The End of Time

Sep 21st, 2021
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  1. In a quiet office in London, a rift in space-time is opened, and from it emerges a hurried Amelia Watson.
  2. >We're gonna need to lay low for a while, Bubba.
  3. After tending to her other pets, she grabs her loyal companion, sets her watch as far forward as it will go, and in the next moment, the office is quiet once again.
  4. She had heard about this place from Smol Ame.
  5. >The end... of time... itself!
  6. >I even had Biggest Ame decorate it with some of her old watches to make it feel more timey; you're gonna love it!
  7. >And that time dork can't follow you there. Her pride would never let her!
  8. >Just remember to bring Bubba. It gets pretty lonely out there.
  9. So said her smaller self, but upon arrival the detective could tell this was more than just the end of time. This was the convergence point of all timelines and the ensuing breakdown of all universal concepts. Time here was at a near standstill. The whole of Space, reduced to a single expansive desert made up of the dust of tens of thousands of colliding universes. Nature was nowhere to be found, and Chaos replaced by an eternal stillness. A single bus stop could be found at the coordinates Smol Ame gave her, a testament to how surprisingly long civilization struggled against the collapse.
  10. The detective sat down at the bus stop, thankful for a chance to finally get some rest.
  11. >Smol Ame sure has some weird taste.
  12. But she couldn't deny that there was something calming about the emptiness of the desert. As she dozed off, Bubba resting by her side, it became clear that even the end of all timelines was not immune to the detective's meddling. She had unwittingly brought with her a souvenir from her time, a concept long forgotten to this place: Hope. For though she chose a resting place where days no longer progressed as normal, her dreams still showed her a brighter tomorrow.
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