Sea monster story

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  1. You had been on the water for two or three days now, the smell of salt still burning your nose up slightly as you looked up at the stars. You were out here because you had been approached by this nature surveying service and that wanted you to count how many species and how many of said species populated the waters that you had fished in, which you accepted due to the large amount of money they had offered you. After you had obtained the technology they had wanted you to count the fish with and enough crates of booze to last you for several days you went onto your boat and into the water, being so far out from the shore that the feeling of sand between your feet was surely going to be forgrin to you by the time you got back.
  3. Despite all of the money that they had been giving you, the job was amazingly dull. For the past three days you had been constantly counting the same five types of fish which after the first couple hours was fine by after two or so days the job had turned into pure tedium. The only good thing about the job was that the long night you had to watch the ocean was usually shortened by a few cold drinks and that you could actually see the stars now that you away from home, which was filled with so much light pollution that you usually couldn't see the stars from anywhere in the city. The lights that adorned the boats hull glowed around you as you took another swig of your drink, placing it on the ground before you picked up the fish counting software.
  5. You looked over the boat and into the blue ocean, seeing as the light moved through the dark blue liquid, with you seeing as several small fish moved across it, taking a tally of each one before the smaller fish were shadowed by something bigger. It was a shark, a big one at that, slowly circling the light that shone upon its face. Suddenly the shark swam under the water, disappearing from view before jumping out of the water to try and attack you, the view of tens of sharp, white teeth came rushing out at you made you jump back, which made the shark bite at the air as you looked into its beady black eyes. However, before you could get a proper good look at it, the light was suddenly covered by something before you and the shark was left in total darkness.
  7. This lasted for a couple seconds before you heard a loud crunch from underneath the water, followed by the water darkening before the shark was pulled underneath the water, revealing the darkening of the water was due to the shark's own blood. This freaked the hell out of you due to the fact that something that could not only bite down on the shark but could pull it out of view was powerful enough to at least destabilise the boat and you knew if you fell out the boat then the creature would eat you as well. You quickly ran inside of the piloting area of the boat and turned the boat engines on, the sound of the engines that adorned the boat humming of life as you quickly began to accelerate.
  9. You looked behind you as you moved forward, seeing as the water rippled behind you, seeing no fins nor tail behind you, which seemed odd seeing as something that big should be able to be seen by a creature that big, which meant it wasn't stalking you or, if it was, it was being stealthy about it. You were accelerating about 2 or so minutes before you passed by another shark, with it passing behind you before you noticed that the fish had stopped moving,before seeing as something rose from the ocean, the freshly dead shark coming up with it before it dived into the water a couple seconds later. This only made you more scared of what it was, with you slamming your foot into the accelerator in order to get away from the creature.
  11. You couldn't see where it was, which lead to you pretty much turning in any direction possible to get it off your track. Eventually you were about 5 or so miles from where you had started and you were still running from the creature, with you looking behind you to see that the creature was out of sight still. You soon found out the reason for the creature until you felt the boat begin to slow with you looking behind you as you saw that something had grabbed hold of your boat, a tentacle-like protrusion wrapping around the engine area of the boat, pretty much stopping it in its tracks.
  13. The tentacle was a deep black, and seemed to be formed out of two parts, which made you realise that it was more of a leg then a tentacle. The upper part of the tentacle seemed to be the thigh part of the limb, with it seeming quite thick and strong, judging as it was holding your boat. The lower part was thinner and seemed to move over to a foot of some kind, which you couldn't see due to it being pushed deep into the water, indicating that The creature was larger than you had originally thought. You then heard the sounds of the waves move across something, turning around to see the owner of the limb that had stopped your boat come out of the water.
  15. The creature you saw seemed to be a woman of some kind, judging by the fact her chest seemed to be rather large in nature, with seaweed and other life from the bottom of the ocean fell back into the sea. You looked up into the creatures head, only to see that it had five unique heads with each one showing some similarities such as the fact they all had sharp white teeth and that their eyes seemed fogged and pale. The main head seemed to be the middle one as it was slightly larger than the rest of them and this head seemed to be what you could best describe as what a half shark half human hybrid head may look like with three long feelers coming out of its head.The leftmost head seemed to be based off an orca as it had markings around it's eyes and mouth and it's features were more rounded than the other heads, the second head being dolphin-like due to the slightly wider mouth and the blowhole that was on top of it, the forth head being angler fish like with the larger jaw and slight light that shone from its head and the fifth and last head was much like a barracuda. Her skin had several blue veins running across them, which glowed slightly against her grey skin.
  17. You gazed upon the heads as they gained upon you, with you having nowhere to run and nearly nowhere to hide before you suddenly saw that an arm came slamming down next to you. The arm was covered in coral and barnacles and it's fingers were adorned with sharp and slightly yellow claws. The other arm soon slammed next to you as he womens lower half slithered into the ocean, revealing that there was an indeed a foot  at the other end of the limb,which was dragged heal first against the now deactivated engine, the limb making a loud splash in the water as she moved her body onto the ship, moving closer to you, the five half-human half-fish heads breathing across your face, looking directly into your eyes.
  19. Then, much to your shock, instead of biting your head off, the creature began to lick against your lips, pushing against them as she covered them in slightly salty spit. Eventually she forced her tongue into your mouth, playing with your tongue as she flicked and wrapped around it with the other heads next to her seeming to get jealous of this fact, with the second and forth heads  beginning to lick at your face as the other two growled and mumbled to themselves. You could feel as the spittle dripped off your cheeks and down onto your shoulders, eventually making a puddle on the floor before they allowed you to pull off, your mouth dry due to the salty spit.
  21. You looked up at her, slightly confused about why the five headed woman was as interested in you as much as she was. She moved closer to you, her single leg slithering onto the ship as she did so, with you glancing down at it before you felt one of her clawed hands push into your back and drag you into the ground. She looked over you as the five heads stared at various parts of your body, the middle one particularly focused on your genitals, seemingly affixed by it for some reason. You then watched as her hand slowly creeped over to you, scraping across the metal deck of the ship before placing itself into your crotch, the fingernails digging into your trousers, the threads tangling in between her claws.
  23. You watched as she clenched her fist, the clothes slowly ripping as she did so, with you wondering why she was being this gentle with you before she pulled her hand away from you, taking a large amount of blue fabric with her, the creature growling as she removed it from her claws. This left your now quite hard cock exposed to the cold wind, which made you shiver slightly, which the creature soon noticed as each set of eyes slowly focused back onto you. She suddenly moved in front of you, her main head right next to your cock, her sharp teeth dripping with drool, which meant that it soon trickled down onto your cock and onto your waist, her doors feeling hot against your now cold body,which made you shiver as her long tongue fell out of her mouth.
  25. Her tongue was about an inch or so away from your cock before she began to lick at your cock, the smooth end of her tongue slowly moving up your cock, making sure every part of it was covered in drool. Like before the other heads wanted to get involved, the two heads closest to the middle one moving in to lick at your tip and base, their tongues wrapping around both of them and teasingly flicking against your cock with their tongue tips. The other toe heads at either end of the creatures torso seemed jealous of this and began to push against the other heads as they tried to get a couple licks in, the heads growling at each other as they licked at your cock, the maim head growing tired of this as she finished licking, moving her head up and moving her arms to somewhere above you, her single leg pushing of the ground in order to move her right above you.
  27. You looked right above you, the creatures fogged up eyes Looking down at you as you noticed another dripping sensation upon your cock. You looked down to see that her waist was right above you’re, hovering over it by 10 or so centimetres. Her pussy looked like a normal human except it seemed like it was slightly puffed up, fluids dripping out of it like a waterfall. You noticed that the single leg that she had was slowly pushing towards the ground, her arms also bending which lead to her breasts hanging over your head and her pussy placed right above your cock, your cock head occasionally dipping into it, which made the creature let out a Great, beastial moan. The creature shuddered with excitement as she began to press against your cock, a substantial amount being needed in order to get you inside of her.
  29. You both moaned when this happened, with you couching hold of the air as you felt her warmth begin to consume your dick, the creatures fingernails scratching against the metal. You felt as her hips hit your waist, with you feeling how heavy she was compared to you due to how big she was, her pussy lips clenching against your base as warm pleasure moved through them. Her breathing was heavy, the mouths of the creature being visibly open and panting, her chest moving up and down slightly due to this, her breasts now pressed up against your face as she began to move her hips up, her hips shaking slightly as she did so before she slammed back down onto you.
  31. You let out a sharp exhale when this happened, the thrust winding you slightly as five moans of pleasure echoed from above you, the feeling of the creature's single leg shuddering reverberating through the boat. You felt as her tits shook and bounced with each movement of her hips, the slow movements making you moan as your cock was exposed to the cold, the warm pussy juices moving down your cock and making it less cold then it would of been before it was pushed inside of her tight pushes, the smooth walls making you quiver as the clenched against your cock, the woman’s hips moving randomly but slowly, her hands still scratching against the floor as you felt her body tense up slightly, signalling that she was about to do something.
  33. She began to go faster, hitting your hips against yours as both of you moaned loudly, the thrusts now not winding you unlike the last couple minutes of thrusting did. You could feel as she shuddered from the pleasure, her pussy lips pressing and pushing against your base, her pussy juices splattering across your waist, her pussy constricting against your cock as her this pushed against your face, water still dripping from them as he did so. Your head was soon moistened by drool doing from the fish women’s tongues, her strong hips pushing and hitting against your body, with it feeling like she was trying to thrust you into the ground at some points.
  35. You moved your arms up to the women’s body, pushing your arms against her smooth yet wet skin, which slightly indented to the touch, the women’s single leg pushing against your right leg as her hips rammed against your cock. You began to thrust up into her pussy, moaning as your hips met halfway, with you feeling as her pussy pressed against your cocks base, both of you thrusting into each other and lewd sounds echoing across the ocean waters. When you wrapped your arms around her side seemed to move faster, your fingers pushing into her spine as a choir of moans came from above, with you slamming your hips up at the women’s pussy as your fingers pressed into her body.
  37. You felt as your cock began to throb inside of her, an orgasm no doubt approaching as you moaned underneath the larger women. The woman seemed to sense your throbbing, a slight grin moving over her faces as you felt her pussy clamp down upon your cock, her walls pressing and pushing aging your cock, swallowing it in an insane amount of pleasure as your fingers pushed deeper into her skin. You could feel that she was close to orgasming as well, her leg shuddering and her claws digging deep into the metal, her breathing becoming faster and faster as her hips pushed into yours. The throbbing was intense, with an occasional twitch pushing against your cock, which made you thrust up as you did so, with her hips soon slamming into the ground.
  39. You could feel as the pressure at the tip of your cock intensified with you holding back your orgasm from the massive creature, wanting her to orgasm first, with you knowing that one thrust upward would cause her to orgasm. You watched as she quivered and moaned above you as you pushed your hips down upon the metal, the woman’s hips going up as you held onto the women’s body, slamming your cock inside her as you felt the weight of her lower torso slam you back down onto the metal floor, her pussy convulsing and clenching against your cock as she orgasmed, a flood of pussy fluid moving down your cock and across your waist as the pressure at the end of your cock began to get too much for you, with you orgasming a second later.
  41. You could feel as the orgasm racked your body, a massive shot of cum shooting out of your cock and into the women’s pussy, which made her twitch and moan, with the creatures five mouths moaning loudly above you. You could feel as your balls slowly drained inside of her, each shot of cum that launched out your cock making you moan as your arms clinged onto her back. After a minute or so your orgasm came to an end, your sweat covered body hitting the ground as the Woman slightly moved off your hips but not pulling out just yet. Her five heads were all either panting or moaning,the women moving her leg in order to get off your body, moving herself off your cum covered cock as she did so.
  43. She continued to breath heavily as she moved across the floor to you, licking and kissing at your face with each head before moving away from you, with you looking up to see where she was going. She turned around to look at you, her single leg slipping into the water before she dived into the water, with you running toward her as you saw the shadow of the fish women disappearing as you were left to your own thoughts. You wondered if all of this was real, if you had just been dreaming this worries thing or not, with you wondering what the hell that thing was and why it was attacking the sharks that went to your boat. But you did know one thing for sure and that was that this survey just got a lot more exciting.
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