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  1. Hi Christophe,
  3. I came across your website and because of your functional programming/PLs experience wanted to reach out. I’m the technical lead on a team of functional programmers using zk-SNARKs to build a scalable cryptocurrency protocol. The project is in OCaml and we're looking for researchers and programmers like yourself to work on a bunch of projects including:
  5. - Our OCaml DSL for writing zk-SNARKs (a cryptographic primitive for certified computation).
  6. - The design of a virtual machine and higher-level languages for smart contracts (there a lot of interesting challenges here since the VM has to be efficient inside SNARKs).
  7. - Working on the core networking, cryptography, and reliability aspects of the protocol.
  9. I think this is an exciting chance to have a lot of independence while collaboratively working on cross-disciplinary problems in computing. In addition, we’re well-funded by the top crypto funds and angel investors (led by Metastable, Polychain, and Naval Ravikant). We also offer competitive salary and equity along with top-of-market health, dental, and vision.
  11. I’d be very interested in having a quick call, so if this sounds exciting and you’d like to hear more, let me know and we can find a time to talk!
  13. Best,
  14. Izaak
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