"Cobra" Disinfo Agent -EU

Sep 15th, 2012
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  1. 1-2-3 in order of #2 #1 #3 ((selective grabs from a forum thread RE:))
  3. #2 "Well the thing about Cobra, is he is EU-Cabal Disinformationist Agent, and known to be also tied directly to the Negative Reptoids/ET/EDs.
  5. He releases just enough "true" information to draw people in and keep 'em hooked, but mixes with so much disinformation it keeps people confused, misinformed etc."
  6. Drake on the other hand, did get misinformed by some of his sources for a little while, but did get it fully sorted out and is a good guy and absolutely 100% legit. I speak with him daily and have significant knowledge etc, to where I feel confident in my choice in backing him, and so does the ET/ED fleets that are up there fighting right now for the Liberation of this planet. Plus, I've already been directly involved with a few different 'projects' with him and several others. I can't talk about them, but like I said, I have full confidence in Drake. As for dates, people need to know/understand/realize/accept openly and fully that THINGS CHANGE, and not to hold onto any specific dates. Things are happening and more will happen when they can happen.
  8. But, to each their own. We all need to exercise our free will and make our own decisions. And, no I do not expect everyone to agree with me, just sharing my knowledge, experience and information as usual. People need to use their own minds, own instincts and free will to make the decisions that are best for their individual lives.
  10. Tanah 2012
  12. #1
  13. drake....
  16. drake is a alien hybrid says alfred webre @donny's show,
  17. NEW! 32ยบ of Insanity 08.03.12 : Nibiru's Zechar..
  19. (donny gilson) (video gone acc terminated, will check for clone acc )
  20. 30min20sec mark. for full quote.
  25. as i said in RR chat 5min ago.
  26. [ME]i correct myself. its was even BETTER
  27. [ME]not hybrid alfred, no
  28. we get our female Jack Russell Ruzzalyn back home from the vet hospital today! she's breathing much better!
  29. [ME]goto 30min20sec. Drake revealed he is a hybrid of a particular program.
  30. [ME]guess why i don't give hybrids green lights hahahhaa
  31. a hybrid, does that mean they changed his DNA
  32. [ME]they only frack up everything
  33. [ME]on the 26thjune i said RED LIGHT
  34. [ME]and why and how, and rest all plays out as i said, even AAmicheal came back on his words hahaha
  35. [ME]his blue swords he can keep. he been outplayed and taken out of the loop of the bigger things to come hahaha
  36. SJ, you can't trust the vets. The Vetenarian schools were taken over by big pharma just like human medica schools were. I suggest you get DR. Mecola's probiotics for dogs. I used that on my doggie
  37. It saved her life.
  38. what about Gabrial, is he still around rak
  39. [ME]those 2 never far apart from what ikm getting
  40. yup suse, we were worried her trachea had collapsed, still serious concerns there
  41. [ME]and i dont envoke any a them, to do my thing
  42. [ME]and im getting better at my tthing also haha
  43. i still say and stand by all previously said and whom why where how how not and what to.
  44. middle layer distraction it all is., by particular groups. that have more eyes on them than they can ever imagine, flushing out the whole pyramid takes same preparation and observing and enabling players to do the things alongside rest on diffrent missions all connected.
  45. they just wont know it, never not with chronoview , not with the yellow cube, not with the defunct looking glass, oh yeah didnt they tell you , they cannot operate it since march last year. +- life's a bitch aint it elite, deal with it or i will....
  46. now drake hybrid get me AUDREY7 and your a good boy. otherwise go play out your script handlers gave you, try and keep following it, last deviations they didn't like haha.
  47. deception on many levels and with lots a "beings" , so ill be me as Jp calls me Controversial i can be. you can count on that ,. always , just like the sun rises everyday, so do i awaken everyday again, to grow another day , and remember some more and be able to do some more,
  49. sit back and enjoy the ride. keep your hands iside the ride at all times, or they will trick ya and grab ya. and than well your lost on this ride, feeding the old. not getting the new. many paths , choose with care... for those unaware....
  51. Ra out
  52. ----------
  53. #3
  55. see
  56. see horaks note re: drake . i concur re that drop of intel. and thats all i have to add. for here and public.
  58. only add onto that is , i talked about the poll and diverting from script. oh dear again it pops up. exactly. know the game otherwise dont participate. just be be you and keep you to you. duncans manner expressed type...
  60. same as alfred webre;s note re drake, being a hybid, not saying waht type of, but it was enough intel for me. as observer, and participater here and there. on levels i choose. (see post #83)
  61. rest ive said wont repeat. just do. as i be that i am.
  63. RA 2012
  66. seperating reallity and fiction 1 bite at the time. Transmute BS into light. Shine and Enlighten there You Shine Your Light.
  68. words just that words, when they got no validity. meaningless chatter , waisted energy/attention/time.
  70. AN0NRA1
  73. (will update along the way)
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