SL1 Any% with Wrong Warps

May 17th, 2018
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  1. SL1 Any% with Wrong Warp
  3. Begin as Pyromancer with Master Key. Drop hilt, pick up axe, equip at fog gate.
  4. Pick up Pyromancy Flame, and equip in left hand during plunge animation.
  5. 4 one-handed hits with the axe, then 2 fireballs to kill Asylum Demon.
  6. Drop Axe and Flame on New Londo Lift and send it back up.
  7. Pick up Estoc, 1k Soul, Dragon Crest Shield, and 2k Soul.
  8. Get RTSR, attempt dupes on lift to Darkroot Basin [1]. Get Grass Crest Shield and equip. Pick up bow.
  9. Get Battle Axe +4 and do Sen's Gate Skip. Equip RTSR on first Sen's Fog Gate.
  10. Get into RTSR range with the arrow trap. Pick up 8k soul and buy Green Blossoms. Use a blossom and kill Iron Golem. [2]
  11. Use humanity on Anor Londo Elevator. Equip Battle Axe in right, and bow in left on the rafters ladder.
  12. Sit at 2nd Anor Londo bonfire. Railing jump for RTSR at blacksmith. Buy Weapon Smith Box and Giant's Halberd. [3]
  13. Use Quantity Storage looking at the feather arrows to buy Twinkling Tinitite. Kill Giant Blacksmith.
  14. Pick up Blacksmith Giant Hammer and use the Darksign. Use the Iron Golem soul and get BGH+5.
  15. RTSR from Silver Knight, move Giant's Halberd to the top of menu and Moveswap. Use Green Blossom.
  16. 4 running attacks on Ornstein, or 3 running attacks and 1 roll attack. Stagger lock Smough.
  17. Kill Gwynevere, and then kill yourself by jumping off the railing. Warp to Undead Parish.
  18. Kill each Gargoyle with one running attack. Ring bell and Darksign. Warp to Firelink and sit.
  19. Kick Lautrec off cliff and get the Ring of Favor and Protection. Equip FAP ring and drop Battle Axe.
  20. Get RTSR on the way to kill Quelaag, then ring bell and Darksign. Place Lordvessel and warp to Parish.
  21. Kill Andre with 3 regular BGH hits [3]. Take Darkroot bonfire behind Illusory Wall. Get RTSR on the way to hydra.
  22. Kill Hydra with 2 jump attacks and a run attack. Moveswap before quitting out to kill crystal golem.
  23. Free Dusk then Darksign. Warp to Anor Londo and run to archives. Moveswap on elevator and get Broken Pendant.
  24. Darksign and equip Dusk Crown Ring. Run to DLC, getting RTSR from drops along the way.
  25. Moveswap, and equip RTSR at Sanctuary Guardian Fog gate. Use a Green Blossom once through. Kill Guardian.
  26. Royal Wood Skip with the Giant's Halberd [3]. Moveswap, enter Artorias fight, and use Green Blossom immediately.
  27. Kill Artorias, get the Purple Coward's Crystal. Sit at Lordvessel, warp back to Oolacile, and Wrong Warp.
  28. RTSR from Black Knight. Equip Dragon Crest Shield at Gwyn fog gate. Kill Gwyn. [4]
  32. [1] You need at least 6600 souls for Battle Axe +4. If you miss dupes you can kill the Black Knight for 1800 souls. This can be made easier if you pick up the small 800 soul after the New Londo lift. Even with 3 souls you will need at least one dupe. You can also continue with a Battle Axe +3 for less consistent Iron Golem fight.
  34. [2] Optimal fight is Running attack, light attack, running attack into stagger. If you don't manage to stagger him you can run behind and stagger with any hit while he's positioned correctly.
  36. [3] Giant's Halberd is used for the Royal Wood Skip. RWS is really precise with this weapon and gives you midroll. Alternatively instead of killing Andre for the Crest of Artorias, you can buy it from him along with the Bastard Sword. RWS can then be done using this weapon which lets you keep fast roll.
  38. [4] This is the setup I used to get enough damage for a parry quit out:
  39. Parry and riposte Gwyn's opener. Rotate around him by 135 degrees-ish and attack once.
  40. Parry and riposte again, but then rotate about 90 degrees, backstep, hit then hit again.
  41. Again, parry and riposte and follow up with the 135 rotation and attack.
  42. Finally parry once more and quit out as Gwyn dies.
  43. Alternatively you can ignore the backstep attack and just loop parry, riposte, hit until he's dead.
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