Peyote FEMTO (2.5, MLAD)

Jul 30th, 2020 (edited)
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  1. Peyote
  2. =====================================================================================================================================
  3. Race: Griffon
  4. -Griffon Flight (Passive): Griffons can fly and have a +1 to any melee attack made from high altitude, such as a dive-bomb. This is about as taxing as running at full speed.
  5. -Free Bird (Passive): You will not be caged. You have +1 to rolls that involve escaping grapples, traps, binds, and any sort of effect restricting your movement.
  6. =====================================================================================================================================
  7. Talents:
  8. -Blood Hunt (Passive): Your honed predator's senses aid you in tracking prey you've wounded, as well as guiding your strikes to be all the more lethal. You mark a target you've successfully attacked and dealt damage to last turn (choose one if you hit multiple targets), gaining a +1 to rolls made against them. This bonus can stack up to a +2, but will be lost if you fail to damage them for two turns. While Blood Hunted, a target cannot hide or conceal themselves from you. [Trained Talent]
  9. -you are highly-attuned to nature, and are capable of speaking with animals and other creatures. [Special Talent]
  10. =====================================================================================================================================
  11. Hits/Wounds: 6/5
  12. =====================================================================================================================================
  13. Class/Multiclass: Tracker
  14. -Defense Mastery (Passive): You gain an additional hit. This skill can only be taken once.
  15. -Marksman Shot (Recharge 3, requires Ranged Weapon): Autocrits. Benefits from Trick Ammo.
  16. -Custom Job (Passive): Your weapon, regardless of type, also counts as a Ranged weapon. You may apply Trick Ammo to your basic attacks.
  17. -Trick Ammo (Instant, Automatic, Recharge 1): Your quiver holds many tricks. Add one of the following effects to your next offensive weapon skill this turn:
  18. ->Silence: On a successful hit, the target cannot cast a spell for the next two turns.
  19. ->Knockout: On a successful hit, the enemy is knocked helpless but does not lose a wound. They instantly and automatically gets up on the turn after that.
  20. ->Split: Hit two targets at once, using the same roll for both.
  21. -Survival (Passive): You roll spot check rolls with a +3. You can create and forage for basic supplies such as tents, torches, bandages, and rope. You can see far into the distance, and see fine in dim light or the darkness of night.
  22. =====================================================================================================================================
  23. Inventory:
  24. -Hand Crossbow (Ranged Weapon)
  25. -Claw Wraps (Single Weapon)
  26. -Canteen, 3x
  27. -Rope, 30 ft
  28. -Heavy Poncho
  29. -Field Rations
  30. -First Aid Kit
  31. =====================================================================================================================================
  32. Appearance (Peyote):
  33. -A bulky, muscled raptor-cougar griffon, with deep brown plumage and a light tan feline half. He's got huge, sharp-looking talons, powerful-looking wings, and a long, muscled tail. His rather imposing appearance is completely betrayed by his face; soft, excited, bright blue eyes along with a warm, welcoming smile make him a rather odd griffon. He's almost never seen without a poncho, and his friendly demeanor is almost always present. Peyote is also enormous compared to ponykind, standing nearly twice as tall as most.
  34. =====================================================================================================================================
  35. Background:
  36. -Background
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