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  1. When it comes to missions Hisaki did not participate in the activities. There have been days that he had tried to go on them, but people were quick on their feet and managed to get to them first, many of the Shinobi tended to want to go on these quests, but there weren't enough for everyone. The attack and destruction on his Cafe, however, had been rather unfortunate, from the events of the Seekers of Light coming in and attacking their very own Kazekage. The loss was something that left him unsettled, he lacked a job but was capable of continuing with is Shinobi career which had been nice.
  3.  Goal Progression:
  4. He has been working on his own goal to become the best, practicing the arts of ninjutsu and even picking up on a third element which could prove to be useful for the future. The boy continues to pursue his dream of becoming someone known and feared and an artist in his own right. Having picked up on a total of ten Jutsu entirely, progressing and pushing past the rest of the ninja in the village. His name is whispered around, and it seems that there are people that do not want to mess with him at all considering he is somewhat of a mystery to those that do not know him. One of his goals was to kill Touma Uchiha and play it off nicely with the Uchiha, but it seems as though things didn't end up as expected. He had been taken out by his own family members for whatever reason. His other plan, however, arranged with Seita is to currently kill the Uchiha Elder considering he tried to have her eyes taken out.
  6.  Jutsus Learned:
  7.  Raiton: Jibashi. - Uchiha, Kaido.
  8.  Doton: Iwa Bunshin. - Nara, Shibattori.
  9.  Doton: Shinju Zanshu. - Nara, Shibattori.
  10.  Doton: Retsudo Tensho. - Nara, Shibattori.
  11.  Doton: Iwadeppo no Jutsu - Nara, Shibattori.
  12.  Futon: Reppushou. - Aosuke
  13.  Futon: Kazekiri
  14.  Futon: Daitoppa - Val
  15.  Doton: Mogrugakure - Nara, Shibattori.
  16.  Raiton: Denko Noroshi. - Uchiha, Kaido.
  18. Jutsus Taught (During Genin Arc):
  19. Suimen - Otake, Yujiro, and Kabayaki
  20. Bunshin - Otake, Yujiro, and Kabayaki
  21. Henge - Otake, Yujiro, and Kabayaki
  22. Kawarimi - Otake, Yujiro, and Kabayaki
  24. Progression:
  25. During his own academy years, Hisaki had been a kind person who went around foolishly painting up the Kazekage Mansion. Even causing trouble here and there, something that left people to wonder if he had even been a person that was a threat. The boy had worked in the Idaraki Cafe, finding it alongside Idarugo who is his best friend. However, during his early years becoming a Shinobi he was struck and sliced in his chest with a burning flame which left a large bruise on him. The mark was something that had changed him - all for protecting an Uchiha and playing the role of a 'hero' something that didn't necessarily sit well with him at all. He has grown to see that the world can be dangerous and to not trust those that are around him, taking into consideration how the things around them are and how they are stuck in a war-ridden world. Learning from those around him three different elements, becoming far stronger enough to handle himself and the people that he cares deeply about around him.
  27. Fights:
  28. Uchiha, Touma vs. Seita and Hisaki. - Ended with him gaining the large burn scar on his chest, something that he keeps out of view. The boy wanted revenge but wasn't able to get it since the Uchiha had stripped it away from him with them killing their leader.
  29. Shoumei vs. Hisaki and Kikotei. - Seeing a massive fight startup, he spotted the green-haired boy interrupting. Hisaki shocked him with electricity and had him on the ground spasming something that resulted in his death with Kikotei shooting weaponry straight towards him. The villagers still talk about the act to this day, with his name swung around. he knows that they may be out for blood sooner or later for this fight.
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