Alp Adventures - Chapter 16 (Part 1)

Jul 26th, 2016
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  1. A couple uneventful days pass by since our encounter with lizard chicks. In a way they were somewhat nostalgic, if one could be nostalgic for a time that was only a month or so ago. Traveling with my best friend on adventures for riches and to go boldly where no men had gone before! To cut a swathe of sexy terror through monster infested lands and leave them penniless and thoroughly banged! Hummm that was the original intent, right? I keep forgetting. But, things haven't exactly gone quite as planned. Just a few setbacks. Okay. A lot of setbacks. For how does one bang without the benefit of a, uh....banger. Or at the very least some banging implements. Ahhh to hell with it. All the thinking is making me tired. I drop off a pile of dried kindling twigs at our campsite for the evening which lies on the edge of a meadow of tall grass, but still within the edge of the forest we'd been traveling through. After wiping the sweat that had built up on my forehead I spot my friend looking out over the meadow, or rather up at the evening sky where the first stars of dusk are beginning to make their appearance. Noticing the map and compass in his hand I yell out to him. "Ooooy! You done over there, Magellan? How about lending a hand before it gets pitch black out here?" Ugh, maybe I shouldn't have shouted. Now I just feel even more tired. I decided to just sit down get to work on the fun part of camping: setting stuff on fire.
  2. After a few more moments pass my childhood friend finally comes back and sets his things down near his bedroll. "Just making sure we're still on course for a town that won't immediately kill a, y'know, sex demon. At least not on sight. An idiot on sight, however? We'll just have to hope for the best." He chuckles at his own joke and I just groan in response. "Yeah, it'd be a shame if they ran you through on sight." I lift a hand and flip him the middle finger before turning my attention back to the twigs to begin breaking them to a even size. But the little bastards dare defy me as I start grunting and heaving, trying to snap the obstinate fuckers. After a few seconds of that I finally give up while panting heavily, wiping off another layer of sweat from my forehead. My friend raises an eyebrow at me and wears a look of concern, which I immediately wave away. "Little bitches must be from...I dunno. The mystical ironwood tree or some shit." He kneels down and picks up a couple of the twigs I had gathered and snaps both at once with mocking crack. "Yeeeeah. Ironwood, huh?" Before I can muster a smart ass reply he leans closer to give my face a scrutinizing look. "Wh-what?? You're being roughly 18.62% creepier than normal." The scrutinizing look gives way to one more of concern. "Well, you're sweating like you're in a sauna and it's not that hot right now. You're also breathing kind of heavy and you look a bit pale. You alright?" I cross my arms defiantly and scoff. "Good as ever! Just...a bit tired, is all." He nods and stands back up "Fair enough. Then how about you take a break and I'll get camp set up. That sound alright to you?" Score! I pull over my rolled up bedroll and set it behind my head as a pillow. "Sounds fine to me. I mean, you gotta pull your own weight around her sometime. May as well be now. So hop to it." I clap my hands emphasize the order. Gotta let him know who's boss from time to time or else he'll start getting uppity!
  3. He sighs and waves a dismissive hand at me. "Yeah, yeah. Guess you're well enough to be your usual dumbass self, so I suppose I'll take it as a positive." I smirk to myself in satisfaction as I stretch out a bit and cross my legs. But as the moments pass by and the sounds of my friend working fill the air, I start to doze off into a light sleep. Maybe I was a bit more tired than I thought. Before long the warmth of a fire spreads to me, the rhythmic but chaotic flickering of it's light dancing against my lidded eyes. The sounds of crickets in the area slowly strike up a droning chorus after a while longer. But what draws me from my nap is the scent of cooking food drifting to my nose. After lazily sitting up I stretch my arms above my head, my wings out to my sides, and let out a loud yawn. "You looked like you were having a decent nap. But I figured the smell of food would get your attention." I rub my eyes and let them get accustomed to the firelight while looking around our camp, amazed to see everything already set up aside from my own bedroll I had been using. "Well, damn. Not bad. I guess you're worth keep around after all." He just smirks at my comment but doesn't offer a retort, instead offering me a bowl of rice. I tentatively take the bowl with obvious suspicion a the way he's acting. "...thanks." I take the spoon in the bowl and move the rice around to make sure there wasn't anything obvious put into it while he settle back against a nearby tree and take a bite of his own food, still with that damn smirk. I swear if he did something I'm going to find a stick and beat him- "Oh yeah." He suddenly says, getting my attention away from my thoughts. "While you were asleep there was a praying mantis and a stag beetle having an epic fight on your chest. I think the beetle won. I think it was trying to lay claim to new territory or something in your clothes."
  4. I freeze solid while darting my eyes around me, not wanting to move even a muscle. The traumatic memory from my childhood of catching a particularly ornery beetle biting my nose with a death grip wells up in my mind. Tears start to well up in my eyes just like that time just from the memory of it. Just as I start to twitch and waver a little from tensing up my entire body for too long my friend starts to laugh at me, the prick. "I'm kidding, I'm kidding." My body finally goes slack for just a moment before I shoot pissed off look at him. "I just happened to remember something from ages ago and figured you were due a little payback for that mouth of yours. Although I must say the reaction was much more than I was expecting. Very entertaining to boot." I grumble and sit cross legged, deciding to focus back on my food and taking a few big bites to hide away my embarrassment. Fucker is getting a bit big for his britches. "Ah, don't sulk. Besides, now that you're fully awake there's something we need to talk about." I continue eating the rest of my rice and grumble in irritation. "What? Got some more salt to throw in old wounds?" I drop my spoon into my bowl and set it aside before finally looking him in the face, but the serious expression he has puts me off my guard. "...what?" I ask tentatively but with a bit of curiosity. He sets his own bowl aside and takes a deep breath. "Well, let's start with how you've been. For the past two days we've made very little headway. You've been walking slower, getting tired more easily. The bathroom breaks you've been making every so often aren't very convincing. Not when I can still hear you letting a few moans slip out and you come back with a satisfied grin on your face with dead leaves stuck in your hair." A flush of heat builds in my cheeks and I start to stammer out a reply "Well... y'know... uhhh.. wh-what had happened was... ah... ummm...fine. Yeah, I've been taking a break here and there to..." I look away and mutter. "...masturbate." He simply nods and says in a kinder voice. "Yeah. No shit." I get the odd feeling I'm being lectured by a concerned parent. Albeit with very odd lecture content. "We both know what you are right now. And we both know what you need right now. I've been keeping my peace about the matter to give you time to just come to terms with it. But if things keep going like they are, you're either gonna end up killing yourself or you're just going to piss me off." I look down at the ground and idly play with a blade of grass while mumbling back. "But... but... if I end up... uhhh y'know....asking for that, it'll just piss you off anyways like last time." He groans loudly in reply and points a finger at me while nearly shouting. "Gods, you're dense! I was pissed before because you went full on succubus mode, made me lose control of myself and essentially forced me into it!" With each accusing word being thrown a me I cringe, and shrink down a little, making even my wings cling to my back and my tail wrap around my waist.
  5. Wait a minute. Why the hell am I acting like some scolded brat? The more I think about it, the more I start to get pissed off. I stand up straight and walk towards my annoying friend to which he does the same till we're in front of one another. "So I'm just supposed to go 'Hey! Nice weather we're having! Oh by the way! My tank is running close to E! How about toppin' 'er off for me! Maybe rotate the tires while you're at it! How about changing the oil, too!' That it?!" He lets out a sigh and plucks me in the forehead, having seemingly already calmed down. "Pretty much, yeah. Maybe without all the stupid innuendo, though." I let out a surprised sort of squeak when plucked and rub my forehead while my own frustration and anger quickly fades away. He lets out a soft, disarming chuckle. "It'd just make things confusing when I ask if you prefer synthetic or natural. Or where to even find your oil filter." I continue to hold my hands on my forehead while I look down at the ground in silence for a moment, trying to find the words to say before mumbling them out, barely audible. "...have s-...have s-sex... with me. F-for... y'know...survival." Without looking up I feel a gentle hand on my head, the fingers running into my hair to muss it slightly. "I suppose I can do that. Y'know... for your survival." Just before I can begin to muster the courage to finally look up at my friends face I feel myself pulled up off my feet and into his arms to be carried princess style. Moving my hands to cover my face I wiggle around in his arms. "Wh-what the hell are you doing?! Do you have any idea how embarrassing this is?!" As he walks a few feet he laughs. "Guess you'll just have to get over that." After being laid down gently on his bedroll his arms slip out from under me and he pulls one of my hands away from my face. Catching sight of the blushing I tried to hide just makes him laugh again. "Regardless of the circumstances, you realize that a blushing, shy, and nervous succubus in this situation is just downright comical, right?" I pull my hand back and cover my face once again with my forearms while I feel my tail flit about against the ground next to me, just as he said, nervously. "J-just shut up! Ugh... just... whatever. Do what you want." Without hearing any verbal comeback I start to feel my leather chest piece being tugged at and taken off. I peek out from between my arms to see my undershirt being lifted, the night air against my bare skin making me shiver a little. Noticing me peeking he smirks. "Yeah, they really having gotten all that big yet, have they?" I cover my face again and clench my fists. "So fuckin' sorry." I let out an irritated growl before cursing at him once again. "You're getting a big fucking kick out of this, aren't you?" I feel his fingers tapping against my stomach like he's thinking for a moment. "Hmmmmm yeah, actually I am." I start to wonder if all this abuse is even worth it. "Just get on with it, you dipshit. And keep the commentary to yourse-" My words are cut short and turn into a sudden, high pitched moan as I feel the warm, wet confines of his mouth on my left breast followed by the slight sting of teeth gently biting the nipple. I move an arm to cover my mouth with, but it barely muffles the pleasured whines that make their way out. My tail which had been twitching off to the side suddenly gets suddenly taken into a hand, the spade tip being lightly squeezed and rubbed makes my entire body tremble and causes me to rub my knees against one another. Just as I start to notice that an uncomfortable moistness has begun to build up between my legs, all the influx of sensations stop, leaving my body to twitch every few seconds as I pant heavily to catch my breath. I don't even have to energy to pull back as my arms are pulled away to reveal my face. With hazy, unfocused sight I catch a glimpse of the rather smug grin on my friends face. "You sound like your enjoying yourself. Maybe even a tad better than when you do things yourself, huh?" I can only look away, partly because I can't seem to get any words out at the moment and partly due just not wanting to give him the satisfaction of knowing he's right. Even without a response, however, the smug bastard just smiles broader. As he starts to lean his face closer to mine, his eyes become unfocused for a moment before drifting closed and his body wavers and goes limp against mine. I blink a few times in confusion, but just as I'm about say something, the words won't seem to come out and my vision begins to darken. My body starts to feel exhausted and, despite my best efforts my eyes flutter closed and I'm enveloped in what feels like a comfortable, warm darkness.
  6. A shrill and annoying beeping causes me to open my eyes, but I can still only see darkness. At least until I reluctantly pull the blanket I had been using to cover my entire body away from my head. I reach a hand instinctively over to my nightstand to turn my alarm clock off. A few seconds more pass before I groan lift myself up to sit on the corner of my bed, blinking the sleep away from my eyes as I glance around the room. The morning sunlight filters in through the blinds of the window, illuminating a desk covered in unfinished homework, a floral printed bedspread, and my comfy pink pajamas. As I scratch my head, still half asleep, memories start to build in my mind. "Ah....yeah. I never did finish that assignment. It's...due today? Eh, maybe I can get an extension." I glance down at the alarm clock, it's red digital display reading 6:47. I let out a groan as I will myself to stand up and stretch my arms and wings out to the side. As I finish stretching and my arms fall down to my sides, I fall backwards into bed and start flailing around in defiance. "I don't wanna go to school!" I stop kicking at the bed in a moment of confusion and reach a hand down into my pajama pants and between my legs. Pulling my hand back out after feeling around, I take a confused look at my exceptionally sticky fingers. "Huh......." A few more memories start to enter my head, all conflicting with one another. After grumbling to myself and trying to focus for a moment, one clear emotion starts to well up from deep within. Anger? No, no, that's not it. That's... far to light a word. Rage. Just as I get a couple puzzle pieces together in my head, new ones keep trying to replace them. All except one single thought. I sit back up on the edge of my bed once more, clenching my fists as that thought gets spoken aloud in a growl. "Some... mother... fucker... cockblocked me!"
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