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  1. -Character Information-
  2. Name: Rabi
  3. Race: Saddle Arabian
  4. -Racial Traits:
  5. --Arabian Endurance(Automatic, Instant, Passive): once per combat; Saddle Arabians are known for their tenacity and endurance in harsh conditions. Once per combat if you are rendered helpless you may use this racial skill to immediately recover on your turn. You are immune to any adverse effects typical for a desert, and you suffer no penalties for fighting in desert environments.
  6. --Arabian Agility(Passive): Your swiftness allows you to perform hit-and-run attacks with ease. In conditions that don’t impair your movement, all your offensive skills gain the Ranged tag when used on targets on the ground. You also gain a +1 bonus to ranged attacks.
  7. Gender: Male
  8. Age: 25
  9. --Seeker Bolt(Trained Talent): Spells augmented by Elementalist and Ranged attacks augmented by either Elemental Ammo or Trick Ammo become Seeker Bolts that home in on their targets, granting a +1 to their rolls.
  10. --Survival(Special Talent): You're adept at living off the land. You gain a +1 to Survival rolls.
  11. Hits/Wounds: 5/5
  12. Alignment: True Neutral, Leaning Good
  13. Class: Omniseer (Mage/Tracker)+Mystic (Monk)
  14. -Multiclass Skills:
  15. --Elemental Ammo(Passive): You gain any two Elementalist effects. You can apply Elementalist effects to skills as though they were Trick Ammo with the same limitations.
  16. -->Radiant: The target is momentarily blinded, suffering +1 DC to all rolls on its next turn, or +2 on a crit. This damage type deals twice as many hits versus undead enemies. Radiant spells can be used to illuminate the environment, providing a dazzling light source.
  17. -->Dark: The target is weakened by arcane energy, making them do X less hits of damage next turn, where X is their roll-5. Dark spells can be used to extinguish light sources from afar, and are abhorred by some magical creatures.
  18. --Arcane Arms(Passive): You gain an Elementalist effect. You may apply Elementalist effects to your skills regardless of tag.
  19. -->Lightning: Render a target Helpless on a critical hit. Can be used to electrocute or charge objects in the environment.
  20. -Class Skills:
  21. --Elementalist(Passive): When you choose this skill, select an elemental type. The element you select can be applied to all other spells you know, adding their effects to the spell.
  22. -->Fire Element: Targets rendered helpless by a Fire-augmented spells have a harder time recovering (DC+1). Especially flammable targets take ongoing wounds. Fire-augmented spells can warm or burn objects or the environment.
  23. --Magic Bolt(Spell, Ranged, Recharge 2): Fire a volatile bolt of magic at your foe. Roll twice and use the higher result. If one of the rolls critfails, then the spell critfails.
  24. --Trick Ammo(Instant, Automatic, Recharge 1): Load a peculiar round of ammunition, which adds an additional effect to any skill or attack that can benefit from it. All effects share the same cooldown.
  25. -->Silence: On hit, the enemy can not cast any spells for the next two rounds
  26. -->Knockout: On hit, the enemy is unable to counterattack and is considered helpless, but does not lose a wound. They instantly and automatically get up on the turn after that.
  27. --Split: Hits two targets at once.
  28. --Astral Projection: You project your spirit from your body, allowing you to send yourself to a distant location or traverse as a spirit. You are undetectable without magic, and also intangible (though you cannot pass through solid objects.) Returning to your body is automatic. (1 EP)
  29. --Surge Shot (Requires Copperhead Rifle. Spell, Ranged, Recharge 2): An intensely-focused blast of magic. Autocrits, Critfails on 4-.
  31. -Inventory-
  32. Magic Bow(Ranged, Catalyst)
  33. Light Leather Armor
  34. Cloth Wrappings
  35. Scrolls: Homing Magic
  36. Splinterwood Arrow
  37. >On a successful hit, roll a 1d10 to re-direct the arrow, up to five times. Must spend an action retrieving it to use it again.
  38. 3 really nice fruit
  39. 15 bits
  40. Raven Statue
  41. >Grants the ability to summon a small raven (Loaned out for now.)
  42. Copperhead Rifle (Ranged, Catalyst)
  43. >Magic Rifle. Its rounds can be affected by Elemental Ammo and Trick Ammo. Holds 4 rounds, with reloads being Automatic. Crits on a 9+. Grants access to Surge Charge.
  44. Dragon Hunter Yumi
  45. >Ranged, Great. Renders targets helpless on Crit. -2 to Dodge and Stealth rolls while equipped.
  48. -Backstory-
  49. Rabi is a somewhat young, tall Saddle Arabian, hailing from the southern coast of Abyssnia. Raised in a somewhat poorly-off family, he grew used to more illicit acts in order to sustain himself. As he grew older, he moved from more petty thefts towards larger things, primarily carriage robbing. His stint came to an end when, during an attempt to incapacitate, a magic bolt went awry, and fatally wounded the passenger. To his misfortune, the passenger was of particular note, and he was pursued and arrested (not that he offered much resistance). He was sentenced into exile after pleading guilty.
  50. While it may have been an accident, Rabi feels incredible remorse for his actions, and seeks to atone for them as best he can. He's intent on keeping the reason behind his exile somewhat secret. He tries to stay relatively chipper despite the situation, and, while not the best cook, has enough talent to whip something together.
  51. Being used to living off the land, he's more than capable of foraging for his food, and navigating the wilderness. His real skill lies in his archery, which is a blend of standard marksmanship and magical talent.
  53. -Appearance-
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