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  1. Night 3
  2. - Wait with Geeky on the Rooftop Pool for Alex to show up, and take the cake that he offers. Wait for him to leave again before further action. Eat a slice of the stat-boosting cake and hide the rest under a pool bench.
  3. - Give Geeky the chain/leash and the backpack so that she can use it for defense.
  4. - Have Zero follow me around throughout the night. If anyone threatens me, threaten them with the dog. If they try to attack still, have him attack them.
  5. - Go to the Laboratories (2F) (Just me btw, not with Geeky). Wait for me to be alone in the room, and grab a gas mask to hide in my trench coat.
  6. - Go into the Botany Lab and look for any sort of tranquilizing plants. Pocket one in the trench coat, but wait to be alone in the room before doing so. Additionally, test some of the plants on the Venus Fly Trap in this room to see if any of them put it to sleep. If it does, take some of the "plant sedation" drug. If the sleep plant and the sedation plant are one in the same, just carry a couple of them.
  7. - Head down into the Toolshed and wait to be alone in the room. When this happens, grab a crowbar and hide it in my coat for extra defense. Threaten people with this as well if they try to attack.
  8. - Go over to the Greenhouse. Throw the sedation plant at the Venus Fly Trap here to make it calm down. If I failed to get this from before, just be very careful to not get in its way. When I am alone in the room, put on the gas mask. Hide behind the door and wait for someone to show up. If they do, ambush them by making them fall asleep with the sleep plant.
  9. - If one person is in the Greenhouse when I show up, put the gas mask on and put them to sleep, then calm the Venus Fly Trap down, then leave. If two or more people are here to start with, wait for them to leave and proceed with the former plan.
  10. - Head up to the Skybridge. When I'm alone here, take the necklace off of Zero. Tell him to go down into the Courtyard and howl as loud as possible, and then come back. Put the necklace back on him.
  11. - Quickly head out back into the Tower Lobby (2F). Hide if possible, but otherwise just wait for Geeky to show up. Follow her around for the rest of the night.
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