meet the bastions

Nov 7th, 2012
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  1. Hey guys!
  3. If your reading this it could be because your interested in joining us, or perhaps you want to know a bit more about the clan behind the scenes, the true face behind the mask.
  5. I'll start! :D
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  8. [b]Defaulter[/b]
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  11. Oh hai u :3 Im DE, I created The Bastion. Im a 17 old living in south east England. Im not amazingly good at this game, but what I lack in raw skill I more the make up for in organisation, co-ordination, strategy and being awsume :D (well, i like to think so ;])
  13. My interests are running (cross country / long distance), the internet and all the weird. wonderful and sometimes mentally disturbing aspects of it.
  15. [i][b]One thing I would like to improve on:[/b] Well I was an NCO (non commanding officer) and drill instructor at the ATC for 4-5 years, I tend to be very loud and self-opinionated (and a lil bit demanding, drill instructing does that to you! :S). So I tend to take things very seriously where I really shouldn't. So I would like to learn to just relax more and take things in my stride. [/i]
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  18. [b]EldredChandler[/b]
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  21. My name is EldredChandler, a 18 year old male living in America (Murrika strong, Murrika free!!), who has been playing AoS on and off for more than a year now. I'm also quite effeminite for a male (Don't laugh please :< )I'm Still terrible at AoS, but whatever. I hope by the time 1.0 comes out, I won't be as terrible at AoS, but we'll see. When I'm not playing goofing around on IRC with the AoS crowd, I'm playing video games or watching Anime. I run The Bastion with DE and Valor, who is a total scrub. (Just kidding)
  23. Whenever I'm not away at a friends, working and making bank, or my internet just isn't working, you can probably find me on IRC. Don't be afraid to shoot me a PM asking a question or just to talk. I promise I don't bite, well, hard anyways.
  25. [i][b]One thing I would like to improve on:[/b] Be less lame.[/i]
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  28. [b]TBS[/b]
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  31. Hello person reading this from behind a computer screen.
  32. My username is TB. If you think that I am Total Biscuit, then you're wrong. If you think I have tuberculosis, you're also wrong. I just wanted to clear that up.
  34. You may know me from my insanely popular Youtube channel. I have 350 subscribers, so I'm pretty much a big deal. I am a 16 year old from Norway and I live in my parents basement. I used to play football. But then I quit. I also used to play drums. But then I quit. So right now I'm enjoying my chair while trying to kill pixels on my laptop. I also have a pretty cool headset, I like it.
  36. [i][b]One thing I would like to improve on:[/b]As perfect as I may seem, I do have plenty of room for improvement! I'm trying to be able to do more push-ups, and curing cancer wouldn't be too bad either.[/i]
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  39. [b]Mr.Hatter[/b]
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  42. My name is Mr_Hatter, a.k.a. Hatter. I'm a 14 year-old living in California. I am an aspiring AoS modder, check out my work here: I've been playing Ace of Spades for a while, since before the smg, although I'm relativity new to the clan scene. I unfortunately am not able to use mumble, but I am fairly active on irc. I try to get on everyday. I enjoy anime, playing the guitar and bass, and will be playing soccer for my high school when fall comes 'round.
  44. Fun Facts: I own a giraffe
  45. I'm watching you (O).(O)
  46. My real name isn't Hatter *gasp*
  48. [i][b]What I want to improve:[/b] My Hardcore AoS playing, and the quality of my gay bar builds ^.^[/i]
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  51. [b]IronShotGun[/b]
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  53. Hello there, I'm Iron (Aka, Mr.Periodic Table of Elements), or just another non-average 13 year old (14 on August 1st [b]Yea :P[/b]), average Joe. I've been playing Ace of Spades for roughly a month or two, and furthermore have been meeting new friends (and fiends) ever since. I spend most of my time on the computer playing games, learning useless thins I will probably never use, and meeting new, or coming across an old friend (Did you know, a duck's quack, doesn't echo [Useless right? >.>]). Any who, enjoy your stay in our freaky family, "Were all freaks in the freak show".
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  56. [b]NamTaey[/b]
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  59. Hello, my name is NamTaey and I am also a member of The Bastion. I live in the town of Middle of Nowhere, USA.
  61. When I am not on the computer playing too many video games, I am usually painting or playing some Warhammer 40,000 (for the Greater Good). My other hobbies include biking, fixing/building computers, reffing soccer (football) and go. I also run The Bastion server (many thanks Topologist and Grandmaster) so if you have a complaint or issue, contact me.
  63. [i][b]What I'd like to improve:[/b] I am somewhat frail and unable to speak to the opposite sex... so I guess I will attempt to improve (or atleast mask) these problems. We'll see how that goes xD[/i]
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  66. [b]Skynet[/b]
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  69. Heyo, most of you know me as Skynet. I'm 17 years of age as of July 27th. I was (Enter cliché here: born and raised) in Canada(GMT-4). My last name originated from the Czech Republic. I'm active and fit in real life, I love playing soccer. I paddle all year round and go to Florida every year to train! The boat I own was previously owned by an Olympian. I love to run. I have quite a tan, everyone I know says I'm a Native American. I would say I'm a loud person. I like lines. I'm fascinated with drawing, it's one of my strengths. I'm normally quite active in AoS but this summer is stuffed with lots of exciting new things which sadly peel my body away from my computer chair. One thing you should know about me is that I'm not good with computers.
  70. Fun Fact: One of my close friends will be participating in the 2012 Olympics!
  72. I enjoy playing Minecraft, Gang Garrison 2 and at the time being my favorite game would have to be, Ace of Spades. As far as my skills go in AoS, well lets be honest they don't go far! Terrain Control is my favorite game mode in AoS and I encourage everyone to try it if they haven't already. I love to be a part of something, be it a clan, a match, a community, a team, etc.
  74. [i][b]One thing I would like to improve on:[/b] I'm known to be really annoying, which I don't like and I feel it reflects badly on me. I would like to work on being less annoying to everyone. I wish to become more of a helper, someone you can trust and count on.[/i]
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  77. [b]uvs[/b]
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  80. Hello, I am .uvs - a uni student from Sweden. I'm a nice and easy going guy that sometimes play way to much FPS-games :)
  81. I started playing this game pretty recently but I have to say that I really enjoy it! The gun handling is really easy to get into, and there isn't to much complexity clouding the game play. Also the core community on the servers and IRC is really cool and have made me feel welcome.
  83. In game I mostly play the Minit Assault server, so if you want to kick my butt, that will be your best chance. Or you can find me on IRC #AoS or #TheBastion @ Qnet most days.
  85. [i][b]One thing I would like to improve on:[/b] Well, sometimes when I need to get something done, I don't do it, I just don't. I mean to... but no. :| I want to get better at getting some stuff done :)[/i]
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  88. [b]NAZAHA[/b]
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  91. hi hows it goin , my names NAZAHA. Im a 19 year old male living in the west coast of Scotland , yes thats right im the original scotsman on AOS which makes The Bastion the only real clan. Im a pretty crap player most of the time , that's unless ive had a few cans of rockstar.I also have a degree in sound production. im quite a relaxed and quiet guy that plays guitar and records bands when im not playing AOS .
  93. [i][b]One thing I would like to improve on:[/b] be a bit more organised,be a bit more upfront with people , less procrastination.[/i]
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  96. [b]Exited[/b]
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  99. hola! Im ExiTeD, a proud member of The Bastion.
  101. Well, Im a 15 year old boy from Frankfurt,Germany who is actually still going to school (It will change next summer!).
  102. Im a bit shy but spend my time on playing AoS or just hang out with friends outside. I played the first time
  103. AoS in November 2011 I think, so Im maybe one of the older ones. I played AoS earlier if I have
  104. nothing to do or just bored. This changes quickly when I met the guy Silnius ;)
  105. We talked and played the most time together. I joined the forums a bit late, I knowed that it exist
  106. but I didnt know that there are cool guys to talk with.
  108. If I play Ace of Spades, I normally play on the Minit or Animus servers. They are just the best <3
  109. I play some other games too, like Need for Speed or Battlefield etc. but AoS is the game I actually
  110. care more about.
  112. [i][b]One thing I would like to improve on:[/b] Be less excited in clan matches :3[/i]
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  115. [b]StrawHat[/b]
  116. -------------------
  118. Hello, I'm StrawHat. My real name is Odin (Oh-d-in) and I'm Norwegian as you may know there for my great english (sarcasm). I'm 15 and a player of video games. one of which is AoS, I really like the simplicity and the graphic style. I'm not the best in-game, but as long as I'm bether than Nazaha who cares right? I'm they guy that rather lose a kill than get a semi kill instead of a headshot, I like headshots :3 When I started playing AoS I can't remember when around mid-autum 2011, I started modding and got a lot of creds on the old forumz, but then I took a break (about 6 months) and I lost my modding skill/people got better than me. So now I only mod guns to myself. In the winter i ski and in the summer a bade, and when it's night I come out to game.
  120. [i][b]One thing I would like to improve on:[/b] The thing I would like to improve on is my GIMP skills and modding skills, I'm also working on making sounds for AoS :) But for now, GIMP takes up a lot of my time, Brushes, burshes every where.[/i]
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  123. [b]Lsin[/b]
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  126. Hello peoples. I'm Lsin. I'm a 14-year old girl living in the U.S.A. In my free time I enjoy reading (I'm some-what of a nerd O.o), biking, drawing, and shopping. I like everything that has to do with rainbows and glitter :D I've been playing AoS for about 4 months now, and lets just say I haven't gotten much better at the game since I started. When I'm on my computer, I'm always on the irc and most of the time on mumble.
  128. [i][b]One thing I would like to improve on:[/b] One thing I would like to improve on would be to become less shy and more outgoing in real life :][/i]
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