07/04/2016 - KTOS

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  1.  07/04/2016 - KTOS
  3. The following errors have been corrected;
  5. Quest Bug Fixes:
  6. 1.         속 뒤집어지는 토템(1), 파수꾼의 저력(2) 퀘스트가 진행되지 않는 문제가 수정됩니다.
  7. 2.         [마족 소환진] 퀘스트 완료 시, 목록창에 추종자 카예토나스가 아닌 카예토나스로 표시되는 문제가 수정됩니다.
  8. 3.         Akmens Ridge [영업방해(2)] 퀘스트 진행 중, 일반 몬스터가 계속 등장하는 문제가 수정됩니다.
  9. 4.         Crystal Mine 3F [Demons of the Closed Area] 퀘스트 미르티스 등장 연출에서 박쥐의 이름이 '박쥐 연출용'으로
  10. 표시되는 문제가 수정됩니다.
  11. 5.         Royal Mausoleum 1F [마력의 해방(2)] Fixed a problem where the character would get stuck floating in the air.
  12. 6.         Royal Mausoleum 2F [마족의 간계(1)] Bokor's Zombie dying in this quest caused the quest to un-intentionally fail.
  13. 7.         Royal Mausoleum 2F [피아식별 기능 오작동] Quest window displaying 'none' will be fixed.
  15. Skill Related Bug Fixes:
  16. 1. Canoneer - Fixed a problem where when using Canoneer skills would swap to the cannon sub-weapon and not  return to the main weapon the player had equipped.
  17. 2. Sadhu - Out of Body , Fixed a problem where moving to a quest whilst in OOB state caused a bug to occur where the player could not control their character.
  18. 3. Scout - Perspective Distortion, Fixed a problem where after using this skill the player would lose control of their character.
  19. 4. Pardoner - Simony, Fixed a problem with the message displayed attempting to craft a spell scroll on a skill that cannot be scrolled.
  20. 5. Getting crowd-controlled/debuffed whilst blocking with [Shield Guard] Still caused the player to be in a blocking position and block damage.
  22. Etc.
  23. 1. Lodge's Message Box was displaying incorrectly.
  24.     → The problem is not completely corrected, except in the notice. We're sorry for the inconvenience and confusion. (07/04/2016)
  25. 2.         몬스터 테라임프 궁수, 수감된 인프로 갈라스 궁수, 늙은 크로뉴트 독침술사, 누오가 모험일지 보상에 없는 문제가 수정됩니다. (Some Monsters not being counted in Adventure Journal fixed )
  26. 3. When attempting to create a guild with an already existing name, the client would force itself to shutdown.
  27. 4. Issues with Joystick Keys in the Settings menu will be fixed.
  28. 5. Fixed the scenario where you were unable to write in party & guild chat after being moved to the server selection window.
  29. 6. Demon Lord Hauberk monster debuff correction.
  32. Some quests have been changed:
  34. 1. 12 Repeatable Quests have been added. Additional quests their locations to be completed are:
  35. Akmens Ridge [안전을 위하여]
  36. Carlyle's Mausoleum  [떠도는 신도의 영혼]
  37. Gytis Settlement Area 지역 [개간지의 몬스터]
  38. Delmore Manor [숨겨진 마력장치]
  39. Zachariel Crossroads [감당하기 힘든 일]
  40. Delmore Manor 지역 [속죄를 위한 노력]
  41. Royal Mausoleum 1F [영광은 사라지고]
  42. Feretory Hills [길 잃은 순례자]
  43. Royal Mausoleum 2F [왕릉을 지켜라]
  44. Delmore Outskirts [위험한 방해꾼]
  45. Baron Allerno [살만한 동네]
  46. Delmore Outskirts [회복하기 좋은 날]
  48. 2. Penitence Route of Great Cathedral - Quest [Farewell, My Friend (2)] Quest kill objectives will allow kills from further away.
  50. 3.         기믹 보상 중 변신 스크롤이 모두 스태미나 알약으로 변경됩니다.
  52. The following information has been updated:
  54. 1. Starting locations of some sub-quests will be displayed in the mini-map.
  55.     - NPCS that fall under this will have a notification above their head, as well as being marked on the minimap. (The Blue Flag)
  56.     - Notification for Level & Quest Pre-requisites will also be shown.
  58. 2.The Vakarine statue will appear on the mini-map, even if it is in a place you haven't visited on the mini-map yet.
  60. 3.         일부 정예몬스터가 넉백, 넉다운이 되지 않게 변경됩니다. ( Some elite monsters will no  longer be able to be knocked back or knocked down)
  62. 4. 2 New Dyes have been added to the in-game TP Store.
  63.     - [Ash Grey Dye] and [Pastel Green Dye] have been added.(Costs 49 TP)
  64.     - After using the Hair dye, you may change your hair colour at any time by pressing F1 and navigating t
  65.     - TP Hair Dyes are Character Bound.
  67. 5. New Rental costumes that can be purchased with silver have been added. Costumes have a 7-day duration after purchase.
  68.     - The Costumes [Pilgrim Costume M/F], [Fedimian Merchant Costume M/F] have been added.
  69.     - The costumes cost 498,000 silver and are sold by the Klaipeda / Orsha / Fedimian Accessory dealers.
  70.     - Pilgrim Costume (M): Archer Classes (M)
  71.     - Pilgrim Costume(F) : Archer Classes (F)
  72.     - Fedimian Merchant Costume(M):7Days : Cleric Classes (M)
  73.     - Fedimian Merchant Costume(F):7Days : Cleric Classes (F)
  75. 6. Dye & Companion Tooltip descriptions have been added.
  78. Some skills have received the following changes:
  80. ※ Based on the feedback we've received from our Saviors, we intend to continue improving class balance.
  82. 1. Barbarian
  83. [War Cry]
  84.     - Currently there's a bug where the debuff can be removed via right-click.
  85.     - War Cry's Cooldown has been decreased.
  86. [Cleave]
  87.     - Cleave's Cooldown has been decreased.
  88.     - Cleave's Overheat has been changed to 3 charges.
  89. [Helm Chopper]
  90.     - Helm Chopper's Cooldown has been decreased, the stun chance has also been increased.
  91. [Seism]
  92.     - Seism's Cooldown has been decreased, the stun chance has also been increased.
  93. [Frenzy]
  94.     - Frenzy's Cooldown has been decreased.
  96. 2. Rodelero
  97. [Shooting Star]
  98.     - Shooting Star's Cooldown has been decreased.
  99.     - Damage of Shooting Star has been increased, the skill now is a Strike Property Attack.
  100. [Shield Shoving]
  101.     - Shield Shoving's Damage has been be increased.
  102. [Shield Bash]
  103.     - Shield Bash's Damage has been increased.
  104. [Targe Smash]
  105.     - Targe Smash has been decreased, The [Darkness] Debuff chance has been increased.
  106. [Montano]
  107.     - Montano's Cooldown has been decreased.
  108. [Slithering]
  109.     - Slithering's Cooldown has been decreased.
  110. [High Kick]
  111.     - High Kick's Cooldown has been decreased.
  113. 3. Cataphract
  114. [Steed Charge]
  115.     - Steed Charge's Skill damage has been increased.
  117. 4. Corsair
  118. [Dust Devil]
  119.     - Dust Devil's Overheat will be changed to 3.
  121. Source:
  122. Translated by Gweynth @TOS Forums.
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