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Oct 2nd, 2018
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  1. [generic] mss?uid=116535&nonce=533d2bab91fe4c749326d35608b369dd&token=38f6e7f6e3bd97c28db5d6f0b8a9df7ef1c9dd51&expire=1538499104&version=1491397643&platform=online&appVersion=1: Requesting header
  2. [redirect] Following redirect to
  3. [generic] Manifest: Requesting header
  4. [generic] Manifest: Downloading webpage
  5. [generic] Manifest: Extracting information
  6. [info] Available formats for Manifest:
  7. format code extension resolution note
  8. audio_mul-48 isma audio only 48k , AACL (48000Hz)
  9. audio_mul-192 isma audio only 192k , AACL (48000Hz)
  10. video-600 ismv 480x270 600k , AVC1, video only
  11. video-1200 ismv 640x360 1200k , AVC1, video only
  12. video-2500 ismv 768x432 2500k , AVC1, video only
  13. video-6000 ismv 1280x720 6000k , AVC1, video only (best)
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