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  1. Contact Information: The Dinner#1028
  2. Character Name: Lavinia Walters
  3. Age: 18
  4. Current RPL: 186
  6. History of Character:
  7. Upon acquiring the Dark, Lavinia is now confronted with a new facet of her being. Her drakanite self, the part of her that had remained obscure for most of her life due to an absent father. With a growing dislike for her human, weak self before she dove into the occult, she’s started to refer to herself as a ‘Dragon’, and that she is meant to ascend among these ancient and majestic creatures, becoming something more than even the demons.
  8. However, a hurdle comes to be under the form of the dark itself. It rejects her scales, making Lavinia unable to fully gorge her body with the occultic flames without destroying her Drakanite blessing. As such, an endeavour to harmonize her fiery blessing and her beloved darkness is undergone!
  10. Ability Development:
  11. The Fleeting Scales:
  13. Lesson two with Lemuria Augustus, Lavinia’s teacher that had guided her to grasping the dark magic. If anyone was capable of guiding Lavinia, it’d be this witch. The exchange occurs alongside a budding occultist who even suggest an interesting theory to meld the occult and the scales of the dragon. The idea of utilizing one’s will and imagination to its fullest came to be and Lavinia applied the best she could, though with varying, unpleasant results. The scene ends with Lavinia accepting to learn an even more refined version of the occult- Witchcraft- to possibly refine her control and achieve this goal of her’s.
  15. Moulding the Intangible:
  17. Sajid had always been a sort of idol for Lavinia. His care and words toward her always left her flustered and warm. Now, it was time for this man to show a degree of warmth she likely wouldn’t find too pleasant. Lavinia, while holding no affinity to fire, is taught the principles of it and how to bend the dark in a similar fashion to how Sajid controls the fire. The flames being, of course, the essence of the Ryujinite gift. (Scene was cut short, but the principle is there! Plus Sajid is a very influential figure in Lavinia’s progress.)
  19. Coercive Dark:
  21. Lavinia’s second teacher into witchcraft, Serenity Vander, opts for a unique approach to teaching the art. Seeking Lavinia’s consent for her own brand of witchcraft to be taught, she applies a hex to the drakanite. The exposure to such a magic and the empowering feeling that comes with it allowed for some mental barriers to go down. It leads to Lavinia cremating her scales with her occultic flame and mimicking wings with the fire while letting charred bones form the basis of the wings.
  23. The One who Loves and Guides
  25. After such an empowering experience with the Vander witch, the complete contrary comes to be. Lavinia attempts to ‘confront’ her ‘friend’, Daemia. It quickly turns on its head with Daemia skilfully guilting the drakanite in every way she knew would hurt Lavinia the most. It went to the point where Lavinia would once again show herself to be weak and vulnerable, a first since she adopted the dark, and kneeled to the demon.
  26. Daemia soaks the dragon with a peculiar occultic miasma meant to ‘punish’ her. Not only was physical contact made (a massive issue for Lavinia), but her whole body ends up feeling like it’s about to burst as the demon tortures the girl for the sake of controlling her. No actual harm is made, but the experience is overwhelming for the drakanite. And in turn, Daemia had purposely intended to gorge the scales and wings with her mana, seeking to mould Lavinia into something more suited for the demon tower.
  29. Plans:
  30. • Continue to be Daemia’s personal dragon.
  31. • Be one heck of a cool dark dragon.
  32. • Further her search for answers among the dragons and the higher spirits involved with dragon lore. Hopefully do something pretty big out of this as the chain of events go on.
  33. • Recently: Do something about her blood impurity (Fullshift may not be a thing but at worst, it’d be Fluff dragon form as a goal. I really just care about being a cool Ridley-dragon.)
  36. Desired Perks:
  37. • I am fully aware occultic half-shift isn’t available, so I ask for a cosmetic dark half-shift form. Probably just wear it as an item if the sprite is still available. Otherwise I can have it re-sprited with the drakanite sprite base.
  38. • IC Fluff of her scales being as hard as Nyeshk. If compared to other drakanite scales, her’s will be slightly more resilient due to being robust enough to withstand her dark mana. It is just Fluff, no impact in anything else. Let me very cool.
  39. • Refund Occultic flame as I’ve been using it to illustrate some of my rp’s. I’m perfectly content with normal half-shift.
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