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Free Copy of Black Ops 2 Guide

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  1. 1. Find any iDevice that has access to the App Store
  3. 2. Search for "App Trailers"
  5. -This app allows you to watch videos and do surveys for real money, but this is not what we are doing this for, we will use a voucher code to receive a copy of Black Ops 2.
  7. 3. Once you have downloaded the app, open in up.
  9. 4. This is very important, use the referral code "blops2voucher" without the quotes
  10. - This code puts your iDevice in a database, and when we can afford to give you a copy (About 60 secs after completing this guide) you will get an alert that will ask you whether you want a Digital Download, or a Physical Copy.
  12. 5. Once you are in the database wait 60 seconds. If you receive the alert that asking you how you want to receive that game, you are done with this guide. If you do not receive the alert continue to the text step
  14. 6. Take the URL (The website) you are on right now (It should be www.pastebin.com and then have random numbers after it) and send it to other people.
  15. - This step is required because we don't have enough funds to give everyone a game at the start. We get money for every referral from App Trailers, and we use that money to send you games.
  17. 7. Look at the chart below (The one labeled required referrals) and find the box that looks like [X]
  18. - Note that referrals are counted once the person completes step 4 and uses the "blops2voucher" code in App Trailers. If you got here from a YouTube video, giving him a thumbs up also counts as a referral.
  20. 8. Once you get your needed amount of referrals open up App Trailers and wait 60 seconds again. If you still don't get it that means the referral chart has not updated and you just need to refer a couple more people.
  22. ===================================[Referral Chart]=========================================================
  24. [] Refer 1 person
  26. [] Refer 2 people
  28. [] Refer 3 people
  30. [X] Refer 5 people
  32. [] Refer 10 people
  34. ============================================================================================================
  36. Enjoy you free copy of Black Ops 2!
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