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  1. <h3>Keith Pittman</h3>
  2. Software Engineer<br>
  3. keith-pittman.com | github.com/jeith | linkedin.com/in/jeith | keithapittman@gmail.com
  4. <br>
  5. <h3>Summary</h3>
  6. I am a web developer specializing in creating beautiful, yet functional websites. I enjoy helping clients achieve their goals. A self-motivated professional with programming experience using full-stack technologies. Skilled at prioritizing and managing multiple tasks simultaneously. I’m a passionate developer that’s looking to grow and learn something new.
  7. <br>
  8. <h3>Software Development Projects</h3>
  9. Moviology | moviology.xyz                                                                    
  10. <li>Fun and user-friendly web application that assist people in their movie searches an suggests them drinks to make for the selected movie based off the genre of the movie</li>
  11. <li>Uses user authentication/login and post to a database to allow users to favorite movies and write reviews</li>
  12. <li>Built with HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Node.js, PostgreSQL, EJS, TheMovieDB API, and CocktailDB API</li>
  13. World Stat Book | worldstatbook.com                        
  14. <li>This responsive web application allows users to search any country by name and display charts based off their statistics from the CIA World Factbook </li>
  15. <li>Built with HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Chart.js, Google Maps API, and the CIA World Factbook API</li>
  16. Snow House | snowhouse.us                                                              
  17. <li>This is a website made for a local business in Pasadena, TX</li>
  18. <li>Built with HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, JavaScript, and Google Analytics</li>
  19. <h3>Experience</h3>
  20. H-E-B | Food Demo Rep |  Deer Park, TX              Sep 2015 – Apr 2018
  21. <li>Greeted and engaged with customers that came to the store</li>
  22. <li>Maintained and cleaned our kitchen and carts every day, making sure our food and sanitation levels exceeded OSHA standards</li>
  23. <li>Worked with a team of eight people and mentored new employees entering the department</li>
  24. Education
  25. DigitalCrafts | Full-Stack Immersive Program | Houston, TX     June 2018 – October 2018
  26. <li>Immersive software engineering training course covering full-stack development including, JavaScript, Python, including an emphasis on cutting-edge frameworks like React / Redux and server-side technologies including Node.js, Express, and MySQL. </li>
  27. <h3>Development Skills</h3>
  28. Front End:  HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, React, Redux, jQuery, Bootstrap<br>
  29. Full Stack: Node.js, Express, Python<br>
  30. Database: SQL, Mongo, PostgreSQL, Postico<br>
  31. Other Skills: Visual Studio, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Microsoft Office
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