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  5. N2Jx: yw...
  6. N2Jx: welcome
  7. Alleiy: welcome
  8. RoseMyst: ty
  9. Alleiy: im finish miss?
  10. N2Jx: you can go miss indonesia
  11. N2Jx: ty very much
  12. N2Jx: yes you are
  13. N2Jx: good luck
  14. Alleiy: thank you so much
  15. Alleiy: <333
  16. Alleiy: tc
  17. RoseMyst: loading
  18. N2Jx: tyt miss canada
  19. Alleiy has left the chat
  20. N2Jx: w6
  21. N2Jx: w2
  22. RoseMyst: how is everyone today/tonight
  23. N2Jx: helo
  24. YemayaKiller: welcome miss canda
  25. N2Jx: have a sit please miss Canada
  26. N2Jx: sit over there please
  27. N2Jx: ok ty
  28. RoseMyst: sorry was lagging
  29. N2Jx: Nice to meet you miss canada
  30. RoseMyst: nice to meet you too :)
  31. N2Jx: please introduce your self and after that we give you some question
  32. RoseMyst: np
  33. N2Jx: btw
  34. N2Jx: meet < Miss Maria Fernanda as the owner of this organization
  35. N2Jx: > and Miss Hanna as a Miss World 2018
  36. RoseMyst: My name is Rose 38 and I live in the USA but I am representing Canada. I am a model/actress and a businesswoman
  37. N2Jx: ok ty...first question is...
  38. YemayaKiller: a beautiful pleasure
  39. RoseMyst: ok :)
  40. N2Jx: @How would you define beauty of purpose from your point of view?
  41. N2Jx: hd8
  42. Guest_KanjanaSrivichean1 has joined the chat
  43. RoseMyst: well I think that everyone is beautiful
  44. RoseMyst: I believe that beauty comes from the inside not just the outside
  45. N2Jx: sorry Miss KanjanaSrivichean1..we still have interview here..please out for a while ty
  46. Guest_KanjanaSrivichean1 has left the chat
  47. N2Jx: done miss ?
  48. RoseMyst: yes ma'am sorry
  49. N2Jx: ok nice
  50. N2Jx: ii
  51. N2Jx: ok next question is
  52. RoseMyst  nods
  53. N2Jx: would you explain your social project and how would you handle and what would change if the jury and the Miss World organization granted you the work of Miss World?
  54. RoseMyst: will do. I am a huge supporter of cancers. Back in the states its St. Judes but in Canada we have Kids Cancer Care.
  55. RoseMyst: In 1986, when Christine McIver’s son Derek was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumour, there were very few programs in the province to help children and families navigate the frightening diagnosis of childhood cancer. There were no Alberta cancer camps at the time, so Christine registered Derek in a B.C. camp. Seeing the smile on his face and the laughter in his eyes when he returned home, strengthened her resolve to build an Alberta cancer camp.
  56. RoseMyst: I would love to help spread awareness for child cancers and make sure that all children with cancer gets the care they need without worrying about the parents paying for it. This is very dear to my heart.4
  57. N2Jx: aww nice
  58. N2Jx: clap
  59. RoseMyst: ty
  60. N2Jx: btw on behalf of miss world organization wish your dad will be better soon
  61. N2Jx: ok next question will be asking bt The owner of this organization.."Miss Maria Fernanda"..please
  62. RoseMyst: tysvm. his surgery went well and hes still in SICU but hopefully be moved to the floor tomorrow
  63. N2Jx: bless him miss
  64. RoseMyst: ok go ahead Miss Maria
  65. lllMariFerlll: Porque quieres ser misa world
  66. RoseMyst  grabs a translater
  67. N2JxN2Jx : Why do you want to be Miss World
  68. RoseMyst: ty Miss Nora for translating, Miss Maria, I want to be Miss World because I believe what it stands for, I believe in equality for all woman
  69. N2Jx: clap
  70. N2Jx: nice answer miss
  71. N2Jx: Thank you very much your time
  72. N2Jx: want a take picture?
  73. RoseMyst: surw
  74. RoseMyst: sure*
  75. N2Jx: please copy your answer
  76. N2Jx: and send to the msg page
  77. RoseMyst: ((copy the whole chat right))
  78. N2Jx: yes
  79. RoseMyst: ok will do
  80. N2Jx: come miss maria and miss hanna
  81. N2Jx: i2
  82. RoseMyst: is pastebin acceptable?
  83. YemayaKiller: yes miss
  84. RoseMyst: ok ty
  85. N2Jx: its ok
  86. RoseMyst: letg me get my scaler
  87. N2Jx: tyt
  88. N2Jx: ready?
  89. RoseMyst: ya
  90. N2Jx: send he picture too miss dont forget ty
  91. RoseMyst: any background
  92. N2Jx: hiressnap
  93. N2Jx: with this backgroud
  94. RoseMyst: ok
  95. RoseMyst: just me
  96. RoseMyst: and brb
  97. N2Jx: not oly you
  98. N2Jx: with us
  99. RoseMyst: ok
  100. N2Jx: Thank you and good luck!
  101. N2Jx: muah
  102. RoseMyst: wait
  103. RoseMyst: didnt take photo yet
  104. RoseMyst: lol
  105. N2Jx: lol
  106. RoseMyst: was tryingto get a pose
  107. N2Jx: ups sorry
  108. N2Jx: tyt
  109. RoseMyst: lol
  110. N2Jx: done miss?
  111. RoseMyst: think so
  112. N2Jx: ok^^ thank you!
  113. N2JxN2Jx : muah
  114. N2JxN2Jx : have a nice day
  115. RoseMyst: Nora is messed up
  116. RoseMyst: lol
  117. N2Jx: i must gow now perhaps lol
  118. N2Jx: lol
  119. RoseMyst:
  120. RoseMyst: just to show
  121. N2Jx: thank you for your time
  122. RoseMyst: ysvw
  123. N2JxN2Jx : Miss maria..and Miss Hanna... i must go now...we continue tomorrow
  124. N2Jx: Thank you all ladies..bless you all
  125. RoseMyst: good night
  126. N2Jx: its day 12 pm in my place
  127. N2Jx: lol
  128. N2Jx: bye
  129. N2Jx: muah
  130. RoseMyst: night
  131. RoseMyst: or day4
  132. RoseMyst: \lol;
  133. N2Jx: day
  134. N2Jx: ^^
  135. YemayaKiller: good night miss canda
  136. YemayaKiller: kiss
  137. RoseMyst: sorry im used to saying night
  138. N2Jx has left the chat
  139. RoseMyst: copying chaat
  140. RoseMyst: chat*
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