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[ENG] TANGO DOWN! #Anonymous #OpGreenRights #OpItaly

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Apr 1st, 2012
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  1. As mentioned several times above the Italian's company Enel is building a gigantic dam in Colombia in El Quimbo. The dam in 20 years will be totally useless
  2. The river will dry up and the lands along the 1500 km of its course become unfertile.
  3. About 80000 hectares of Amazon rainforest will be inundated.
  4. We stress that will be the Italian construction company Impregilo private, of Caltagirone group, to proceed in the construction of that.
  5. The work, unfortunately, has already begun, in fact, Impregilo has built a retaining wallbut it is already sold twice in the rugged force of the water.
  6. The people who demonstrated against the project have experienced the violent repression of the police.
  7. The video evidence that the use of firearms by police has been censored by the government, which has also tried to remove it from the network.
  8. The Parliament of Colombia has accused the Minister of Interior of conflict of interest, as the brother of a director of Endesa.
  9. The judiciary is investigating against the Colombian government and the ministry of'environment of fraud and irregularities in the granting of contracts and environmental disaster.
  10. #Oprationgreenrights and #Anonymous, intended to hit these unclean projects of environmental devastation at every level and Impregilo as the government of Colombia, the region of Huila and ENDESA ENEL-eguaalmente are jointly responsible.
  11. Voracious brick companies, we will not allow your projects from destroying the'ecosystem Quimbo reducing thousands of workers to despair.
  12. Impregilo, you are the laborers of the project's criminal aggression against Nature and against ethnic extermination of natives that ENEL and the big mining companies are pursuingthroughout in South America!
  14. We are Anonymous.
  15. We do not Forgive.
  16. We do not Forget.
  18. Expect Us.
  19. We're still alive.
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