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  1. Update v1.2.7g incl DLC:
  3. Adds the Pathfinder: Kingmaker - Arcane Unleashed DLC to the game.
  4. This DLC adds the following new spells to the game:
  5. Create Pit
  6. Spiked Pit
  7. Acid Pit
  8. Hungry Pit
  9. Rift of Ruin
  10. Battering Blast
  12. An arcane scroll merchant will appear in your capital. The quantity and caster level of available scrolls depends on how high your "Arcane" kingdom stat is.
  14. Furthermore, if you like turning into giant dragons as much as we do, you'll definitely enjoy the fresh, improved models for chromatic and metallic types of these formidable creatures.
  16. Finally, on a more serious note, the last part of this DLC is a new pet. One of our players and our friend, known to the community as Stratagemini, lost his beloved cat Tiger just weeks before the launch of our game. Stratagemini has been with us since the earliest days of development, supporting us every step of the way, providing extensive and enlightening feedback in the alpha, and helping to shape this community into what it is today. As a token of our eternal gratitude, we've recreated Tiger in the game so that he may roam with his human friend once more - if only in the Stolen Lands.
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