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  1. It is the year 2019, and all is not as it seems in the world. Fae creatures of myth and legend are very much real, and very much a part of human society, though they remain hidden, wearing glamour disguises to hide from the public eye. Humans are none the wiser to the underground, and the Fae strive to keep it that way, with deadly consequences for revealing themselves.
  3. The Paradox Lounge is a night club located on the corner of 6th Street in Austin, Texas. The club has three levels: the upstairs office and VIP lounge, the main ground floor, and a basement level below. The office and VIP lounge are strictly off-limits to everyone but the club owner and a few chosen patrons. The ground floor plays mostly house and modern pop music and is typical of most clubs, with eclectic decor and a brightly-lit dance floor. Humans mingle here with the rest of the glamoured creatures that hide among them, and they are blissfully ignorant. There are three pool tables alongside the main bar, and a table in the center of the club that spins. Many patrons are fans of playing a form of Russian Roulette with the table and their drinks, spinning to see who has to chug what. The basement level is home to a much darker, BDSM-dungeon-like experience, with underground trance music, dim black lights, a separate bar, and a deep bass vibe. Humans are not allowed in the basement level, and are strictly turned away by the door bouncers present at all entrances and exits. Glamours are not required down there, and many creatures frolic in their natural states. In the basement level are three metal cages where dancers entertain those looking for a more visceral experience. There's the Seven Deadly Sins tattoo and piercing parlor next door, and the Chat Noir hotel across the street, which is also run by the Paradox Lounge's enigmatic owners.
  5. The Paradox Lounge is rumored to be owned by a pair of Egyptian gods, specifically Anput and Anubis, although this has yet to be confirmed public knowledge. Another rumor is that they're somehow Romeo and Juliet, star-crossed lovers turned immortals by myth and time. Both of them have equal rights to the club and the hotel, and while one is generally in the club, the other is present in the hotel.
  7. At the bar on the main level stands Bruce, and at the bar in the lower level is his twin, Sebastian. Bruce's dark skin contrasts sharply with Sebastian's pale complexion, but their other features are identical. Sebastian always appears to be wearing corpse paint and puts on quite a show with his bartending skills down below, while Bruce's smooth demeanor has the main floor's patrons swooning over him, both men and women alike. Various other bartenders and servers flit through the bar area and around the various tables, including the bouncer, Mebembe, a member of a strange vampire clan from Africa.
  9. The hotel is staffed by various creatures of lore and myth as well as your average human, and each room offers a different experience, having its own theme. The rooms range from smaller, single occupancy rooms to larger, penthouse style suites on the upper floors. The hotel is also considered Elysium, and humans, vampires, and werewolves alike have been known to stay there. Blood doll services are of course kept on a strictly need-to-know basis, and release forms are signed by drinker and provider alike to maintain strict confidence.
  11. The Seven Deadly Sins tattoo shop is run by an individual who goes only by the name "Skinner." This parlor has a large human clientele, but Skinner performs more underground services to an elite set of clients that only know of him by reputation and word of mouth. Those seeking these services are invited only by others who have partaken, and then only after they have been thoroughly vetted and approved. Skinner has an apprentice named Juliet who performs piercing services. Her affiliation is only known by Skinner, though to those sensitive to such, she emits an aura of magic. It's said that her piercings heal faster than average, and that they hurt a great deal less, which would explain her popularity.
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