Feb 6th, 2013
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  2. DDDowney: Oh good, you're suddenly online.
  3. DDDowney: Now, you got something you wanna say to me, or should I stop this one sided friendship?
  4. DDDowney: Don't type a god damned essay that probably isn't gonna matter. Just "I'm Sorry" or "No"
  5. Shadow Ari [Red-City.org]: Don't tell me what to do
  6. DDDowney: Okay, see you in hell you self centered dickhead.
  7. DDDowney: I'm all out of third chances.
  8. Shadow Ari [Red-City.org]: You've got a problem with my apologizing, so I ain't gonna apologize. Just like I said I wouldn't. If you honestly think that this is all on me, then you've gotta' take a whole new persepctive on things if you wanna keep going steady with folks.
  9. DDDowney: I did everything to fucking make you feel welcome, I went out of the way to invite you to streams, to games, what have you. and you piss in my face every fucking chance you got
  10. DDDowney: I don't have a problem with folks, I have a problem with a person who always seem to have a crab up their ass whenever I talk to them
  11. Shadow Ari [Red-City.org]: Really? Really. This is entirely, one hundred percent on me. Just, one hundred ten percent my fault?
  12. DDDowney: ...you insulted me, how can you be so blind to see how bad that fucking hurt?
  13. Shadow Ari [Red-City.org]: What, and you didn't insult me ten times over? I'm sorry, music is my life and I've worked extremely goddamn hard to make it where I am in the musical world today, and you go off and say that you don't even need to hear the other artists - everyone but renard is generic crap. You think that didn't hurt at all? Not one bit, I bet. Yeah, I called your taste in music shallow. Get over it. Seriously, what is this, second grade? Are you going to call the teacher and tattle on me because I directed meany words at you?
  14. DDDowney: Yeah, you work with music. and I haven't for ten years. I guess I played with my asshole instead of drums. Open up your eyes Colin, you're not the only one who knows about music, music theory, and instruments. I didn't throw a DIRECT insult at you, how could I have? All I was saying is that I was tired of music, and Renard was a breath of fresh air. and I'm shallow.
  15. DDDowney: Lets go back further.
  16. DDDowney: Remember when you wanted to kill yourself? Did I say "Do it pussy?" No? I didn't think so.
  17. DDDowney: Guess what, I still get piss in my face.
  18. Shadow Ari [Red-City.org]: 10:05 PM - DDDowney: If you don't hear that, you're fucking deaf.
  19. 10:06 PM - Shadow Ari [Red-City.org]: Actually I have a very well trained ear, thank you very much
  20. 10:06 PM - DDDowney: Apparently not
  21. DDDowney: That was after you insulted me.
  22. DDDowney: So I can't insult you back for insulting me? How does that work?
  23. Shadow Ari [Red-City.org]: 9:55 PM - Shadow Ari [Red-City.org]: I just think that limiting yourself to one artist is a bit shallow, which is why I feel blessed to be able to appreciate almost all music
  24. Shadow Ari [Red-City.org]: Oh my god, Kyle, I might as well have associated you with satan.
  25. DDDowney: Translation: you're shallow and your opinion stinks, however I am great at music and I'm awesome
  26. DDDowney: Starting to see why some things are the way they are.
  27. Shadow Ari [Red-City.org]: Then you should have said something instead of "I guess I'm shallow then"
  28. DDDowney: Wow, you really struggle at the whole social thing don't you?
  29. DDDowney: You really don't know what not to say to people. This is TWICE you've been here with just me alone.
  30. Shadow Ari [Red-City.org]: Implying I go here with other people?
  31. DDDowney: THen you kept the conversation going after I tried to seperate myself from you so I wouldn't be THIS angry at you for being a shit
  32. DDDowney: I don't even know what the fuck that means. Is that some smartass way of saying you sign on to steam with other people?
  33. DDDowney: I find it ironic for someone as sensitive as you are, you are aware of how this hurt my feelings. Someone who has talked to you for months when you needed to vent, and you don't even give a flying fuck.
  34. Shadow Ari [Red-City.org]: Yes, and your insults are completely justified, angry or not, after I say pushing yourself away from 99% of music is shallow.
  36. You don't know what it means? It was a direct response to the context of your message. Just look at what you wrote and it should be crystal.
  37. DDDowney: Hell, you still did the musical asshole thing, you knew I've played drums for ten years, but only you know about music right?
  38. Shadow Ari [Red-City.org]: Just because you play an instrument does not mean that you know everything about music. It means you're a musician.
  39. Shadow Ari [Red-City.org]: I would have thought that as a fellow musician, you'd've realized that instead of throwing that in my face
  40. DDDowney: It shouldn't matter fuck all to you if I listen to him more than I do any more any other artist. you were a dick. plain and simple. and you're still on a high horse.
  41. Shadow Ari [Red-City.org]: You know what? It doesn't matter to me, at all
  42. DDDowney: It's hard to realize anything when I have to be reminded how my opinion sucks and yours is the best
  43. DDDowney: You're a shit friend Collin. I wasted time on you.
  44. Shadow Ari [Red-City.org]: Because you're such an angel
  45. DDDowney: All I wanted was an apology, and I couldn't get that.
  46. DDDowney: that's really fucking rotten.
  47. Shadow Ari [Red-City.org]: 10:52 PM - Shadow Ari [Red-City.org]: [redacted]
  48. And you're wrong. I ain't apologizing.
  49. Shadow Ari [Red-City.org]: You're surprised that I'm keeping to my word?
  50. DDDowney: it doesn't matter if I'm wrong and you're right, don't you have enough people in your life to realize how emotion works?
  51. DDDowney: Yes, I'm surprised that you're so socially inept you don't realize you're being a dick.
  52. DDDowney: I'm not blocking you, like you begged me to do because I'm not on that level that you seem to think I am. but don't think I'm either going to show you the compassion I did before, you know. when I fucking cared about you and thought you weren't this inept, which I should have realized the first fucking time you did this. There's no third chances with me, maybe there shouldn't have been a second, but you'd probably be dead, right?
  53. Shadow Ari [Red-City.org]: So far all I've done to insult you is give my honest opinion on limiting yourself to one artist. One artist out of all the artists in the world. Myself included. Yes, I think that's shallow. So far, in retort to that, you've insulted my musical ability (which is most of my life, by the way), called me a terrible person, a shit friend, "rotten", "fucking retarded", "dick", "jackass" "asshole" said I'm on some "high horse" because I use proper terminology, the essence of an introvert (which I kinda am, props to you), and basically the worst thing since unsliced bread.
  55. Still think I'm 100% the only asshole in the room?
  57. Yeah Kyle, I'm being a dick. Surprised? You shouldn't be. It's who I am.
  59. No, I wouldn't be dead, thanks. When I talked to you I wanted to die, but I wouldn't actually carry it out because I love Maggie too damn much. That's an extremely low move, by the way.
  60. DDDowney: you still think I only listen to him and only him, when what I meant the entire time was that I listen to him more than anything else. Yes, I am surprised, because while you're trying to act badass right now, you've done a poor job of playing a dick the entire time until recently. Thats great, you love someone. I don't care if it was a low move, if you can make them, so can I.
  61. Shadow Ari [Red-City.org]: Saying something is shallow is a dick move? Shit, when did standards get pushed?
  62. DDDowney: and going back.. I don't have a have a problem with you saying sorry, you're an idiot if you seriously think that. I had a problem with you saying it overly when I would tell you something was fine.
  63. DDDowney: you have had no backbone until recently. Where did this come from? have you just been waiting for that moment to fuck me over a 2nd time?
  64. Shadow Ari [Red-City.org]: *adds "no backbone" to the list*
  65. DDDowney: Add all you want, as I see it, you're not my friend anymore, and any time spent on you is wasted. Since you never learn anything about people who are bi polar and easily hurt. What have you given me Collin? What? I've spent time with you listening to your problems. What did you do when I had one? OH YEAH, you welcomed it back in to your life with open arms after it deleted you showing it didn't give a fuck about you.
  66. Shadow Ari [Red-City.org]: so all that shit with dash and rayne just never happened? kk
  67. DDDowney: I never had a problem with Rayne. Dash and I broke up. yes, I was hurt, and I vented to everyone. not just you. Dash and I are perfectly fine now, I still love him like a brother. What the fuck does this have to do with anything?
  68. DDDowney: Chzaar and I are fine, since he and talked. but you. you're a fucking weasel for that. You admitted to me it was rotten what he did, then turned around and hugged him. you're a two faced little shit.
  69. DDDowney: Only reason you ended up knowing about Rayne was because I felt I could trust you. Guess I was wrong. for a second time.
  70. Shadow Ari [Red-City.org]: Nah, I said I didn't condone what he said. Big difference.
  71. DDDowney: no, no difference.
  72. Shadow Ari [Red-City.org]: Just as I said to YOU that I did not condone what YOU said either
  73. Shadow Ari [Red-City.org]: I explicitly said both sides brought fighting words
  74. Shadow Ari [Red-City.org]: and that I would not pick a side, but I would be there for you - which I was
  75. DDDowney: I'm done talking to you, I've suddenly realize you're a small man. I kind of pity you. Keep your apology, I don't need one. I realize, this entire time I was trying to be friends with someone who deep down never gave a fuck.
  76. DDDowney: I'm kind of an idiot for welcoming you back, should have known you'd do this again.
  77. DDDowney: maybe I was wrong when I said I wouldn't block you, but that was before I realized you were an awful friend. All of this could have been avoided with an apology. Really. an apology. You rather be right, than to fix a hurt feeling you caused? You don't see how fucking shocking that is?
  78. DDDowney: Yeah, I cared a lot about you, but it's evident you never gave a fuck. what kind of person would carry on like this?
  79. Shadow Ari [Red-City.org]: Nah, I don't need nor do I want your pity. I looked up to you and wanted to be just like you. Hell, I considered enlisting, but now I'm glad that I never signed any of the forms or anything, because fuck all if I were to be so insulted by a 'friend' giving an honest opinion. I cited sources, I brought examples to the table, and all you did was say "nope yep nope" because you know just as much musical theory as I do even though I'm on some high horse. You were a drummer for ten years. Congratulations, you can keep time and make fills.
  80. If you think I never gave a single fuck, that's shallow of you, too.
  81. If you think I wasn't touched by you welcoming me back, that's shallow of you too.
  82. Yeah, you're an idiot for welcoming me back. You went full retard, kyle.
  83. Go ahead, block me, it ain't begging, it's a challenge that you still can't rise to. I'm sick of apologizing. I'm always the one who compartmentalizes and says, "Even though I'm obviously right, here are all the facts cited out with everything backed up 100%, I'll apologize anyway."
  84. Shadow Ari [Red-City.org]: You think you're the only one hurt by this, then that's shallow.
  85. DDDowney: The snake doesn't get to decide that the eagle scratched him after he bit it.
  86. Shadow Ari [Red-City.org]: Eagles rarely dine on snakes, and depending on the eagle, the snake usually wins.
  87. DDDowney: you are socially retarded shad.
  88. Shadow Ari [Red-City.org]: Thanks, that means a lot coming from an eagle.
  89. DDDowney: you think I've never apologized to someone when I knew I was right?
  90. DDDowney: It's what people do.
  91. DDDowney: It's how people keep from being divorced.
  92. Shadow Ari [Red-City.org]: No shit you've apologized, how can you have not?
  93. Shadow Ari [Red-City.org]: Unless you're some conceited shitbag, which I know you well enough that you're not.
  94. Shadow Ari [Red-City.org]: But I ain't apologizing. Ain't got nothing to say sorry for, and if you've got a problem with that then whoop-dee-doo.
  95. Shadow Ari [Red-City.org]: I'm done apologizing. Hope you enjoyed the thousand sorries when you got them.
  96. Shadow Ari [Red-City.org]: Oh wait, you didn't. It annoyed you to no end.
  97. DDDowney: Whatever. Go sleep on this, if you still feel like being right over un-doing a wrong, then I'll go my seperate way tomorrow.
  98. DDDowney: I've already covered that.
  99. Shadow Ari [Red-City.org]: You don't give third chances, remember?
  100. DDDowney: I'm starting to realize that it's not that you're an asshole, it's that you are socially retarded.
  101. Shadow Ari [Red-City.org]: No, I'm quite normal in that aspect. Maybe not in real life, but online, yes, definitely. I know exactly what you mean as you say it. You're just confused because I think differently and my replies are too vague for you, I'm guessing.
  102. DDDowney: Yes, because I'm an idiot, your replies must be vague.
  103. DDDowney: Online has nothing to do with this Shad.
  104. DDDowney: how are you not getting it?
  105. Shadow Ari [Red-City.org]: It was a poke at myself, not you. You're not an idiot, as much as you make me want to call you one.
  106. Shadow Ari [Red-City.org]: You're calling me socially retarded because I'm not reacting the way you want. I get it.
  107. Shadow Ari [Red-City.org]: Anything else you want to spit at me? Maybe call me mentally retarded, while you're at it. "Asshat" has always been a personal favourite.
  108. Shadow Ari [Red-City.org]: "Douche-canoe" is another good one
  109. DDDowney: now you're doing what you also do and playing the pity card, you don't get to do that, when you behave like you're behaving.
  110. Shadow Ari [Red-City.org]: Again, I don't want your damn pity
  111. Shadow Ari [Red-City.org]: Come the fuck at me
  112. DDDowney: then quit being a cry baby. I was wrong on facts, you were wrong as a decent human being.
  113. DDDowney: Like I said, go sleep on it, if you still feel like waking up tomorrow and thinking other peoples feelings are less important than you feeling right, then we can be done. I don't like to throw away friendships. However this is the same exact situation as last time. you stepped on my toes, knew you were right, didn't care it was a direct stab in the back. I'm a forgiving person. I have to be, but at some point I have to realize some people just aren't worth it, if you they don't put in what you put in to the friendship.
  114. DDDowney: also quoting memes in an arguement doesn't really look good for the "I'm not socially retarded" thing.
  115. Shadow Ari [Red-City.org]: Like you said, Kyle. Some folks ain't worth it, and you don't give third chances.
  116. DDDowney: Like I said, go sleep on it.
  117. Shadow Ari [Red-City.org]: You're thinking of "Come at me bro", to which I've been saying, "Come at me" to provoke a fight since I can remember.
  118. DDDowney: which was said on The Jersey Show
  119. DDDowney: Alright, I'm starting to see that I never meant shit to you. all this I looked up to you shit is bullshit. It has to be, if you want me to go away this badly.
  120. DDDowney: Whatever. See you. Glad to know I wasted my time trying to be friends with you, glad to know you enjoy being right over other people's feelings.
  121. DDDowney: There's a fine place in hell for people like you. No Third chance. Don't even ask me on facebook this time.
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