist but it's the politicor kind of sexism so nobody cares. Well, gyes are starting to care. We ain't machines. If ladies want men to be more emotionally open then they are gonna have to accept their man will have some flaws, some pettiness, they won't be so Mr Big, so eternally understanding. They're not going to be happy paying for every meal. They won't be happy being stood up and have to wait for your late ass every single time.
  3. Well, we aint animals anymore. But we still follow our instincts. Esp them western bitches. Same with people in general if i'm honest. Herd mentality. Follow the biggest, loudest muthafucka. Even if they turn out to be the dumbest. See trump, see taiwan politicians. See the kids leaders too. Its usually the more confident, tough, quick decisive, aggressive > passive, take-no-bullshit types. Evolution has geared us to follow ppl like that, even if they tend to be sociopaths and liars. HOw can you not be, when you have to live up to an impossible larger than life leader image? That shit is never gonna fly.
  5. It always boils down to the people, the character of people. Who are they, where are tey going. Ultimately, who am I, where am I going. For many people, tey're happy to settle. Some have decided their lifes calling as a salaryman/woman or bureacrat by age 10. I'm a bit more Chuuni but not to a self-destructive extent. If anything I think I am very much un-Chuni when it comes to life decisions. Always the most sensible, boring, least-resistance decisions. Why shouldn't I go and take a 2nd major? I was breezing through everything. Even now its the same. Just , go and learn something new. You can't seriously just sit on your haunches at 32 and never do anything more with your life, thats not OK. You said yourself you don't want to mix business and pleasure, thats fine. But right now you don' really have any hobby that's productive and challenging. And no I'm not talkig about building models. Can we try to create some shit?
  7. Family, Upbringing. Friends and circles. How ppl are shaped. I don't think everything is socially constructed, I think biology plays a huge role too. That there is one of those critical questions that can swing either way very easily based on which movies you watch and if you are thining critically. Is it true you can't change human nature? How about nature? Can we change something that was rooted inside someones very being, inside their every DNA? Sure you can use chemicals and whatnot to try to change it, but why? Why can't people just be happy with what they got? As long as it's not some crippling genetic disability (in which case, it shoulda been dealt with before birth/early on).
  9. What an idiotic question. Nobody is happy with what they got. Not even me. THe only thing stopping people from all having plastic surgery is because of shame, budget concerns and society expectations. Look at Korea.
  11. If I could get into agood android body I would sincerely consider it. No colds. No allergies. No eye problems. No hearing prolems. No digestive issues. No muscles to tend to. No weak heart. No lung issues. No organs that could give out when you least expect. No cancer.
  13. THe only thing it cna't solve is my limiters on me brain, keeping me so dumb and slow and lazy. Not likely to see people reproduce a brain any time soon, let alone trying to clone the soul. Clone literature are such a fucking scam. It's just fucking twins you bunch of retarded literature graduate imbeciles. The same DNA doesn't mean jack shit. They sill grow up different. Make diff choices. Their brains look very fucking different at age what 5? I'll bet.
  15. Obv there are some bad eggs that no education or medicine will cure. I think everybody knows that. THey just cna't say it out loud because of political implications. Some people can't be saved. Even Christians are not supposed to believe that. Obv it doesn't work that way in real life, but the system is supposed to be open to anyone and everyone. You repent, really fucking repent, and you go to heaven. Is that really all it takes? What are the particulars? Any hidden conditions? De facto rules for anyone in the know?
  16. That shit is why I have drifted away. I'm sory but forever singing hymns and psalms to glorify some being who is already omnipotent, seems like of redundant innit? Why submit yourself to that? It is like the Crhsitmas Carol loop hell innit?
  18. You can't use your dumb ego part of brain to compose stories. YOu have to tap into the murky id, the brilliant and dangerous stuff in the back of your head. People use drugs, dreams, etc. I have some wonderful dreams full of flavor and weird new storylines. They're not leading to anything but that's what makes them interesting. The randomness, the slightly off balance kind of thing. Keep the audience guessing.
  19. Otherwise everybody are too well trained in narrative tropes. They see one hint of a flag and instantly assume, usually correctly, where the story is going. It takes some copious amount of grass to ensure the story is unpredictable enough, but then you risk becoming too pomo and meaningless.
  21. Ryuukishi 7 had some nice take on how to pronounce positivity and trust and friendship. But I knew all along they have a very hard anti moe stance, see how hard they tried to deform their higurashi charas eventho otakus still ate that shit up. They then went full on Joseimuke and women's issues. And thelast straw, added the trans angle right at the end for no fucking reason other than theyve written themselves into a corner with all that idiotic detective tropes wanking. Srsly who the fuck cares? 20 laws? 10 laws? Golden words? Come on. The authors themselves have shitty logic and they're trying to use logic traps against an entire internet of fans. Silly.
  23. Like, japan cretive industry has to be one of the most open towards trans topics, but they approached it in such a ridiculous angle, completely over fetishizing the gender issue, once again using the boring as fuck twin trick...sigh. It was fun at the time I finished but after some reflection it just gets worse and worse.  Charas are not relateable, the main detective is a liar and culprit, the trans only came into picture at the very end and the narative is not convincing at all. Give me a break. Everybody has heard all about the poor babies in big houses bred for reproduction or sex duties blah blah. So fucking what. The reveal was so fucking boring and mundane.
  31. I know I'm not amazing. I' not some super driven hard worker. I got some talent but it's nothing special without hard practice. You'll be playing catch up. But hat's the same for everyone else too. It's imposible to try to compete toe to toe with the proper genius artists out there, who are a dime a dozen these days. Hazard is a once in a lifetime talent and even he is awed by the fucking CRs and Messis.
  33. I dunno, maybe I'm just too old school. Or just plain lazy.
  34. They can do some amzing shit with the PS layers and filters etc. I took a class and started sleeping in leson number one. It's fucked up but I couldn't fucking understand a goddamn word. And I didn't practice. I don't know what I expected. Was I going to breeze through that lesson just like everything else I did? Nah. That was proper new shit. I had to bring my A game to learn and I didn't. Yes, the dorm isn't exactly a good place to try to practice or study. But you could go somewhere else you fuckwit.
  36. Don't care. It's ancient history. What matters is if you want to try it NOW. Learn the goddamn ropes at least. Stop using pencils and use the real thing. Been hoping to do that for a lifetime. Stop hoping and start doing.
  40. My specialty are biology and history. Both are very lacking in most of the population. I like to write informative stories that aren't just pure fantasy.
  43. Lets talk about some biology. Like how people are still fucking animals in all but name. Cats can do plotting same as dogs. Dolphins can rape and torture and murder. Well, technically all animals can. Just because they are intelligent doesn't make them moral. QUite the opposite very often. The smarter they are, the less likely they will be happy to follow social norms and morality standards.
  45. Lets talk about history. Problem is, why should people care about some random king in middle of buttfuck no where? Even the kings and queens smack in the middle of EUrope GoT are skimmed over. It's just not that ineresting unless you really take out the good stuff. Tasty morsels lol.
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