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  1. Hello! There's a minor discussion on what unfolded tonight so i'd imagine you'll get some messages from people that were present tonight.
  3. But to throw in my lot.
  5. Over the past few evenings and the time i have been here there have been multiple instances of francis being quick to anger.
  7. The first instance was when there were server issues and rather than being patient and waiting like everyone else he made the knee jerk response to kick off and leave for the evening making a pretty poor impression.
  9. The second instance was during the operation on sunday/last night. Rather than performing the role of the apothacary or even taking responsibility as the designated 2nd in command for that night, Due to the inaction a complete breakdown of communication and coordation with the guardsmen came next.  After reaching the second objective a member of the cadian group decided to stand up and fill in where we as the astartes failed and took charge. there was a heated exchance between the commissar and francis.  Of course the commissar overstepped but i am in complete understanding of his perspective. They both aimed weapons and eachother and decided to escalate the situation and make it much worse to cause more stress for Sygor and Dosiel.
  11. As the hosting group we should show respect and hospitality to our guests regardless if they are astartes or guardsmen as we are all playing a game but in the eyes of francis and a couple that will be unamed they forget this and feel being astartes is a tool to brag and disregard guardsmen players and treat them with contempt. If we had left it like that then people would share the word that we are egotistical arseholes which francis is the minority. it was fortunate Dosiel spoke with people from the 836th and as a result we seem to have a positive relationship with them
  12. The incident tonight i was not present for the full situation due to irl commitments but i did arrive just as he disconnected from teamspeak. When overhearing the aftermath, Dosiel was incredibly frustrated but did not take it out on anyone at all and pushed the situation aside to get on with the event and do nothing at the expense of others. Numerous voices did agree that francis pushed too far ahead and disregarded every suggestion and order from Dosiel. following this he went volatile and started to kick off on discord.
  14. In complete bluntness, Francis out of game seems relatively ok but in game he takes being an astartes and believes that being a specialist role means that he is a company captain. He does not know how to use the ace medical and  only does the vanilla medical when it suits him. He is inept for his role and uses it as a shield but clearly does not display anything to justify it
  15. Dos and Sygor have done an outstanding job in the few days i have been here and have been accomodating to myself as a neophyte and to other members of the greater community.
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