[ Beta English Softsubs ] Gin no Saji -Silver Spoon-

Apr 12th, 2015
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  1. Ossu! Just finished first pass translating Gin no Saji / Silver Spoon Live Action. You can download the beta version softsubs here -
  3. If you find this beta version English subtitles useful, kindly consider donating - | |
  5. Since I just did this on a whim, I'm pretty sure there are mistakes here and there. They are not edited, translation checked, nor QC'd. As indicated in the subs themselves, if you found errors, please email us ( the timestamp of the line, the mistakes you found on that line, and how to correct the mistake in that line. Also include an alias how you want to be credited. It's more or less partly a crowdsourcing experiment. Hopefully, I get to finish the webapp soon so that there will be versioning of the subs (which I'm thinking if I should make it a mashup with Google Drive if feasible).
  7. You can get the raws at AsiaTorrents, Plotboxes @ LJ or Nyaa. Or you can just PM for links
  8. tongue emoticon
  10. Our new site by the way is -
  12. Yoroshiku ne X3b
  14. PS: By the way, here's an honest review - - It's not a bad film, but the manga and anime are really much better
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