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  1. Future horizons for "NAPHE"
  3. As the corporation's skillset and mindset grows, it is important to ensure that we provide ourselves with the climate and space required to facilitate the continuation of our growth.
  4. In an attempt to avoid the stagnation of our substantial and notable improvement in previous months, it has been decided by the directorship that our current home, Hydra, is no longer capabale of sustaining our needs.
  6. To this point, we have decided to propose a drastic change to dictate the future of "NAPHE". This change has manifested in two ways.
  8. Firstly, a new wormhole has been marked on tripwire. This system is J-162251, and is a Class 4 Black Hole system with a Class 4 and Class 5 static.
  9. We have selected this wormhole for the following reasons:
  10.     1: This system has been selected primarily for the Class 5 static; providing us with exposure to K-162'ing into krabbing dreadnoughts, allowing us to continue to progress our anti-capital gameplay.
  11.     2: This system will provide us with greater exposure to high-class corporations, allowing us to continue to progress our fleet vs fleet gameplay.
  12.     3: This system will provide us with an effect that directly benefits our most used ship(s), i.e the Orthrus.
  13.     4: This system will provide us with an avenue to master the nano ship, and become a true threat to any group that dares underestimate us within our home.
  14.     5: The continuation of a Class 4 static will provide the familiarity of the home, allowing us to continue to provide ourselves with content as we learn and adapt to our new Class 5 static.
  17. Secondly, NAPHE will be gutted, all assets and structures will be removed from Hydra, all assets that are incapable of leaving system will be stripped and self destructed. In the wake of this destruction, Viper Sovereign (PLACEHOLDER) will be born. A fresh slate, free from all prexisting burdens and troubles, Viper Sovereign (PLACEHOLDER) will be the psychological catalyst for our continued success as we grow as a corporation and as individual pilots.
  19. Leadership believes that this change will be purely beneficial, and has been under construction for sometime. If you have ANY concerns or questions please speak to a LeaderBOI or Primary, all members of this role have been thoroughly informed of our ideology behind this move and our ideas for fulfilling its progression smoothly.
  21. Receiving this mail is not a call for mass asset evacuation from Hydra. LeaderBOI's will be taking all necessary steps to ensure that everyone is capable of having a smooth and safe transition. To this point, a secondary mail will be sent when the time has come to break loose from our old home and the contents of said mail will have meticulous details concerning the time frames of the structure unanchors and move out // in dates.
  23. We cannot express our excitement for this transition, and hope you can feel similarly.
  25. o7
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