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  1. Keyboard and Mouse Input/Controls Changes
  3. VFR Option Removed for the remainder of the flight to help narrow down and test input latency issues
  4. Note: to have the best experience, turn off VSync and play in full screen mode (not border less full screen) to play at the most optimized experience.
  5. Fixed an issue with thread prioritization that was causing input delay
  6. Added ability to map functions to scroll wheel down
  7. Mouse Wheel Up/Down are still considered two separate inputs and can’t be dual bound at this time
  8. Controller Input Changes
  10. Removed Impulse Triggers option
  11. Text Chat Changes
  13. Removed chat censorship filter from text chat
  14. Players will still be “muted” if they send 3 (or more) messages at a time for up to 120 seconds
  15. Stability Bug Fixes
  17. Fixed many crashes and stability issues that have been tracked throughout the flight
  18. Fixed an issue where Windows 7 Users were unable to matchmake
  19. Fixed issues related to getting stuck in the UI. We are still tracking and fixing more of these
  20. Fixed a soft lock that would sometimes occur when players were idle in campaign or multiplayer
  21. Fixed a hard lock that would sometimes occur when skipping campaign cutscenes
  22. Several fixes for various soft locks in the Settings/Customization menus
  23. Controller Input Bug Fix
  25. Fixed Controller Sensitivity being impacted by mouse sensitivity settings
  26. Video Output Bug Fix
  28. Resolution fixes when switching from Full screen to Windowed
  29. Art & UI Bug Fixes
  31. Fixed enlarged player emblem image briefly displays on-screen upon loading into gameplay with 2 or more players
  32. Fixed an issue that caused the team color marker to not appear for Primary Profile in the Matchmaking queue
  33. Fixed an issue that caused armor lock VFX to not appear on Elite character models for clients
  34. Fixed an issue where the bonus round incremented the waves survived stat on the Firefight carnage report beyond what was expected
  35. Fixed an issue where players’ nameplates were displayed in the wrong color or inappropriately dimmed on the Firefight carnage report
  36. Fixed flickering emblems on in-game scoreboards
  37. Fixed an issue where EXP value shown earned at end of Exit Experience does not update fully until after another match is completed
  38. Fixed an issue where the Exit Experience does not indicate a rank up to the next Tour
  39. Localization Bug Fixes
  41. Updated localization in many areas of the game to remove debug text
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