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  1. The Orange Room!
  2. GM Hello
  3. The Shinjo was led to a loudly colored room with orange flowers and a white ceiling. The Doji dropped him off with a tea set and a pair of cushions. "Shiba-sama will be along shortly. Please help yourself as necessary."
  4. Shinjo Kurosawa
  5. The Unicorn swallowed hard. Why was he so apprehensive? It was the mood in the room, not even facing off against a killer bounty hunter unsettled him this much. He nodded and plopped himself like a droplet of water into the cushions, wishing he'd taken more notes from Koshiro about Tea Ceremonies and all that. The nervousness engulfed him, so he did not help himself and just sat trying to not look panicked.
  6. GM Hello
  7. In a minute or two a red robed lady with a severe look and tightly wound bun walked into the room and bowed shallowly. Shinjo would notice the Phoenix mon on her shoulder.
  8. Shinjo Kurosawa
  9. The Unicorn bowed from his seat, a bit deeper than the Phoenix. Thanks again to Koshiro for being a phoenix and his courtesy training: "Greetings, Phoenix-sama. I am honored to be here today, for this... event." Yes, it was definitely an event.
  10. GM Hello
  11. "Of course Shinjo-san. Remain seated, do you wish for some tea?" She crosses the room behind him and sits down across from him.
  12. Shinjo Kurosawa
  13. "I would be honored," lotsa honor and honoring going on here, "to have some tea, Phoenix-sama." A gnawing itch in his mind screamed at him to ask what the jig was, he was onto them, but he mentally swatted it away. "Are you a tea conossieur, Phoenix-sama?" Maybe that was a big thing among the Phoenix, they were kinda odd to him and the one he'd met had been very stringent about his tea.
  14. GM Hello
  15. "No, I try my best to avoid learning things that don't have to do with my job." The Shiba said almost conversationally. "I have heard that you are unmarried Shinjo-san?"
  17. She serves the tea mechanically.
  18. Shinjo Kurosawa
  19. Unmarried? That would teach him to ever tell his lord anything. He tried to be very graceful as he would take the cup that she poured for him. "You have heard correctly; I do not have a spouse." He took a gentle sip of the piping hot tea, closing his eyes to enjoy the hot, relaxing sensation. "I have been told I am unsuitable for marriage," outwardly, he did not wince, but oh man that remark had indeed pricked at him when he first faced it. "Is there rumor to the contrary, Phoenix-sama?"
  20. GM Hello
  21. "Hai. You have been blessed to be named as a possible candidate for the Phoenix."
  22. Shinjo Kurosawa
  23. The white haired man pulled away from his tea as though it had burned him. "The Phoenix clan? What would a clan of... shugenja and monks wish of me? I have no name, no glory." Just another brick in the wall.
  24. GM Hello
  25. "Babies mostly." The Shiba says dryly. "I was hoping that much would be obvious."
  26. Shinjo Kurosawa
  27. But babies were gross. "I am a warrior, not a father. Would a child really thrive in such an environment?" Excuses, excuses, while trying to shy away from the truth. "And what if I have an offer, from another that is not a Phoenix?" Lies
  28. GM Hello
  29. "Well you aren't tainted for one. And I had heard you were bright, though I am slowly losing some confidence on that end. Unless you don't want to get married to a Phoenix? Do you also have an issue with us?" The Phoenix frowns.
  30. Shinjo Kurosawa
  31. This was not the first time a proper lady had called him dim. He shifted uncomfortably on his pillow. "The Phoenix clan is noble and wise, from what little I know. Forgive this one. But," Was he gonna finally develop some guts and say it? "I would only marry one who is worthy. My heart longs for another." SORT OF REVEAL. "And I would like to offer myself to her, once I am worthy. But duty is duty, and I would be willing to give myself to another." He placed the now drained cup of tea on the table and folded his arms. "If they can best me in a challenge of my choice. Unless one is victorious, I will not accept their offer." Maybe, just maybe, did he make an enemy of the Phoenix today.
  32. GM Hello
  33. " are kidding?" The Shiba pulled out a scroll in front of her and threw it at him. "You lot are going to be the death of me."
  34. The scroll contained a short sketch of the Shinjo. As well a few notes about his height, weight, length of his hair. A scribble on the bottom says: 'definite candidate, strong will, not tainted'.
  35. Shinjo Kurosawa
  36. The scroll caught the Shinjo in the chest, stunning him for a second before he caught it in his lap. "I did not stutter; that is my only condition. No dowry, no questions, and I will marry into the family." He wagged the scroll at her. "If they can beat me." HAH this wasn't so bad after all. Those other punks out there were scared for nothing. His confidence was quickly returning, and he opened the scroll to see his face on paper and the scribble. Who was that handsome guy on the paper? Him, definitely. "With this kind of bait, you will catch many fish." He peered at her from above the paper, eyes dancing with delight.
  37. GM Hello
  38. "I did not come here to force a marriage but make an offer. I am reconsidering every moment I speak with you." She stands up and snatches another scroll from her sleeve. "The Phoenix do not kneel Shinjo-san. We do not play games like children. Think over the offer and do your best not to screw it up."
  39. With a flutter of robes she left the room in a huff. Apparently difficult samurai were everywhere.
  40. The scroll rolled to a stop next to the seated Shinjo.
  41. Shinjo Kurosawa
  42. Ah, she was faster. "Marriage is not a game," he agreed after her. If she wanted stronk babies, she knew where to look. Smart babies? Koshiro's office was probably open. He tucked the dashing self portrait into his sleeve, before eye catching the new scroll. A quick snatch, and the scroll would join it's companion in his sleeve. "Only my horse kneels, and only when I tell it to." YEAH EGO. With that, he'd practically bound out of the Orange room to return to the rest of normal castle life.
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