Dec 11th, 2013
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  1. -- how to edit files outside of minecraft
  2. term.clear()
  3. term.setCursorPos(1,1)
  4. print("To edit your programs outside of minecraft try out notepad++")
  5. os.pullEvent()
  6. term.clear()
  7. term.setCursorPos(1,1)
  8. print("now navigate to \\Feed the Beast\\<mod pack>\\minecraft\\saves\\<your save>\\computer")
  9. print("you should now see all of your computers!")
  10. os.pullEvent()
  11. term.clear()
  12. term.setCursorPos(1,1)
  13. print("Select the computer you want then right click on the program you want to edit and open with either notepad or notepad++")
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