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  1. Gideron,
  2. One more follow-up: I plan to melt my sabre CCU and/or the F7A upgrade to use store credit to purchase a Vanguard sentinel or harbinger CCU or BUK for my warden whenever these variants become flyable.
  3. 1) If I apply a sentinel or harbinger CCU to the lti warden, does the resulting ship end up with lti?
  4. 2) If I end up not liking the sentinel or harbinger, can I melt the ship and use buyback to get my lti warden back?
  5. 3) Will I be able to use the CCU system to try out the sentinel first, then the (more expensive) harbinger?
  6. 4) Will BUKs be making a comeback?
  9. Gideron (Cloud Imperium Games)
  10. Aug 23, 11:58 CDT
  11. 1) Insurance is tied to the package so any modification to the ship will not affect the insurance; LTI will still be there.
  13. 2) Yes, you will be able to melt the ships and buyback the warden
  15. 3) Right now the Vanguard series of ships is not on sale, so you may not be able to try the sentinel or harbinger first, but they historically go on sale at our Anniversary sale in November!
  17. 4) I'm afraid this information is not available through Player Relations at this time!
  19. If you have any more questions, let me know!
  21. Have a good weekend.  :)
  22. Gideron
  23. RSI Player Relations
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