I don't like the games from Japan

Nighthood Sep 18th, 2019 92 Never
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  1. I don't like the games from Japan
  3. Based on: Tiny Fish for Japan - Stan Rogers
  5. Original:
  6. Instrumental (sort of):
  8. Sometimes I feel I need something to play
  9. Something new that I think I could enjoy today
  10. So I go onto /v/ and ask them what to try
  11. I could play and could feel satisfied
  13. So they give me a list of the things they enjoy
  14. Visual novels, JRPGs with long haired boys
  15. But that artstyle and gameplay I just cannot stand
  16. Cause I don't like the games from Japan
  18. I guess I liked dark souls and Pokemon Blue
  19. But those are quite western and not weeaboo
  20. So I don't think that means that I like Japanese games
  21. As really I just like a few
  23. But then /v/ calls me stupid for my taste in games
  24. They say I'm a dudebro and I should feel shame
  25. But that won't change my taste as I'm still not a fan
  26. Of the games that they make in Japan
  28. When the characters all look the same and say nyaaa~
  29. That's not what I like to see in vidya
  30. I guess the big tits are nice, I understand
  31. But I still don't like games from Japan
  33. So I go back to FPS and RPG
  34. I only like turn based to be strategy
  35. Hating weeb games isn't a real part of my plan,
  36. I just don't like the games from Japan
  37. So I'll not play the games from Japan
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