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Social: Meeting Flechette

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  1. GeneralFreedom: Tutor has called the team to one of the Prodigy Centers meeting rooms, where they have a visitor. The robot waits patiently, arms clasped behind his back. Bom-Pom is already there, chewing gum while tapping away at her phone while they wait for everyone to arrive!
  3. silverswede: strides inside and snatches a seat, sheathed sword rested against his shoulder. His hair is still somewhat wet, having been to the gym just earlier one could assume.
  5. SomethingWitty: Flechette stands... well, not very tall at all. But despite her (lack of) height, she manages to cut an imposing figure, her chin held high and hands folded behind her back. She does nod to everyone as they walk in, but remains silent for the moment.
  7. Keioseth: Arriving in semi-normal looking clothes he gives a nod to Tutor before plopping down next to Bom and kicking his feet up on a table. He moves his head around popping his neck loudly and generally trying to be annoying to Bom.
  9. NewberL337: Mason walked into the room, hands in his pockets. For such a casual walk, he had a sense of quiet confidence to him. He looked about the room, returning Flechette's nod before leaning back against the railing, pushing up his glasses then folding his arm.
  11. SomethingWitty: Cobalt does get something more than a nod. He gets a thin smile of amusement.
  13. Fenel: "Hello everyone." Weaver greets as she descends the stairs, cyclopean eye of her costume locking onto Flechette for a few moments before moving to Tutor, giving the robot a polite nod. She moves to take a seat, but stops awkwardly at the chair, her failure to take into consideration the looming spiderlegs she had hovering around her. She slyly backs away to the railing, clearing her throat.
  15. (9:13:44 PM) Oboeshoes101: Canopy walks in still in costume, having been doing some activity on Monster Island. She's not alone however, coming in behind her are two large raptor like dinosaurs. Both a pale white with black stripes and splotches. They look around at the teens with their intense yellow eyes, but don't seem to be aggressive as of yet. As Canopy sits down, they both lie on the ground beneath her feet.
  17. (9:15:14 PM) GeneralFreedom: If Becky is annoyed, she doesn't let it show. The most reaction Cobalt gets is a loud gum popping in his direction. Tutor gives the entering heroes a quick bob of his head. He does give the raptors a 'look' but quickly adjusts to their presence. "Welcome everyone. I hope you are well today. We have a speaker representing MARS today that would like to speak with the team." He stands aside to let Flechette have the floor.
  19. silverswede: eyes the raptors, before his gaze turns sideways. He recalls having heard of them beforehand, though seeing them in real life is quite different.
  21. AceofFours: *doesn't walk into the room, but just sort of appears unnoticed behind Cobalt Crush before hopping casually into the seat next to him.  "Hey."
  23. NewberL337: was eyeing the raptors with some caution but his attention was brought to the girl.
  25. Fenel: Weaver's hands came to fold behind her back at the mention of... something, paying attention once more to the newcomer, her costume hiding whatever expression she may have.
  27. silverswede: greets Moonbeam with as many letters as she greeted the others. "Hey."
  29. SomethingWitty: Flechette steps forward, turning her head to look once at the assembled young heroes and heroines surrounding her. "Good evening, everyone. It's a pleasure to meet you all today - as Tutor has said, I'm here to represent MARS and, by association, the Millennium City Police Department."
  30. "Mister Neven approached me himself about the matter. I initially thought to decline the offer, but when he explained to me why I couldn't help but reconsider. We both believe it is in both the city's and your own best interest to understand proper procedure and to learn to utilize tactics aside from 'hitting the bad guy until they stop moving'."
  32. NewberL337: smirked a little at that.
  34. SomethingWitty: "In the interest of full disclosure - I too was once a superhero in my teenage years, operating under the name 'Quarrel'. I worked with a team called New Vigil - you might have heard of it, and what you heard probably was not anything good."
  36. GeneralFreedom: Becky glances up from her phone for a moment. Then sighs and puts it away as Tutor glances her direction.
  38. silverswede: feels a bit guilty considering yesterday. Though he makes an effort not to let it show.
  40. Keioseth: "Aw, but that's so fun."
  42. GeneralFreedom: "I think we have a few members that are well acquainted with New Vigil," Tutor comments.
  44. Keioseth: "Mass destruction the team."
  46. Oboeshoes101: Canopy lowers her arm and gently runs her hand over the long snout of one of the raptors. "You cost the city close to a million dollars in damages."
  48. Fenel: "I have not heard of such a group, but I understand your implication and the reasons behind this visit."
  50. silverswede: "Must've been before I moved here..."
  52. SomethingWitty: "Exactly. It was a mess - a bunch of teenagers with too much power and not nearly enough discipline, with no proper asserting force to keep everything under control."
  53. "We don't want another New Vigil on our hands."
  55. AceofFours: "I've read up on them.  They did okay before it all went horribly wrong."
  57. Keioseth: "Understatement, made some good friends there though." He looks to Flechette.
  59. NewberL337: "But, it still went horribly wrong. Can't have that mistake happen a second time."
  61. GeneralFreedom: "Definitely not. I don't need that kind of thing hanging over my head considering my powers," Becky tsks.
  63. SomethingWitty: "And, I'm also here to serve another purpose besides playing den mother. While I'm present, I serve as a direct line to the MCPD - while your resources no doubt outstrip ours in the technological department, we have access to records and information that you would not normally have access to. I'll still have to navigate the red tape, but it's better than having nothing, right?"
  65. silverswede: "Guess so."
  67. NewberL337: nods. "Right."
  69. Fenel: "Yes! Yes it would. Then we call you after a successful round of work. What name will we be contacting you with?"
  71. Keioseth: "Yes always best to obtain things legally."
  73. GeneralFreedom: "Having a good reputation with law enforcement is crucial to building the heroes of tomorrow," Tutor says. "A hero that doesn't work well with the authorities is oftentimes a liability."
  75. SomethingWitty: "Exactly. Even if you don't shoot for official registration, then it's best to understate how we operate so you don't cause more issues down the line."
  77. NewberL337: "What is MARs? I don't think I'm familair with it."
  79. SomethingWitty: Flechette gestures towards Weaver. "If you need to contact me, you can just ask for Victoria Callaghan."
  81. Oboeshoes101: "Understood."
  83. SomethingWitty: "MARS is a response unit dedicated to tackling superpowered threats. We can typically rely on you capes to solve a problem, but the boys in blue are no slackers themselves."
  85. Fenel: "Noted, ma'am. Look forward to working with you." She says with a bow of her head, in the absence of being able to smile.
  87. NewberL337: "Ah...so, what's the difference between MARs and, say, UNTIL?"
  89. Keioseth: "MARs is local PD."
  91. SomethingWitty: "UNTIL is a part of the United Nations - we're--"
  92. "Yes, that."
  93. "Consider us a more specialized SWAT team."
  95. Keioseth: "You're some of MCPDs finest."
  97. NewberL337: looked from Cobalt to her again, nodding in understanding. "I got it. Still somewhat new to the city, so. Thanks."
  99. GeneralFreedom: "MARS is local. PRIMUS national. UNTIL international," Tutor further clarifies. "It would pay to be aware of these organizations and their jurisdiction."
  101. SomethingWitty: "Does anyone have any further questions, before I go on?"
  103. NewberL337: looked to Tutor "Noted."
  105. Fenel: Shaking her head, Weaver listened on.
  107. Keioseth: "I'm sure Tutor can make you a study guide, glasses." He says to Shield.
  109. AceofFours: *raises her hand* A have a question, Miss Callaghan.
  111. silverswede: "Not really." He shrugged after giving it a second's thought.
  113. SomethingWitty: "Go ahead. You've got the floor... Moonbeam, right?" It's pretty clear Flechette is perfectly aware of who Moonbeam is, despite the question.
  115. NewberL337: "It's Mason. And I'm sure I can study up on it on my own."
  117. GeneralFreedom: "Feel free to make use of the Prodigy Center's facilities for any independent research," Tutor says.
  119. Keioseth: "Gonna hurt his feelings Glasses."
  121. AceofFours: "Yes, Ma'am.  If this team is going to be working alongside you and the MCPD, does this mean we'll have to do our heroing by legal means only?"
  123. GeneralFreedom: "He does love making study guides," Bom-Pom mutters.
  125. Fenel: "One would hope so."
  127. SomethingWitty: "Hmm. Well."
  129. NewberL337: rolled his eyes at Cobalt and regarded Moon and her question.
  131. SomethingWitty: "Legal in the same sense as the law tolerates superheroic vigilantism in general. I'm expected less to keep an eye on your exact methods, and more to instruct when I see appropriate."
  132. "But yes, I would certainly prefer you perform your duty in a... mostly legal manner."
  134. Keioseth: grins at Shield then back to Flechette, "Or at least you don't find out about when we don't."
  136. Oboeshoes101: "Oh because that's not going to make them more suspicious."
  138. AceofFours: *Grins, though it's basically impossible to tell with her mask on*  "That's all I needed to hear, Ma'am.  Thank you."
  140. GeneralFreedom: Tutor makes a noise like clearing his throat. "I think we would all prefer if you stick as close to the law as possible in the pursuit of your duty."
  142. Keioseth: "Of course mom."
  144. GeneralFreedom: Becky just snickers.
  146. SomethingWitty: "Anyone else? Feel free to ask anything at all."
  147. "There's no such thing as a dumb question."
  149. silverswede: "I don't see how it's even an issue... unless we were gonna kill someone, but I don't agree with that anyway."
  151. Keioseth: "Oh yeah, just leave that to you. The Millennium Rager."
  153. SomethingWitty: Flechette smiles at Tyrfing. "And that's why I'm here - to instruct you exactly on /why/ it's an issue."
  155. NewberL337: sighs. "Got a wise ass comment for everything, don't you?"
  157. Keioseth: "No."
  159. GeneralFreedom: "It's why I brought him on," Becky smirks.
  161. Oboeshoes101: "I have no questions, I'm really just a part-timer on this team anyway. Your concerns are warranted and heeded, but I won't be around as much for myself to be a concern to your department."
  163. Keioseth: "I thought it was because I broke into the building, hacked your computers, then showed back up the next day to tell you about it?"
  165. SomethingWitty: "I'll save the specifics for later, but just remember that any illegally acquired evidence won't stand in a court of law, and leave it at that."
  167. GeneralFreedom: "Tomato, tomatoe," Becky tsks.
  169. silverswede: "Who says tomatoe, anyway?"
  171. Keioseth: "Bostonians?"
  173. silverswede: shrugs
  175. Fenel: Weaver looked around at the other members of the team, a hand coming to rub the back of her head. She said nothing.
  177. Keioseth: "I'm pretty familiar with MCPD procedure so I will do my best to not make your job harder."
  179. NewberL337: "They don't. Well, most don't."
  181. Keioseth: "You sure? It is a funny accent."
  183. silverswede: "I'll try, too." Puts emphasis on "try".
  185. SomethingWitty: "Moving on. One of the issues that broke New Vigil apart was the inability to work properly as a team - and to prevent a similar thing from happening, I plan on running training simulations in the future. I'll notify the team a few days ahead of time, so you can empty your schedule or inform me of your inability to attend."
  187. NewberL337: "They say cah-keys. And quahtahs."
  190. AceofFours: "And they eat chowdah down by the harbah"
  192. SomethingWitty: Flechette narrows her eyes at Tyrfing. "You most certainly /will/ try, if you want anything you do to matter. Do you know how many villains get off scott free due to a legal technicality that wouldn't have come about if the heroes had done things a bit more by the book?"
  193. "I would be a rich woman if I had a penny for every time."
  195. silverswede: "I said I'll try. Didn't mean anything by it. Sorry if it sounded like it." He responds in his usually dispassionate yet genuine tone.
  197. SomethingWitty: "This lackadaisical attitude, this 'smart-alecky' approach to life - that's part of what broke New Vigil apart. It's part of what's making this city a more dangerous place. Don't worry - we'll drill it out of you in time."
  199. Keioseth: "We're just a little wild and rambunctious, I'm sure you know that feeling, Vicky was it?"
  201. SomethingWitty: "Victoria. Officer Victoria, to you."
  203. GeneralFreedom: "More things to add to my schedule," Bom-Pom huffs and goes back to her phone.
  205. Keioseth: "I'm pretty sure what broke New Vigil was the starchild."
  207. NewberL337: eyes the raptors again for a second. "Starchild?"
  209. Fenel: "It's never one thing, which breaks a team. Most likely, this "Starchild" was merely part of a larger problem within the team."
  211. Keioseth: Grins at Flechette, "Feisty."
  213. SomethingWitty: "You're going to hate this part, Bom-Pom. On top of the scheduled training sessions, I would also like to schedule meetings with the previous leader of New Vigil - even though the team failed, there are lessons to be learned nonetheless."
  214. "What went right, what went wrong."
  216. Oboeshoes101: The raptors seems pretty peaceful, napping beneath her feet. They do occasionally lift their heads to look around.
  218. GeneralFreedom: "Ugh," Becky snorts, but Tutor nods. "That sounds like it could be inciteful."
  220. SomethingWitty: "And, Weaver is correct. As easy as it would be to place the blame entirely on Galactigal's shoulders, the responsibility lies on everyone's shoulders."
  221. "Mine included."
  223. GeneralFreedom: "You would do well to listen closely when the time comes, Ms. Neven." Becky glares at Tutor and sits back in her seat.
  225. Fenel: "That sounds agreeable and useful, so long as we approach it in a positive mind set and willing to listen."
  227. Keioseth: "It would be nice to catch up with Mercy."
  229. NewberL337: "I know none of these people..." seemed rather nonplussed by this. "At any rate, I agree with Weaver."
  231. SomethingWitty: "That's.... really all I have to say, though. Look forward to seeing more of me in the future."
  232. "We're going to become well acquainted, whether you like it or not."
  234. silverswede: "Ok."
  236. AceofFours: "I'm fine with that.  As long as you don't bring that robot they had.  Never cared for that one."
  238. Oboeshoes101: "I'm sure we'll get along fine."
  240. GeneralFreedom: Thank you for your time, ma'am," Tutor says with a quick bow of his head. "Looking forward to it," Becky says, just a little bit pouty at the thought of moving her packed schedule around more.
  242. Keioseth: "If it means more time with you Officer, I'm fully behind this."
  244. NewberL337: gives a thumbs up to Flechette
  246. Fenel: "Ah, uh. I have a question, regarding supercriminal law, but I would like to keep it somewhat private and possibly at a later date - if that is okay?" She asks to both Flechette and then to Tutor.
  248. SomethingWitty: "I don't keep up contact with anyone other than Charity, so you don't have to worry about that Moonbeam."
  249. "And of course, Weaver. That's part of what I'm here for."
  250. "As long as I'm not busy at work, consider my office door open."
  252. GeneralFreedom: Tutor gives her a nod. "Of course. I'm usually available for the team."
  254. Fenel: "Okay. Thank you both."
  256. GeneralFreedom: Becky glances up from her phone at Weaver. She's curious but doesn't want to seem too nosy. She'll ask Tutor later.
  258. SomethingWitty: "Oh, that's another thing."
  259. "If anyone has any questions to ask - on a personal level, I'm obligated to full confidentiality. Unless you're admitting to murder, I'm required - if I want to keep my job, anyways - to keep the conversation between you and myself."
  261. NewberL337: eyes floated to Weaver, his own curiosity piqued about what she meant. "Good to know." he said in response to there liason
  263. GeneralFreedom: "Just for the record: I will be super upset if you guys murder anyone," Becky says.
  265. SomethingWitty: "You'll also be behind bars."
  267. GeneralFreedom: "That too."
  269. silverswede: "mm."
  271. Fenel: "I do not think any of us would act with that intent - not purposefully, at least."
  273. SomethingWitty: "Any other questions, comments or concerns? The floor's open to anyone."
  275. NewberL337: looks around at the others.
  277. Keioseth: "I'm good."
  279. silverswede: "Got nothing."
  281. GeneralFreedom: "If anyone needs any help setting up a meeting, I would be happy to facilitate," Tutor mentions. "I will also make sure you all stay updated on when training sessions and other such meetings will occur."
  283. Fenel: "Will there be any situations where we should not get involved? It's an odd question, but that different states handle teen teams differently. Some are more strict than others - for example, in Mass registered teenage heroes were not allowed to participate in fights of a 'state' scale."
  285. NewberL337: "Nanny state for a reason."
  287. Fenel: "If Grond showed up in Boston, for example, they'd be told to work on evacuation and such. No direct conflict."
  289. SomethingWitty: "Considering you guys aren't working as an officially registered superteam, I can't personally hold you to any legal standards related to that. However."
  290. "I would like for you to practice discretion in what threats you choose to approach. You're not the only heroes in the city - if Lord Deathgod from Planet Neptune arrives proclaiming he's going to harvest the souls of all humans on Earth, leave it to the adults, okay?"
  292. Keioseth: "As one of the few people on this team with noe metahuman powers, I'll happily let the big guns handle the Death Gods."
  294. Fenel: "I understand. Thank you for your answer."
  296. SomethingWitty: "And hey, there's nothing wrong with working evacuations."
  297. "There's an important balance to heroing that a lot of people seem to forget."
  298. "Your job is not solely to fight the bad guys. At the end of the day, your main focus should be on the protection of people who cannot protect themselves."
  300. GeneralFreedom: "I'd love to punch a worldwide threat," Becky mutters. "The goal is for everyone to grow into being a full fledged hero," Tutor states. "It takes more than violence for that."
  302. Fenel: "I'm aware - I actually have an inclination towards such. My powers are good at running interference and certain situations, but I find they are better for rescue efforts."
  304. silverswede: remains silent on this topic, choosing not to comment on it.
  305. NewberL337: "I can handle evac."
  306. "I'd prefer fighting, but, yeah. I hear what you're saying."
  308. AceofFours: *raises her hand again*  One more question, Officer Callaghan.  If I were to hypothetically break up a drug deal in Westside, and hypothetically knock out the hypothetical suspect... Would I be hypothetically breaking the law if I hypothetically took his wallet to hypothetically supplement my hypothetical income?"
  310. SomethingWitty: "Yes."
  311. "That's a mugging."
  313. Keioseth: Grins at Moon, "You, I like you."
  315. GeneralFreedom: Tutor's head slowly turns towards Moonbeam. It's hard to tell since he doesn't have a face, but he doesn't seem amused.
  317. Fenel: "It is likely best to not consider such actions."
  318. "There are lawyers who specialize in that, you know."
  320. GeneralFreedom: "If you're having issues, the Prodigy Center can provide services to help you."
  322. SomethingWitty: "In such a situation, the proper procedure - on your end - would be to neutralize the drug dealers and then contact the police."
  324. AceofFours: "Hey, I'm just talking hypothetically here.  I've never done that before.
  326. GeneralFreedom: Becky wrinkles her nose at the thought. It's likely hard for her to imagine needing to do such a thing!
  328. silverswede: "Yeah, let's not do that."
  330. SomethingWitty: "Anything else?"
  332. Oboeshoes101: "Nope, I'm done here anyway. I'm sure we'll be in contact."
  334. silverswede: "Got nothing."
  336. Keioseth: "We free then?"
  338. AceofFours: "I'm good."
  340. Oboeshoes101: Canopy gets off her perch and heads off. She lets out a loud whistle and her raptors immediately get up and follow her out.
  342. SomethingWitty: "Yeah, you're free. Class dismissed."
  344. NewberL337: watches her leave, scratching his chin before looking back to the others.
  346. silverswede: "I'll head back to the gym, in that case."
  348. Keioseth: Gets up and walks over to Flechette, "Parents raised me proper." He extends a hand to her.
  350. GeneralFreedom: "Thank you again for your time," Tutor nods. "I'm sure we will all benefit greatly from this association."
  352. SomethingWitty: Flechette takes Cobalt's hand and gives it a single, firm shake. "Don't cause any problems for me, Cobalt. Understood?"
  353. "Not when I'm on the job."
  355. NewberL337: walked over to Moonbeam. "Hey. I don't think we've met before. I'm pretty new, so. Uhm, Mason. Name is Mason."
  357. Keioseth: Leans it a but and says something under his breath before giving her a nod, "Scout's honor."
  359. SomethingWitty: Flechette narrows her eyes behind her mask, but gives Cobalt a nod. She's not entirely convinced. "I look forward to working with you. Again."
  361. AceofFours: "A lot of new faces here.  I didn't expect the group to be so popular." She crosses her arms and upnods to Mason  ''Moonbeam.  Welcome to the team"
  363. Keioseth: Grins, "Alright."
  365. AceofFours: "...I didn't mean for that to rhyme"
  367. GeneralFreedom: "We're going to be the best team in the city," Bom-Pom tsks. "Of course we're going to be popular."
  368. "Oh, hey. I do have a question," Becky says as she looks up from her phone. "Do you know a guy named Marcus Stone? I met him while I was helping another hero fight a nutso robot head."
  369. "He's a MARS guy too."
  371. SomethingWitty: "Officer Stone? He's a good guy - he's been on the force since I was a teenager, he's seen a lot of stuff in his time."
  372. "There's a few people in the MCPD that think you heroes cause more problems for us than anything else - Stone isn't one of them."
  374. NewberL337: grins. "Well, good job? Shieldbearer is the call sign. Have you been on the team long?"
  376. SomethingWitty: "You could a lot worse than making friends with him."
  378. GeneralFreedom: Becky smiles. "I kind of feel bad about brushing him off then. He offered to help out if I needed anything..."
  380. Keioseth: "I'm on some what good terms with Detectives Becker and Turchino."
  382. SomethingWitty: "Hey, take him up on it. Things work out way easier for everyone when us guys and you guys work together."
  384. Keioseth: "Though I'm sure they tell lies about me making their jobs harder but they are a coupla jokers."
  386. AceofFours: "Not that long.  Only been one unofficial mission with the team so far.   Where are you form, Sheildbearer?"
  388. GeneralFreedom: "Yeah, that's for sure," Becky sighs. "Tutor? Maybe put that on my schedule too." The robot nods. "Of course, Ms. Neven."
  390.  SomethingWitty: "Alright. I need to head out. I forgot to tell my significant other I'm making this little sidetrip, so she's probably worried sick..."
  391. "Take care everyone. And remember - if you need anything at all, I'm only a call away."
  393. Fenel: "Good evening, Officer! Nice meeting you."
  395. GeneralFreedom: "Goodbye," Tutor says with a polite bow. "We'll keep in touch."
  397. Keioseth: "Have a good one."
  399. NewberL337: "Good luck out there." he said to her before going back to his conversation. "New York, actually. I moved here about a month ago and signed up less than a week ago. So. I have a lot to learn it seems.
  401. Fenel: "Anyway. I need to go take this helmet off for a bit, so I'll be heading back to my room. Have a good night, everyone."
  403. NewberL337: "Cya."
  405. GeneralFreedom: "If I'm not needed I will leave as well. I will be available," Tutor says and starts to head out. Becky catches up with him. "Wait, I'm going to need you. Scheduling, remember?" She waves to Weaver the others. "Cya. Stay out of trouble!"
  407. AceofFours: "Good night, other Newbie."
  409. Keioseth: "I make no promises." He gives a wave to Bom.
  411. GeneralFreedom: "Of course," Tutor nods and heads out with Becky following. She smirks at Crush before heading out.
  413. NewberL337: "Are you from Millennium?" he asked her.
  415. AceofFours: "No, I moved here with my family about two years ago. But I think Cobalt here is a native."
  417. NewberL337: "I got that impression."
  419. Keioseth: "And wrong you would be on that." He takes a seat and kicks his feet back up on the table.
  421. AceofFours: "I know. But I needed to get you into the conversation somehow."
  423. Keioseth: "Brooklyn."
  425. NewberL337: "Really? You have to have been in Millennium for some time now though, right?"
  427. Keioseth: "Moved to the big Emcee, about... 3-4 years ago?"
  429. NewberL337: "Yeah, that's a good amount of time to gain roots."
  431. Keioseth: "Yeah but New York will always be where my heart is."
  433. AceofFours: "So how does Millennium compare to New York?  Just curious."
  435. Keioseth: "A lot more people in bright spandex, Millennium's gangs are certainly unique."
  437. NewberL337: "New York has a way of doing that." he said to Cobalt, then looking to Moon. "They're very similar, but very different. Similar in there size, though New York is larger, Emcee has more impressive+
  439. NewberL337: architecture and generally more advanced but, like he said, Emcee attracts all kinds of supers. New York has plenty, sure, but not like here."
  441. Keioseth: "I mean back home it's like actual gangs, at worst the various mobs. Here you have biker gangs who deal in alien weapons, zoot suit wearing goons with advanced tech..."
  443. NewberL337: "Yeah. New York is generally more... grittier, I think."
  445. Keioseth: "Also crazy ass girls who steal state of the art tech from questionable organizations and then get cyborg death squads to chase you down."
  447. NewberL337: "Wait.. what?"
  449. Keioseth: "Crazy chick, steals tech, robot-human hybrid death squad comes after the both of us."
  451. NewberL337: "Yeah I heard you the first time. Is this someone you know?"
  453. AceofFours: "Oh that old story.  If I had a nickel for every time that happened to me, I wouldn't need to hypothetically rip off hypothetical drug peddlers"
  455. Keioseth: "She goes by Oddity. I had one run in with her, tried to stop her from stealing a bunch of ARGENT tech, she completely owned my ass with that tech."
  457. Keioseth: "Next time I run into her, she's taken over an apartment building in west side and as I fight my way through her goons, BOOM ARGENT cyborgs show up and try to kill both of us."
  459. NewberL337: "Damn. I really am going to get tested in this town. What is it you guys do, by the way? Adept left me with the current roster but I've only looked over a few at the moment."
  461. Keioseth: "I make wise ass comments." He eyes Shield.
  463. NewberL337: "Clearly."
  465. Keioseth: "I hit things with sticks."
  467. AceofFours: " I'm the more the stealthy mystery girl who also has laser beams.   That's the beam part of "Moonbeam"
  469. NewberL337: Smirked between the two. "Succinct, and literal. Well, I guess I'll have a better understanding when we're in a sim together."
  471. Keioseth: Gets up and pulls a pair of nun-chucks from his cargo pouches. He gives them a quick twirl before they slam together forming two eskrima sticks. He twirls those a bit, "Simple." He slams the two sticks together which them form into a staff which he then leans on.
  473. NewberL337: nods with a 'not bad' face. "Nice."
  475. Keioseth: "I've got some gadgets but I didn't bring them to the meet n' greet."
  477. AceofFours: "I'd be worried about someone who brings cryo grenades to a meet up.'
  479. NewberL337: "Yeah. My gear is packed up right now. I normally keep my identity close at hand, but, being a part of a team...' shrugs "I think it's a good idea to know each other behind the masks."
  481. NewberL337: looks to Moon. "No offense. You do you. Just my personal opinion."
  483. AceofFours: "None taken.  I prefer to keep cape business out of my personal life.  It's better for everyone that way."
  485. Keioseth: "Same."
  487. NewberL337: "That's fair. I agree for the most part. No other heroes out there will know who I am."
  488. "I hope."
  490. AceofFours: "Speaking of which, people are expecting me to be home from "Gymnastics class" soon.  I should be going."
  492. NewberL337: "Cya, Moon."
  494. Keioseth: "Have a good one Moony." He grins at her.
  496. AceofFours: "See you guys next time."  She suddenly raises her hands up and they emit a blinding flash of light!  When it's all over, she's gone!
  498. NewberL337: winced and looked away for a moment. "Ow.."
  500. Keioseth: Gives a chuckle, "Alright, looks like the shindig is over."
  502. NewberL337: "Looks like." he looks towards the door then Cobalt. "Gonna head home, I guess. Cya when I cya."
  504. Keioseth: "Later, Mason." He heads out.
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