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  2. What is weight-voting?
  4. Weight-voting is an idea to give good players (and presumably, members of the community) more of a say in contrast with other demographics. If we give certain players a heavier amount of say in deciding a suspect (say 3x, or even more or less depending on what one decides is appropriate) then we can say that #1 player gets 3x the vote of hte average player, and #2 gets 2.9 x the vote of the average players, and so on and so on, maintaining a baseline of normal votes. Thus ladder can be more competitive and people'll keep laddering throughout a suspect test, and we let the best community members and those with the most metagame knowledge have more of a say.
  6. Some mechanical clarifications:
  7. The ladder wouldn't have elo decay
  8. Weighting is decided at the end of the suspect, with a snapshot of the ladder
  9. The rate at which value of a vote drops as you move from #1 to #w/e can be determined through  different methods, ie exponentially, logarithmic-ally, or logistically, depending on what part of the ladder one feels differentiates players the most.
  10. The cutoff for baseline vote-value could be anywhere (ie at #20 and below your vote is normal value, etc)
  11. This could even allow us to make suspect reqs easier if we really wanted
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