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  1. <img src ="https://orig00.deviantart.net/4df0/f/2016/283/5/c/strawberry_pink_blue_bar_by_sulyia-dakjuuk.png">
  2. <div align="center"><font face="Comic Sans MS"><font size="3"><img src="https://orig00.deviantart.net/9dc6/f/2018/222/a/5/good_for_nothing_by_bloodywaifu-dcjsszl.png" align= "right"><div align=center"><small><small>:thumb725245955:<b>cara | she/her girl:thumb725245955:
  3. </b>hi! my name is caralynn, but people call me cara. im an awkward bean who likes pink aesthetics, pastels, cutesy furries, and stuff...
  4. im also really obsessed with bunnies, if it wasn't obvious lol.. they're just so floofy and cute as hecc >:3
  5. feel free to talk with me! i dun bite! :3 but please be nice... im really emotional and fragile... :'> thanks for visiting my profile! ;3
  6. :thumb730811313::thumb730811313::thumb730811313:
  7. :bigthumb707024761:
  8. :thumb725245955:<da:embed profile="youtube" id="thingie here" width="50" height="15"> <da:embed profile="youtube" id="thingie here" width="50" height="15">:thumb725245955:
  9. :thumb619446936::thumb635749046::thumb614265303:
  10. <small><small>coded by @BloodyWaifu ♡
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