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PvtCb's Bad Idea

PvtCinnamonbun Jul 24th, 2016 273 Never
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  1. I want to plan a NASA-like event in Atlanta.
  3. Now hold on, this isn’t as retarded of an idea as it sounds. I’ve actually planned a number of online marathons, some entirely on my own. I know that on-site marathons are way fucking harder to plan, but I feel like I have about as much, if not more, experience than Naegleria did when he started planning NASA. So I “sort of” have the experience to start one of these things, I am willing to do the vast majority of the work to make it possible, and I can easily budget a few thousand dollars for the event costs and take a token attendance fee.
  5. As for the equipment, I actually have most of the stuff I would need already. There are some odds and ends I would need to get, but nothing too extreme, and I’m sure we (as in the people who would come to this event) could cobble together something passable.
  7. If you want to help, stop by https://discord.gg/v3q4hhS to learn how and brainstorm.
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