uriminzokkiri 9001 - part four

Apr 4th, 2013
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  1. Download link: Download link:
  2. Virusscan:
  4. Hello, guys, today I'm presenting you Zynga Holdem Poker Chips Hack. With this tool you will be able to generate as much coins as you want. The tool don't require your password. All you have to do is add your facebook e-mail and choose the amount of chips you want to be added.As simple as that. However if you don't know how to use it i posted a list of instructions down below!. Enjoy it and good luck on the tables!
  6. Instructions how to use the Hack:
  8. 1) Enter your facebook e-mail address in the textbox area (your mouse pointer will be here when you open the program)
  9. 2) Choose the amount of chips you want to be added to your account.
  10. Maximum amount is $10,000,000 per day (this is the suggested amount otherwise you might get banned even if you enable anti-ban).
  11. 3) You can choose "Anti-ban" and "Stealth" options to protect your account.
  12. The "Anti-ban" option is protecting your account from ban.
  13. The "Stealth" option will add 10% of the chips you've selected every 30 minutes (for example if you have $200,000 chips you will get $20,000 chips every 30mins and you will have your $200,000 chips in 5 hours).
  14. This is for extra protection. These options are not requiered, but are recommended.
  15. 4) Press start and wait until the chips are added.(It takes around 10-30 seconds depending on the speed of your pc )
  16. 5) Refresh your Zynga Holdem Poker and your chips will be added.
  17. 6) If you want to use the hack again, just click "Reset" and follow steps 1-5.
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