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  1. 🌈rAiNbOwQuEeNiE🌈Today at 10:33 PM
  2. I'll be here if the family needs me and our clans can be allied if you accept
  4. BlueVivacityToday at 10:37 PM
  5. I can't accept that offer, not as long as you harbor Lily...there are things about her you don't know and it saddens me you chose her words over mine...
  7. 🌈rAiNbOwQuEeNiE🌈Today at 10:46 PM
  8. I left because you have lost sight of what the chat originally was when I joined the family
  9. It's more strict and stiff
  11. BlueVivacityToday at 10:47 PM
  12. Lily is manipulating you hun, I get why you left but she's controlling you, I have proof that she can be controlling
  13. Wanna see?
  14. What she says to Mich?
  15. About the Stark's?
  16. To her own family?
  17. These are posts from Michelle herself who has known Lily far longer and knows who she rlly is
  22. She fooled all of us, made me the bad guy, you and Ken fell for it and now harbor her
  23. Want more proof? Ask to be added to Lily's Cosmo server, dun ask her why just that you want to join, check announcements; if she hasn't deleted them, you'll see how "controlling" she is
  24. She's way worse than what the Stark's could be
  26. 🌈rAiNbOwQuEeNiE🌈Today at 10:50 PM
  27. That was my own decision
  28. I left on my own choice
  30. BlueVivacityToday at 10:50 PM
  31. And I respect that
  32. But I don't like that she's manipulating you and Ken
  34. 🌈rAiNbOwQuEeNiE🌈Today at 10:50 PM
  35. Val already left so the family isn't what it was
  37. BlueVivacityToday at 10:51 PM
  38. Yoj don't even know why Val left
  39. You*
  41. 🌈rAiNbOwQuEeNiE🌈Today at 10:51 PM
  42. I may not fully but ik she has a lot on her plate
  44. BlueVivacityToday at 10:51 PM
  45. She didn't leave cuz the server was the prob
  46. She left cuz she was selfish and chose her own kids over the entire majority of the clan
  47. That isn't right
  48. And I would NEVER do that
  50. 🌈rAiNbOwQuEeNiE🌈Today at 10:52 PM
  51. The family has gotten to military like it used to be warm and welcoming now it's more don't breathe the wrong way don't sneeze a certain way type stiffness
  53. BlueVivacityToday at 10:53 PM
  54. It's not military, my server is no diff than most family servers, the managers aren't there to attack you, if they did? I would demote them
  55. You know me sis, you know I care for family deeply
  56. If you had issues why didn't you come to me
  57. ?
  58. Instead you just leave
  59. Without even giving me a chance to do anything :frowning:
  61. 🌈rAiNbOwQuEeNiE🌈Today at 10:55 PM
  62. I stayed away
  63. I'll admit I was distant
  64. Because of your mate
  66. BlueVivacityToday at 10:55 PM
  67. What has he done to you?
  68. Kitty loved him
  69. He never hurt her
  70. He would NEVER hurt her
  72. 🌈rAiNbOwQuEeNiE🌈Today at 10:56 PM
  73. I still have an off feeling that things would go South and my attitude would best me
  75. BlueVivacityToday at 10:56 PM
  76. Sis
  77. If he ever did anything to Kitty
  78. I would personaly take care of him myself
  79. These are things you didn't give me a chance to do
  81. 🌈rAiNbOwQuEeNiE🌈Today at 10:56 PM
  82. I couldn't chance an if
  84. BlueVivacityToday at 10:56 PM
  85. You can in roleplay
  86. Not in reality
  87. I just hate that you didn't give me the respect I deserved
  88. The respect I always gave you
  89. To Ken
  90. For kindly taking him in cuz you wanted him in
  91. For harboring Kitty
  92. For a safe haven for her
  93. Sighs
  95. 🌈rAiNbOwQuEeNiE🌈Today at 10:58 PM
  96. I do and did respect you
  98. BlueVivacityToday at 10:58 PM
  99. "Did"
  101. 🌈rAiNbOwQuEeNiE🌈Today at 10:59 PM
  102. DO AND DID present and past tense
  104. BlueVivacityToday at 10:59 PM
  105. Ik
  106. That's why I said did
  107. You used past tense
  109. 🌈rAiNbOwQuEeNiE🌈Today at 10:59 PM
  110. Don't twist my words brother
  112. BlueVivacityToday at 10:59 PM
  113. I'm not
  115. 🌈rAiNbOwQuEeNiE🌈Today at 10:59 PM
  116. I did
  118. BlueVivacityToday at 10:59 PM
  119. I repeated what you said
  120. Look, this isn't about us, just please watch your back with Lily
  122. 🌈rAiNbOwQuEeNiE🌈Today at 11:00 PM
  123. I don't want bad blood but me and Kenji felt like a new start would make things a bit less tense
  125. BlueVivacityToday at 11:00 PM
  126. That's fine, and like I said I respect that
  128. 🌈rAiNbOwQuEeNiE🌈Today at 11:00 PM
  129. I will
  131. BlueVivacityToday at 11:00 PM
  132. Hugs her
  133. Be safe...
  135. 🌈rAiNbOwQuEeNiE🌈Today at 11:01 PM
  136. hugs back you too
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