XCOM dice thingy

Sep 28th, 2019
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  1. Symbols: Sneak, Bullets swarm, Demolition, Precision shot, Hacking
  3. Dice:
  4. Sniper dice: x3 Precision, x2 Sneak, x1 Demolition
  5. Heavy dice: x3 Demolition, x2 Bullets swarm, x1 Precision shot
  6. Specialist dice: x3 Hacking, x1 Sneak, x1 Deolition, x1 Bullets swarm
  7. Ranger dice: x2 Bullets swarm, x2 Sneak, x1 Hacking, x1 Precision shot
  9. Special powers:
  10. Sniper:
  11. * "Elimination" If there is only 1 threat in your location, you can spend a squad action to eliminate it (only once per turn).
  12. * "Head shot" If you rolled dice and landed on anything that is not precision, get a free re-roll.
  13. * "Pistol Gunslinger" Before rolling battle dice declare that you are gunslinging pistols, your precision shot will become bullet swarm for this battle.
  14. * "Shadow Strike" If after resolving the battle two squad symbols landed on "sneak", gain additional precision shot.
  16. Heavy:
  17. * Demolition Expert: You can spend an action to destroy an alien base if there are no threats on that location.
  18. * Defender: new threats can not appear at the location of your squad
  19. * Toughness: This character has 1 Additional max health
  20. * Collateral damage: Declare before battle. Roll one extra heavy dice, but lose 1 reward card.
  22. Specialist:
  23. * Dispatch: When you are at an XCOM base, you can spend 1 of your squad action to move another squad.
  24. * Investigate: When you are at an XCOM base, spend 1 action to look at the top of any of the covert battle decks.
  25. * Divert: When you are at an XCOM base, spend 1 action to move a threat at a location with a squad to any adjacent location.
  26. * Debrief: When you are at an XCOM base, spend 1 action to give one of your covert operation cards to another squad at any location
  28. Ranger:
  29. * Assault: Declare before battle, Lose 1 health immediately, your dice will score "bullet swarm" in this battle (no need to roll)
  30. * Covering fire: Declare before battle. Do not roll your dice during this battle, choose another character in your squad that will not suffer any damage when the battle ends.
  31. * Medic: Spend 1 squad action to heal 1 damage from any character in your squad
  32. * Plunder: Gain additional reward card if your squad took no damage after a battle (flawless victory)
  35. (Hack is rounded and low, bullet swarm is high yellow, demolition black, precision blue, sneak red)
  36. Missions:
  37. Yellow:
  38. Bullets, Hack, Demo
  39. Bullets, Sneak, Demo
  40. Bullets, Sneak, Precision
  41. Bullets, Bullets, Hack, Precision
  43. Black:
  44. Demo, Hack, Sneak
  45. Demo, Precision, Sneak
  46. Demo, Bullets, Hack
  47. Demo, Demo, Precision, Bullets
  49. Blue:
  50. Precision, Sneak, Bullets
  51. Precision, Hack, Bullets
  52. Precision, Demo, Sneak
  53. Precision, Precision, Demo, Hack
  55. Red:
  56. Sneak, Bullets, Demo
  57. Sneak, Precision, Hack
  58. Sneak, Hack, Precision
  59. Sneak, Sneak, Demo, Bullets
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