Uber Jason - Strength 16

Jul 16th, 2020
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  1. On the lowest rung of the concentric spiral forming the inner architecture of the NAR's top-secret moon base, an aquarium-like tank filled a space fifty feet long and thirty feet tall. Panes of shockproof synthetic plastic exerted strength great enough to resist quakes, fires, floods and most conventional weaponry.
  3. Milky green liquid washed in show circles around a humanoid figure, a body crisscrossed by an optic grid that tracked him, day and night.
  5. Although technically the thirteenth rung, the area was known as "the Ninth Circle". It had been built for one purpose: warehousing Jason Voorhees. Initially scheduled for cryostasis, Jason's body was basking in a warm amniotic bath, fed by dozens of lead lines and tubes. Many of these tubes simply pumped Jason full of tranquilizing agents. Others took core samples from time to time for routine analysis.
  7. He was soft enough to inspire rhapsodies of deliquescence from the late Dr Wimmer, had he lived to share the joy. Never mind that the subject in question had no pulse, no discernible brainwave activity, and was, according to the most sensitive diagnostic instruments, as sentient as the average turnip.
  9. Jason X: Death Moon - Page 114-115
  11. Meanwhile, Jason was safe and sound, strapped down within a giant metal press with tripwires, sensors, shocks and batteries of a trank to take him down, should human voices wake him and they die.
  13. Jason X: Death Moon - Page 320
  15. Immersed in wet splendor, Oskar failed to notice the red emergency light pulsing in the periphery of his right eye. He failed to hear the cataclysmic sounds of bolts being wrenched and popped, the elaborate metal web that encased Jason's body falling apart as, with superhuman strength, Voorhees burst his bonds and rose from the laboratory pallet.
  17. Finally, Oskar failed to observe the shower stall door bending, buckling, giving way. At that precise moment, Oskar had melted his identity with the robotic showerhead that obscured April's labia minora.
  19. Jason X: Death Moon - Page 325
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