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  1. Conduct unbecoming of an Administrator: SocomSeal
  2. On 7 April 2010 at approximately 2025 EST Admin SocomSeal was observed with conduct unbecoming of an administrator in ARMA2. He was being very negative in expressing his opinions about WAC missions and his unprecendented distaste for them and stereotyping as all being "either boring defensive missions with 2 hours of nothing or night assault missions where you get killed by artillery". Some people were replying that WACs are in fact fun when played right to which he responded again in a negative connotation. Lastly, Socomseal then after writing an unfavorable opinion again about WACs said, "W/e I gtg" and left logged in as Admin as we were trying to slot personnel in. Since he was logged in as Admin, his actions started the mission and frankly screwed us over, forcing us to have to vote an admin and re-do everything.
  4. Socomseal should've instead waited until we were prepared and beginning the mission to leave, or, sent us back to the mission queue and informed us he would be leaving and a new admin would be required. I believe that because he was already in a negative mood based on the populace wanting to play something other than Warfare (for which was his choice as well) that he had a distaste for the goings-on already.
  6. Prior to all of this several people left the server and came to myself (not members of my IHS) and pleaded with me to get the mission changed as there was no organization and cohesion. The manner in which the instance of Warfare was being played was significantly less than the standard we set here at Tactical Gamer, and Socom was reluctant to change it in the first place despite democratic vote.
  8. Thank you for your time and consideration.
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