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  1. Sieg:
  3. Sieg is a skilled combatant and an expert swordsman. He brings a much needed level of experience to the in-experienced youth of Riya's
  4. party. Sieg is apparently composed of a combination of swirling contradictions. He is both hard and soft, with sharp,mastered sword
  5. movements and quite humble speech. He is forthcoming and reserved, sharing battle plans, but always keeping personal details locked
  6. away. He is stiff but spry, nerver fully relaxing around the party but always ready to leap into battle.
  8. It is no secret that Sieg is one of the most mysterious members of the group. His calm and collected manner hides a man who clearly
  9. has an agenda of his own. Yet, with all his quiet reserve, he has quickly become one of the most valued in the party.
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