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Feb 24th, 2020
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  1. it took me too fuckin long to figure out this exact date. tried to use the ticker at the bottom of the screen for clues, but all the MLB games were Spring Training games and the records on Spring Training are surprisingly sparse given baseball fans' penchant for holding on to every possible statistic. I was able to narrow it down at least to March 30th or 31st of 2006, though, as the ticker teases the 2006 NIT final between Michigan and South Carolina near the end of the video. They would only have known that to be the matchup after the events of the night of March 29th, 2006, when Michigan defeated Old Dominion and South Carolina defeated Louisville to advance to the finals. I cross-referenced that with Wikipedia's page on Reggie Miller which confirmed that March 30th was the night he had his jersey number retired in the rafters at the Pacers' arena, so it's likely from that night, though I suppose they could have put the highlight package together the next day.
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