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  1. [6:31 PM] Youmu Konpaku: D8
  2. When you are going to develop a game, choosing a game engine can be the key to avoiding a lot of
  3. problems, especially in long development times.
  4. There are many factors that we can take into account.
  5. Licence, price, community, scope of the project or what kind of game we want to develop.
  6. D9
  7. In this poll from statista we can see the leading game engines.
  8. This poll was conducted in the UK in 2014.
  9. You can see how unity is breaking the market.
  10. D10
  11. Very versatile game engine and requires little time to become proficient in game developing.
  12. Supports a lot of gaming platforms, as you can see here.
  13. Development Languages are UnityScript, Boo and C#
  14. In next Unity versions developers are planning to put in deprecated UnityScript,
  15. In Unity 5.0 developers decided to drop support documentation for
  16. Boo, but Boo scripts still work.
  17. So the decision should be to pick C#.
  18. D11
  19. In summary, Unity is free until your game works on the market, then you pay for
  20. the software.
  21. D12
  22. In this slide we see how unity GUI looks like
  23. D13
  24. Here are some games developed with unity
  25. D14
  26. Unreal is known for having very realistic graphics
  27. Also Supports a lot of gaming platforms
  28. Development Languages are C++, and BluePrint
  29. D15
  30. Avaliable for free, but you pay a percentage of your earnings after three thousand dollars,
  31. per product every quarter.
  32. D16
  33. The Blueprint visual scripting system is great to design gameplay logic, no programming skills
  34. required.
  35. A Blueprint class is asociated with C++ .
  36. Many of the games typical functions are already implemented
  37. You can implement more of this blocks
  38. D17
  39. Some games made with unreal
  40. D19
  41. Game maker studio is an alternative for people without programming skills, to develop games
  42. 2D games.
  43. D20
  44. Is under Proprietary license. You pay depending on your target platform
  45. D21
  46. As an alternative Open source is a powerful low level framework, it dosnt have GUI editor, so we
  47. only recommend it for 2D games
  48. LibGDX allows java virtual machine languages to use the library
  49. D22
  50. It is maintained by the community
  51. You can publish your games without paying anything
  52. END
  53. This is all and thanks for listening to us
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