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Sep 8th, 2017
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  1. *** sets mode: +o ChanServ
  2. <f5257592> lalala lala howdy :)
  3. <92486181> evening
  4. * f5257592 just felt like DeeDee for a second ;)
  5. <92486181> feel free to be anyone you want :-[
  6. <f5257592> sometimes I like to channel DeeDee (from Dexter's Labratory)
  7. <92486181> channel away
  8. <f5257592> its those days where every piece of technology I touch touch goes to "H"-"E" double hockey sticks!
  9. <92486181> I only have those days when I go to NTR
  10. <92486181> everything we touch there is so old you never know what's going to work
  11. <f5257592> yes, I pulled some dragons out of my tech closet when I was packing to move...
  12. <f5257592> so what do you do with the stuff you get at NTR?
  13. <92486181> not that kind of thing
  14. <92486181> it was a project some of us worked on
  15. * f5257592 NTR is some sort of tech collection for Nonprofits?
  16. <f5257592> or is it something else?
  17. <92486181>
  18. <0f4b34d9> Title: Nonprofit Technology Resources: Computer Donation in Philadelphia (at
  19. <92486181> we got some older laptops up and running dsl
  20. <92486181> they then go out to the store for sale
  21. <69fd3513> 16bfdbae: you get my email on the motorcycle repair guy? sorry it's not good news
  22. <69fd3513> 714a7546: you ever see my comments on the using an ipaq as an embedded platform? got an xscale pxa250. i don't know much about it yet but i have mine running linux. found a few sites where people are using it for robotics projects.
  23. <69fd3513> 714a7546: i've seen my ipaq go for $50 on ebay. super cheap to get you started :)
  24. <69fd3513> f5257592: here's our wiki project page for the NTR Linux laptop project. good details here:
  25. <69fd3513>
  26. <0f4b34d9> Title: PennsylvaniaTeam/CommunityOutreachTeam/NtrLaptopProject - Ubuntu Wiki (at
  27. <69fd3513> must be dinner time, or i scare people
  28. <92486181> you scare people
  29. * 14774ccc seconds
  30. * f5257592 running screaming in terror form keyboard
  31. <f5257592> 69fd3513: haha.
  32. <92486181> Teddy's sit there nodding his head
  33. <69fd3513> ok, it's been confirmed
  34. <f5257592> The NTR stuff looks like a fun hands on project.
  35. <69fd3513> this is scary. i could control a roomba with my ipaq
  36. <69fd3513>
  37. <0f4b34d9> Title: roomba wiki / iPaq Roomba 1 (at
  38. <69fd3513> f5257592: yes. it was a very fun project. we learned a lot about old laptops + linux.
  39. <f5257592> 92486181: also thanks for the NTR link
  40. <92486181> we're here to help in any little way we can
  41. <f5257592> 69fd3513: I always really liked hardware aspect of computers. I am continually putting ones together at my place but alays desktops not laptops.
  42. <f5257592> 92486181: :), good to know (:
  43. <92486181> if we're lucky we might get some desktops to play with
  44. <69fd3513> f5257592: then you'd love the laptops at ntr. they old ones are very quirky. never thought i'd have to deal with isa-pnp stuff again. we had to take some apart just to verify the audio chipsets.
  45. <f5257592> actually used to solder power circuit boards for one of my professors.
  46. <f5257592> 69fd3513: never really got into cracking open laptops. but really think it was lack of opportunity.
  47. <69fd3513> ah, fun stuff. could certainly use that skill with the ntr laptops. many have bad power connectors that could use resoldering, we think.
  48. <69fd3513> true. how many times would we ever crack open our own? i know i wouldn't risk it unless it was really messed up.
  49. <f5257592> yep after my IBM went south. I got myself a real nice powerbook.
  50. <69fd3513> my rule is to never crack open the one i use. once it's replaced then it's time for the butcher shop.
  51. <69fd3513> mac right? i hear those are difficult to take apart.
  52. <f5257592> very good rule. Yupper a mac. As far as difficult to take apart...
  53. <f5257592> you might need a special tool or two...but again...
  54. <69fd3513> what are all the different names for mac laptops? powerbook, powermac, macbook ... i'm so out of touch with macs.
  55. <f5257592> I also have a G4 desktop (risk) and I have NO problem cracking that open....
  56. <f5257592> its a familiarity thing [for me] so yes it seems like it could be difficult.
  57. <69fd3513> yeah, i hear those are nice to work on. fd9a01ef lent me a G3 grean/white. very nice to open.
  58. <69fd3513> have you tried to install linux on it yet? the G4 that is.
  59. <f5257592> As for my other Linux PCs no problem cracking those open either, rip out power supplies, CPUs, whatever I gotta do to get them to chug (and if I have the time)
  60. <f5257592> Actually I bought yellowdog linux a LONG time ago
  61. <f5257592> you familiar....
  62. <69fd3513> no, but i've played a bit with Ubuntu's ppc release. it was already the G3.
  63. <69fd3513> on
  64. <69fd3513> did you try yd with it yet?
  65. <f5257592> yellow dog was out for PPC I think before ubuntu
  66. <69fd3513> yes, definitely
  67. <69fd3513> ubuntu has even stopped supporting. only up to 6.10, i think.
  68. <f5257592> and the very sad awful story is I never got to install got crazy (maybe I got lazy) and now it is packed and stored in my POD waiting for me to find a house and move in.
  69. <f5257592> but when/if I do I will let ya know.
  70. <f5257592> you ever put linux on ppc?
  71. <69fd3513> no, mine came pre-installed from fd9a01ef. just ran it. runs the same :)
  72. <9171b8d1> i am running hh ppc here
  73. <69fd3513> 9171b8d1: was it ubu 6.10 that was the final release for ppc?
  74. <9171b8d1> jimf@jimf-ibook:~$ uname -a
  75. <9171b8d1> Linux jimf-ibook 2.6.22-14-powerpc #1 Tue Feb 12 02:26:07 UTC 2008 ppc GNU/Linux
  76. <9171b8d1> 69fd3513, supported yes - backports no
  77. <f5257592> www.terrasoftsolutions/products/ydl/intro.shtml
  78. <9171b8d1> jimf@jimf-ibook:~$ lsb_release -a
  79. <9171b8d1> No LSB modules are available.
  80. <9171b8d1> Distributor ID:Ubuntu
  81. <9171b8d1> Description:Ubuntu 8.04.1
  82. <9171b8d1> Release:8.04
  83. <9171b8d1> Codename:hardy
  84. <9171b8d1> 69fd3513, was that 6.06 or 6.10 on the g3? i can't remember
  85. <69fd3513> 9171b8d1: so the ppc upgrades up to hardy?
  86. <9171b8d1> or straight installs
  87. <9171b8d1> via backports
  88. <69fd3513> 9171b8d1: not sure
  89. <9171b8d1> i think 6.06
  90. <9171b8d1> i had all kinds of issues with 6.10
  91. <69fd3513> right, edgy. i recall my sleepless nights.
  92. <14774ccc> haha
  93. <9171b8d1>
  94. <0f4b34d9> Title: Ubuntu 8.04.1 LTS (Hardy Heron) (at
  95. <9171b8d1> ppc here ^^^
  96. <69fd3513> 9171b8d1: wow
  97. <9171b8d1> hardware freakshow install disks
  98. <69fd3513> 9171b8d1: i guess i'm confused then. are they only releasing ppc versions for LTS ?
  99. <9171b8d1> no
  100. <9171b8d1> just not official
  101. <9171b8d1> kinda like xubu
  102. <f5257592> c6f44754: Hiya
  103. * c6f44754 waves to f5257592
  104. <9171b8d1> out there, but now all canonical'd up
  105. <69fd3513> ah, i see. i think
  106. <c6f44754> bit busy at the moment, then need sleep though :\
  107. * c6f44754 gets to be down at the philly shipyard at 5:30 am
  108. <c6f44754> which means leaving at 4
  109. <c6f44754> I didn't even know 4am *existed*
  110. <9171b8d1> heh
  111. <f5257592> c6f44754_: k, catch up, get zzz's lets try and chat later this week, k?
  112. <c6f44754> f5257592: sure :)
  113. <f5257592> c6f44754: yup 4 AM exists - great time to meditate
  114. <c6f44754> no, sleep :P
  115. <c6f44754> hehe
  116. <9171b8d1> sailing out?
  117. <c6f44754> 9171b8d1: nah, renumbering a network
  118. <f5257592> c6f44754: ps saw the dalai lama last week. whoa!
  119. <c6f44754> wow :)
  120. <f5257592> c6f44754: yeah WOW - but we'll catch up later in week. I'll email we can set up a time or something.
  121. <f5257592> remember your lifevest (and paddle ).
  122. <69fd3513> 9171b8d1: read your emails on malt and pasug. mlcug is kinda of in the same boat, i mean coffin.
  123. <69fd3513> 9171b8d1: is pacs still an option? ntr is still cool with an install-fest, after renovations n stuff. i know we want to keep it small, we could try some other places.
  124. <69fd3513> i'm about to email the ctcnet mailing list to see if i can dig up more NPOs.
  125. <92486181> pacs may no longer be an option for us
  126. <92486181> with the new place there is a lack of space for us to set up
  127. <92486181> there is no area like the lunch room at the school to set up
  128. <69fd3513> ok, so pacs is out. that leaves ntr again. seems like they're our only option until we can find more places.
  129. <92486181> if we do anything with pacs, it has to be something that is carefully planed
  130. <69fd3513> ok, so it sounds like you're saying it can be done at pacs but we just have to make sure there aren't too many people coming. is that right?
  131. <69fd3513> based on what you saw. approximately how many people could we safely fit in the targeted room? is it 10 or 20?
  132. <92486181> no, we need to set something up through the board
  133. <92486181> the smaller rooms hold less then 30
  134. <69fd3513> yeah, no kidding we have to talk with the board! but you said something space restrictions earlier.
  135. <92486181> the biggest room can hold 120
  136. <92486181> there are only 4 rooms
  137. <92486181> there is also a small common area
  138. <69fd3513> we only want mini-install-fests at this point. a small room is fine.
  139. <92486181> but that doesn't lend itself to a big group
  140. <92486181> that's the problem
  141. <92486181> every room is in use most of the time
  142. <69fd3513> what room is running the linux sig?
  143. <92486181> there might b e a room open after the main meeting
  144. <69fd3513> or does if even have a room?
  145. <69fd3513> *it
  146. <92486181> we have a room
  147. <69fd3513> then use that one. done.
  148. <92486181> but we only have it from 1-3
  149. <69fd3513> any idea who is in it before and after?
  150. <69fd3513> we negotiate ;)
  151. <92486181> the schedule hasn't been set yet
  152. <92486181> no one is in it after us
  153. <92486181> we end the day
  154. <69fd3513> ok then. well for now, a 2 hour window ain't bad.
  155. <92486181> which means we might be able to stay later
  156. <69fd3513> especially for a mini-install-fest
  157. <92486181> but that is up to Giant not pacs
  158. <92486181> this is why I said we need to go through the board
  159. <92486181> but we have to wait until after Sept to do anything
  160. <69fd3513> we can't talk to the board now?
  161. <92486181> pacs needs to get at least one meeting over and done with so they know how things are going
  162. *** 9add00a6_ is now known as 0989a0bb
  163. <69fd3513> someone asked me recently if you can play a movie the desktop background. think it was someone from ntr ...
  164. <69fd3513> anyone know if that's possible? i suspect it would be done thru compiz somehow.
  165. <c6f44754> it is
  166. <c6f44754> don't know how though, that kind of thing is crazy :)
  167. <69fd3513> yep it is. but it got me interested coz he said, "well vista can do it"
  168. <69fd3513> so i'm like, bring it
  169. <c6f44754> lol
  170. <c6f44754> 69fd3513++
  171. <92486181> now all some one has to do is figure out how to do it
  172. <92486181> there is a video playback plugin
  173. <69fd3513> otherwise /me is gonna look foolish at the next ntr session
  174. <92486181> just don't know how to use it
  175. <69fd3513> damn, i can't put /me in a reply? what the heck
  176. <f5257592> well for certain if vista can do it, sure as heck has to be a way that linux can beat the pants out of it and do it better, faster, smarter, wiser!
  177. <69fd3513> f5257592++
  178. <92486181> vista does it by a loop playback
  179. <92486181> there are no instructions for the video playback plugin
  180. <69fd3513> 92486181: there's something in compiz called "video playback" but i see no slick options.
  181. <92486181> that's what I was talking about
  182. <69fd3513> yep
  183. <92486181> it doesn't tell you how to use it
  184. <f5257592> the code supplies a working set of instructions, yes?
  185. <69fd3513> f5257592: not sure. never really looked until now. there's a man page for compiz but it's very general. might be more info on the plugins, somewhere.
  186. <69fd3513> googling now for info on a Video Desktop plugin
  187. <92486181> it might be like Vista
  188. <69fd3513> xwinwrap
  189. <f5257592> 69fd3513: I was also being a bit punny w/ that remark ;)
  190. <92486181> you need a video of the right type for it to work
  191. <84e3a416> Howdy!
  192. <0989a0bb> Howdy? This is #ubuntu-us-pa not #ubuntu-us-tx :P (jk)
  193. <84e3a416> 0989a0bb: I resemble that remark
  194. <0989a0bb> resemble?
  195. <0989a0bb> resent?
  196. <84e3a416> No resemble
  197. <84e3a416> cause I spent a lot of time growing up in texas.
  198. <0989a0bb> so you look like that remark?
  199. <84e3a416> Well the tx part yes.
  200. <f5257592> lol
  201. <f5257592> which part of texas?
  202. <f5257592> do you resemble?
  203. <f5257592> (jk)
  204. <84e3a416> ah working on SFD so kinda distracted
  205. <f5257592> 69fd3513: and
  206. <84e3a416> Was all over Texas. El Paso, Corpus Christi (which means the corpse of Christ..gotta love it), Houston, Texarkana
  207. <f5257592> 92486181: search the Internet just to see if anyone may have done something similar.
  208. <84e3a416> actually I on the wrong room, and Im actually headin to the ohio one
  209. <84e3a416> Later dawgs.
  210. <f5257592> nothing so far.
  211. <69fd3513> f5257592: the only thing i'm finding is xwinwrap
  212. <f5257592> This isn't what ya want but I saw this quick thing where they were running desktop windows in transparent mode and the movie was playing behind them...not really what we are going for...
  213. <f5257592> but nice "trick" look
  214. <92486181>
  215. <0f4b34d9> Title: YouTube - Autumn Plugin Compiz Fusion (at
  216. <69fd3513> here's a scary howto for doing it with compiz:
  217. <69fd3513>
  218. <0f4b34d9> Title: Howto: Use Compiz Fusion or xwinwrap to draw your desktop background - Ubuntu Forums (at
  219. <f5257592> 92486181: above - were you getting at the idea of a compiz plugin that ran a movie player?
  220. <69fd3513> 92486181: looked like an animated gif as a background. still kinda cool.
  221. <92486181> that's seems how Vista does it
  222. <f5257592> that is kinda what this is doing.
  223. <f5257592> ok - should read back..sorry.
  224. <69fd3513> ok, here we go
  225. <69fd3513>
  226. <0f4b34d9> Title: YouTube - video xwinwrap ubuntu dapper xgl compiz kiba-dock (at
  227. <69fd3513> what a freak show. who would do that?
  228. <69fd3513> definitely not a productivity tool :D
  229. <f5257592> so they also have a snow plugin on
  230. <0f4b34d9> Title: :: Plugins. - Compiz (at
  231. <f5257592> 69fd3513: lol omg
  232. <69fd3513> f5257592: isn't that crazy? maybe i'm just a wimp.
  233. <69fd3513> i may just tell the guy it can't be done.
  234. <f5257592> 69fd3513: crazy funny! maybe I'm warped. either way not on my PC!
  235. <f5257592> 69fd3513: but postscript it with a big YET!
  236. <f5257592> can't be done YET!
  237. <69fd3513> hmm, wonder if you can play a different movie on each face of the cube?
  238. <92486181> it probably can be done with the right animated gif
  239. <92486181> that may be what the video playback plugin is for
  240. <69fd3513> the docs on the compiz site explain what the vid playback is for. some kind of enhancement to playing videos in compiz.
  241. <f5257592> Early alarm. Audi here! Catch up with y'all later and that's a pennsylltuckian y'all ;)
  242. <69fd3513> f5257592: good night
  243. <69fd3513> lol, pennsylltuckian
  244. <69fd3513> i'm a massylvanian
  245. <14774ccc> ...
  246. <69fd3513> gotta jet too. later everyone.
  247. <a42c5963> Anyone actually here at this time? i have some questions
  248. <16bfdbae> i am
  249. <714a7546> 16bfdbae is
  250. <16bfdbae> dont know if i can help
  251. <a42c5963> Okay, how are you involved with Ubuntu? jw.
  252. <16bfdbae> I am an ubuntero
  253. <a42c5963> .. What' sthat?
  254. <16bfdbae> all that means is I use ubun tu
  255. <16bfdbae> ubuntu
  256. <a42c5963> oh.
  257. <16bfdbae> brb.
  258. <a42c5963> Well I'm only 14, and I'm interested in programming. I use Ubuntu on my laptop, and I reap the many benefits that open source offered. I think it'd be great if I could somehow give back and help in some way or another as I learn programming, and I was just looking for some guidance.
  259. <a42c5963> I might sound crazy. But really I hurt my leg about a year ago and I'm crippled for another two years probably.. So I don't have much to do, so I have the time finally to do this. I tried my hand at building websites and I don't like it - Programming sounds fun, and I love ubuntu.
  260. <a42c5963> Even if someone can point me in the direction of what programming language i should be learning, it'd be a good start.
  261. <6c659f0c> a42c5963: what languages? the best place, the place that you'd be needed most, is making patches and fixes for bugs
  262. <6c659f0c> ah
  263. <714a7546> web sites used to be more like general programming before it "evolved"
  264. <6c659f0c> python and C/++
  265. <16bfdbae> a42c5963, sound slike a good plan. hang around 714a7546 might be able to push you in the right direction also c6f44754 and 6c659f0c most everybody in here except for me :/
  266. <8bfec68d> a42c5963: lots of choices out there
  267. <a42c5963> Well what's reccomended?? for a beginner
  268. <8bfec68d> a42c5963: what kind of programming do you want to do?
  269. <8bfec68d> a42c5963: Python is something not bad... neither is C++
  270. <a42c5963> 8bfec68d: I guess I was looking at maybe bug fixing, but wherever I'm needed really.
  271. <8bfec68d> a42c5963: bug fixing on the kernel? or bug fixing in certain applications?
  272. <714a7546> a42c5963: where are you starting from? Have you done any programming?
  273. <a42c5963> 8bfec68d: You tell me. I'm guessing applications would be easier.
  274. <6c659f0c> well, bug fixing, especially in hardware recognition, would not only benefit ubuntu many times over but upstream gnu/linux as well
  275. <8bfec68d> a42c5963: well, then you could look into C++ or Python or both
  276. <8bfec68d> 6c659f0c: correct
  277. <6c659f0c> if you get into kernel hacking, i'd learn C
  278. <8bfec68d> a42c5963: also Perl
  279. <8bfec68d> yeah, the kernel is written in C
  280. <a42c5963> 714a7546: Not really.. As I said the most I've done is used PHP and some .NET but.. not really much
  281. <a42c5963> 8bfec68d: is there one language that sort of builds on another?? ex. should I learn one first and work my way up?
  282. <714a7546> C is a ugly language to learn how to program in
  283. <8bfec68d> a42c5963: well, I would definitely start on C++ if I were you, its a widely used cross-platform language
  284. <6c659f0c> a42c5963: more than what i've done. :) i can barely read php. but i do enjoy some hardware hacking here and there, and i'm an infosec type
  285. <a42c5963> 6c659f0c: i hate php, for the record. I haven't brought myself to finish my site.
  286. <6c659f0c> he could start on BASIC...
  287. * 6c659f0c ducks
  288. <8bfec68d> haha
  289. <8bfec68d> COBOL
  290. <8bfec68d> (:
  291. <714a7546> I learned on PASCAL
  292. <8bfec68d> a42c5963: I am joking, you don't need COBOL to know any other language
  293. <714a7546> but I think VB is a common starting point too
  294. <6c659f0c> a42c5963: yeah, it's (HAHAHA. FORTRAN!!) not pretty to look at
  295. <8bfec68d> a42c5963: most languages share a common sense with each other...
  296. <a42c5963> 6c659f0c: It goes in circles too much imo
  297. <6c659f0c> mmhmm
  298. <a42c5963> 8bfec68d: okay. So you just have to learn the differences. Why are you suggesting multiple ones? jw
  299. <714a7546> one you know one you know them all but it helps to start with a language that will yell at you when you screw up
  300. <6c659f0c> but it's pretty much the glue of web 2.0, so it's kind of hard to escape
  301. <8bfec68d> a42c5963: but if you want to fix bugs in C++.. you will need to know C++ first, so you should start to learn and write and compile your own application first
  302. <8bfec68d> a42c5963: start small and challenge yourself
  303. <6c659f0c> 8bfec68d++
  304. <a42c5963> 6c659f0c: yeah. I like it, in a sense that it's pretty human-like syntax in most cases, but it's a pain in the butt to code and find errors.
  305. <a42c5963> 8bfec68d: do you guys reccomend any specific editors?? Preferrably for OS X.. I do Have ubuntu but I'm on the road a lot right now so I have my MacBook
  306. <8bfec68d> a42c5963: having a good IDE helps too... something like Geany
  307. <714a7546> come to think of it I was 14 when I took my first programming class
  308. <8bfec68d> a42c5963: Geany can be used on Mac as well
  309. <8bfec68d> 714a7546: yeah same here
  310. <8bfec68d> 714a7546: but I was programming earlier back in ibm-dos days
  311. <6c659f0c> a42c5963: well, i've found most coders go for emacsen, but i use vi-like editors myself. both have clones for the mac
  312. <714a7546> Turbo Pascal for DOS!
  313. <6c659f0c> 714a7546: lol, git outta here
  314. <8bfec68d> haha
  315. <714a7546> I still have a copy somewhere
  316. <a42c5963> Yes. VIM exists for the Mac. Formerly I used Aptana Studio but it blows.
  317. <714a7546> along with a number of programs I wrote
  318. <8bfec68d> 6c659f0c: it depends, not everyone likes terminal (:
  319. <6c659f0c> 714a7546: that would be fantastic if you could find that
  320. <8bfec68d> a42c5963: try geany (:
  321. <714a7546> The compiler has a bug that causes most of the apps to not work with a CPU faster than 200Mhz
  322. <6c659f0c> i just got my hands on a copy of dbaseIIIplus ... stil in shrink wrapping!
  323. <a42c5963> 8bfec68d: indeed.
  324. <8bfec68d> a42c5963:
  325. <0f4b34d9> Title: Geany : Home Page (at
  326. <a42c5963> Which languages do you all know?? That way If I'm having specfic trouble I can ask.. If it's not too much of a burden.
  327. <8bfec68d> a42c5963: is this a resume?
  328. <a42c5963> 8bfec68d: ??
  329. <0f4b34d9> hmm... 8bfec68d: is there an easy way to change the IP address on the Virtual OS, a42c5963
  330. <8bfec68d> a42c5963: I am playing (:
  331. <a42c5963> 8bfec68d: checking.
  332. <6c659f0c> 8bfec68d: oh, i know! there are gui emacsen and vi-likes. i think it all comes down to the keystrokes, etc. you're comfortable with
  333. <6c659f0c> 0f4b34d9: forget 8bfec68d:
  334. <8bfec68d> 6c659f0c: most definitely
  335. <0f4b34d9> Okay.
  336. <a42c5963> Any recommended tutorials before I go find one?
  337. <8bfec68d> 6c659f0c: don't get me wrong, I don't mind vi or emacs... I just find that a GUI IDE fits certain people, mostly new people.. where as text-based fits more tuned to it
  338. <714a7546> 6c659f0c: I found it. Turbo Pascal for DOS
  339. <6c659f0c> 0f4b34d9: a42c5963 is a young hacker with a busted leg and is eager to learn \o/
  340. <0f4b34d9> Got it!
  341. <8bfec68d> haha
  342. <a42c5963> lol
  343. <6c659f0c> 714a7546: pics or gtfo. haha we should trade photos
  344. <a42c5963> No Geany for OS X
  345. <6c659f0c> i'll take a photo of my 386...
  346. <a42c5963> :-(
  347. <8bfec68d> a42c5963:
  348. <0f4b34d9> Title: C++ Language Tutorial (at
  349. <8bfec68d> a42c5963: you can always compile it (:
  350. <8bfec68d> a42c5963: or run a virtual machine on your mac book (:
  351. <a42c5963> 8bfec68d: true.
  352. <6c659f0c> isn't there like, a MacPorts or something?
  353. <714a7546> 6c659f0c: I meant, I found the installation files. You want programs too? :)
  354. <8bfec68d> 6c659f0c: I forgot about that
  355. <6c659f0c> like a repository for GNU stuff for macs?
  356. <714a7546> a42c5963: what did you do to your leg?
  357. <8bfec68d>
  358. <0f4b34d9> Title: Changeset 33318 - MacPorts - Trac (at
  359. <6c659f0c> 714a7546: that'd be hilarious. we should get a bunch of the gurus from PASUG and play with old tech
  360. <8bfec68d> a42c5963: so yeah, geany is in macports
  361. <a42c5963> 714a7546: I was playing soccer, I used to play a lot, 3 teams in summer, 2 in winter (indoor) and I was just running really fast, and I kicked the ball, and I tore my hamstring completely in half and fractured my pelvis. The first doctor we went to misdiagnosed me and we had to go get a second opinion, but the recovery so far has been 11 months.
  362. <6c659f0c> whoa
  363. <0989a0bb> yikes
  364. <0989a0bb> screw that
  365. <6c659f0c> intensse
  366. <6c659f0c> s/se/e
  367. <a42c5963> Yeah. Honestly they had me on some good drugs so I don't really remember the initial day it happened.
  368. <6c659f0c> hahaha
  369. <a42c5963> But ever since I've gotten way into computers.. More than before. I fix them on the side for money, I started my website, and now I'm doing this.
  370. <714a7546> sounds like a life altering event
  371. <a42c5963> Somewhat. No more soccer.
  372. <6c659f0c> 0989a0bb: do you have a preferred subnet for our vpn to
  373. <714a7546> lol.
  374. <714a7546> 6c659f0c's elite hax0r domain
  375. <a42c5963> mine is better...
  376. <a42c5963> Can't beat that.
  377. <6c659f0c> more like playground \o/
  378. <6c659f0c> a42c5963: heh, nice. i actually don't own, c6f44754 does. she was gracious enough to give me the g subdomain because we didn't have a domain name picked out yet
  379. <a42c5963> 6c659f0c: very nice.
  380. <6c659f0c> c6f44754 is apparently easily seduced and persuaded by promises of ice cream
  381. <6c659f0c> seduction_by_hamburgers++
  382. <6c659f0c> @karma seduction_by_hamburgers++
  383. <0f4b34d9> 6c659f0c: seduction_by_hamburgers++ has neutral karma.
  384. <6c659f0c> ...
  385. <6c659f0c> @karma seduction_by_hamburger++
  386. <0f4b34d9> 6c659f0c: seduction_by_hamburger++ has neutral karma.
  387. <6c659f0c> 0_0
  388. <714a7546> seduction_by_hamburgers++
  389. <8bfec68d> 6c659f0c: the s
  390. <6c659f0c> no, i did
  391. <6c659f0c> it, also, has neutral karma...
  392. <a42c5963> Might i ask what you're planning on doing with that ??
  393. * 6c659f0c glances over at 14774ccc
  394. <a42c5963> (the domain)
  395. <14774ccc> What did I do now?
  396. <6c659f0c> a42c5963: oh, no idea. if we follow suit with the rest of the * domain, we'll intentionally make it look like an angelfire-era website
  397. <714a7546> 6c659f0c:
  398. <16bfdbae> 6c659f0c, you should ask for
  399. <8bfec68d> 14774ccc: tsk, 0f4b34d9 is going nuts
  400. <14774ccc> no no no
  401. <6c659f0c> 16bfdbae: jadoba has it
  402. <a42c5963> angelfire-era?
  403. <14774ccc> @karma seduction_by_hamburgers
  404. <6c659f0c> iirc
  405. <0f4b34d9> 14774ccc: Karma for "seduction_by_hamburgers" has been increased 9 times and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 9.
  406. <6c659f0c> W.TF
  407. <8bfec68d> hahah
  408. <8bfec68d> thats funny
  409. <14774ccc> silly you added the ++ after the name when requesting the karma
  410. <14774ccc> ...twice.
  411. <8bfec68d> 14774ccc: tsk, 6c659f0c is going nuts
  412. <8bfec68d> seduction_by_hamburgers++++
  413. <8bfec68d> @karma seduction_by_hamburgers++
  414. <0f4b34d9> 8bfec68d: Karma for "seduction_by_hamburgers++" has been increased 1 time and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 1.
  415. <8bfec68d> yes!
  416. <16bfdbae> seduction_by_hamburgers++++
  417. <a42c5963> So once I learn C++ (and how long about would that take?) how do I get involved actually developing/bug fixing?
  418. <8bfec68d> a42c5963: not sure how quickly you will pick it up
  419. <6c659f0c> oh@ hahaha
  420. * 6c659f0c is tired
  421. <a42c5963> 8bfec68d: I learned PHP in 3 days.. But i don't know how it is comparable.
  422. <8bfec68d> a42c5963: learning != knowing
  423. <6c659f0c> s/knowing/grokking
  424. <a42c5963> This is true.
  425. <8bfec68d> a42c5963: someone can learn guitar in 3 days but to master it can take a life time
  426. <a42c5963> 8bfec68d: i play bass :-p
  427. <8bfec68d> a42c5963: I would definitely read up on OOP and what not
  428. <a42c5963> what is OOP?
  429. <6c659f0c> i'd say after a year, year and a half, he should be ready for kernel code. application bug fixing after 6 mos. if he's diligent and gets messy asap
  430. <8bfec68d> a42c5963: object orientated programming
  431. <a42c5963> oh.
  432. <8bfec68d> 6c659f0c: might... its hard to say... kernel debugging is not that easy sometimes
  433. <8bfec68d> 6c659f0c: can be a very complex situation
  434. <6c659f0c> oh, definitely
  435. <8bfec68d> some of those people on the kernel team have been cracking at this since 1990's
  436. <6c659f0c> i read some of that mess and i go "...that... might as well be latin."
  437. <8bfec68d> haha
  438. <6c659f0c> totally worth it for the comments though
  439. <8bfec68d> a42c5963: I would say that if you study hard and practice practice and practice, you could habe application debugging in 6 or so months
  440. <6c659f0c> "mother-fscking I/O stalls without this." etc.
  441. <a42c5963> 8bfec68d: works for me.
  442. <714a7546> I was just up in my attic grabbing the last of my .NET books for my bookshelf and stumbled on the Turbo Pascal for Windows manuals by accident =) They were right next to the Wordperfect manuals
  443. <8bfec68d> 714a7546: yeah, I sold all my books
  444. <8bfec68d> 714a7546: now I have ebooks
  445. <8bfec68d> 714a7546: is great for that stuff to sell
  446. <6c659f0c> someone work for me tomorrow so i can sleep in plz
  447. <714a7546> 6c659f0c: k. I will be you for a day
  448. <14774ccc> someone go to the orthodontist for me tomorrow so i don't have to
  449. <14774ccc> plz
  450. <6c659f0c> i'd go to the orthodontist if it meant i didn't have to go to work
  451. <14774ccc> btw, my deal is 9add00a6-free
  452. <a42c5963> Alright guys, I'm out for tonight, I'll start my reading tomorrow. I appreciate the help. I'll try to keep you posted, maybe hang out in here some.
  453. <14774ccc> hrm
  454. <14774ccc> nighty night
  455. <6c659f0c> gnight
  456. <6c659f0c> 9add00a6 isn't so bad as long as you keep him sated with donuts and coffee
  457. <6c659f0c> oh, wait. i'm thinking of ace_chris
  458. <16bfdbae> hey can any of you test for me please. click listen live on the right top corner
  459. <8bfec68d> I don't want to work tomorrow either
  460. <6c659f0c> if i wasn't at a cli/lynx-only terminal...
  461. <14774ccc> buffering...
  462. <14774ccc> playing
  463. <14774ccc> works
  464. <16bfdbae> using mozilla-mplayer?
  465. <16bfdbae> I do see it getting Playlist
  466. <16bfdbae> 14774ccc, what's playing?
  467. <16bfdbae> errrrr
  468. <14774ccc> something
  469. <14774ccc> i closed it out
  470. <14774ccc> noscript had a field day
  471. <16bfdbae> yeah same here
  472. <14774ccc> woo
  473. <14774ccc> this is some fun lightning...
  474. <c6f44754> btw, *I* have t.rainwreck - 73cf3070 has b.rainwreck
  475. * c6f44754 is very cold
  476. * c6f44754 goes to warm self on server exhaust
  477. <9171b8d1> c6f44754: still at shipyard?
  478. <c6f44754> yep
  479. *** 9171b8d1_ is now known as 9171b8d1
  480. <9171b8d1> darn, nj changed the name; i was gonna volunteer to bring cups
  481. <9171b8d1> 6c659f0c: from the other day what was the exact phrase? immature twits......
  482. <c6f44754> 9171b8d1: naughty
  483. <9171b8d1> c6f44754: it gets much worse inside my head
  484. <c6f44754> lol
  485. * c6f44754 goes home
  486. * 9171b8d1 looks for grand am on 95 south
  487. * 9171b8d1 remembers
  488. <9171b8d1> immature twits of ubuntu
  489. <9171b8d1> IToU++
  490. <9171b8d1> @karma IToU
  491. <0f4b34d9> 9171b8d1: Karma for "IToU" has been increased 1 time and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 1.
  492. <9171b8d1> wrong :/
  493. <9171b8d1> @karma IT*
  494. <0f4b34d9> 9171b8d1: IT* has neutral karma.
  495. <9171b8d1> @karma IToL
  496. <0f4b34d9> 9171b8d1: IToL has neutral karma.
  497. <9171b8d1> immature /and/ forgetful
  498. <6c659f0c> 9171b8d1: sorry, was commuting/calling etc.
  499. <6c659f0c> let me grep logs
  500. <6c659f0c> IBoT
  501. <6c659f0c> Immature Bunch of Twits
  502. <6c659f0c> 0f4b34d9: 6c659f0c is also an IBoT
  503. <0f4b34d9> I hear ya!
  504. <9171b8d1> ty
  505. <6c659f0c> 0f4b34d9: IBoT is an Immature Bunch of Twits, which apparently includes gentoo users
  506. <0f4b34d9> 10-4, 6c659f0c.
  507. <6c659f0c> ibot?
  508. <0f4b34d9> ibot is an Immature Bunch of Twits, which apparently includes gentoo users, 6c659f0c
  509. <9171b8d1> and breadmen
  510. <9171b8d1> card carrying ibot
  511. <6c659f0c> \o/
  512. <9171b8d1> btw, in 1982 PASCAL was hottt
  513. <6c659f0c> 9171b8d1: that was 3 yrs before i was born.
  514. <9add00a6> 6c659f0c: what, you're 85? I thought you were older than that.
  515. <9add00a6> s/85/'85
  516. <9171b8d1> 714a7546: has me yearning to find my copy of vb for dos!!
  517. <9171b8d1> logs were great last night
  518. <6c659f0c> 9add00a6: yeah, 85
  519. <9add00a6> proper_notation++
  520. <6c659f0c> %s/85/\'85
  521. <9add00a6> boo
  522. <9add00a6> don't change everyones 85
  523. <9add00a6> what If someone said "I just ate 85 corn dogs"
  524. <9add00a6> now they said '85 corn dogs
  525. <6c659f0c> THEN THEY ATE '85 NOW, BITCH
  526. <6c659f0c> you beat me :(
  527. <6c659f0c> also, that'd change my nick.
  528. <9add00a6> owned
  529. <6c659f0c> and i bet a bunch of people's IP
  530. <9add00a6> hahaha
  531. <6c659f0c> MASSIVE DoS!
  532. <6c659f0c> "wtf? unroutable packet?"
  533. * 6c659f0c times out
  534. <6c659f0c> 9add00a6: your latex quote and your Funbuntu qoute are the two highest-rated quotes on
  535. <6c659f0c> also, i'm guessing you posted the vim quote of me :P heh
  536. <6c659f0c> 0f4b34d9: CoC?
  537. <0f4b34d9> 15:00:15 < 0989a0bb> no the CoC sucks, I get shafted by it all the time. I owe so much money to c6f44754 because of the CoC, she always slaps me with it :(. Stupid CoC
  538. <9add00a6> hahah who posted that?
  539. <9add00a6> oh thats pennbot
  540. <9add00a6> and that's awesome
  541. <9add00a6> what vim quote?
  542. <9add00a6> i probably did but i dont remember
  543. <6c659f0c>
  544. <0f4b34d9> Title: (at
  545. <9add00a6> "Dinosaur Fight Club"
  546. <9add00a6> ^^ New(?) History channel show
  547. <714a7546> 9add00a6: please tell me you are kidding
  548. <714a7546> fd9a01ef: I was not into VB until much later in my career. No VB for DOS :(
  549. <fd9a01ef> i think 0f4b34d9 grabs random stuff after is.....
  550. <fd9a01ef> 714a7546: but you had turbo pasc
  551. <714a7546> I went from Turbo Pascal for DOS to Turbo Pascal for Win to C/C++
  552. <9add00a6> 714a7546: totally not kidding
  553. <714a7546> well, actually I learned assembly before C, but, same same
  554. <fd9a01ef> that was the only thing from last night i wasn't sure of, so i will defet to you guys; i would have suggested C
  555. <fd9a01ef> s/defet/defer
  556. <714a7546> C/C++ are difficult languages to learn as a first language
  557. <714a7546> You can make all sorts of mistakes and not know about it until runtime
  558. <714a7546> thats why Pascal is a learning language. It was designed for that. The compiler kicks your ass when you do it wrong
  559. <fd9a01ef> C is a great foundation though
  560. <fd9a01ef> i miss not having it, nor the time to get it down
  561. <714a7546> 9add00a6: I think documentaries took a steep downward turn a few years ago
  562. <9add00a6> yah..
  563. <6c659f0c> ...oh em jee.
  564. <6c659f0c> so, i'm vnc'd into a customer
  565. <6c659f0c> and one of their emails is from, and i kid you not,
  566. <6c659f0c> a company called "Hiscox"
  567. <9add00a6> Yeah, I think they're a subsidiary of Hervag
  568. <6c659f0c> hahahaha
  569. <6c659f0c> i totally believed that for a second too
  570. <9add00a6> hahah
  571. <9add00a6> funwebproducts is my favourite u-bash quote by far
  572. <9add00a6> way funnier because I know that the nagging is about a jewish girl I dated
  573. <6c659f0c> yeah
  574. <9add00a6> omgz! per-workspace backgrounds coming in next gnome!
  575. <14774ccc> 'bout time
  576. <9add00a6> for real
  577. <14774ccc> wait
  578. <14774ccc> does that include the workspace-equivelent things when compiz is enabled?
  579. <9add00a6> beats me dude
  580. <9add00a6>
  581. <0f4b34d9> Title: James SOC Blog � Blog Archive � Workspace wallpaper backend patches and video (at
  582. <9add00a6> ask him
  583. <a1c18d45> man, i remember that being a feature i turned _off_ in xfce
  584. <9add00a6> really? I would love that
  585. <a1c18d45> i think it's perfectly useful
  586. <a1c18d45> i was more commenting on how the "little guy" xfce had it first
  587. <a1c18d45> i turned it off because i really liked the one desktop background i was using and it irked me that i couldn't see it on the other desktops
  588. <9add00a6> oh, the underlined off was misleading
  589. <a1c18d45> maybe i should have said _turned off_
  590. <a1c18d45> or avoided the underscores altogether, but my C background makes that difficult
  591. <9add00a6> I think noting that you turned it off at all was what was misleading
  592. <9add00a6> made me think, "shit, I hate that feature"
  593. <a1c18d45> i can kinda see how it might be useful for reminding you which desktop you're looking at, but i generally use the open programs for that
  594. <a1c18d45> i've actually become a bit of a crotchety old man and turned off many of the blingy desktop features
  595. <a1c18d45> on my work machine i don't even use multiple desktops
  596. <a1c18d45> and i've started to use more command line/ncurses programs
  597. <a1c18d45> if i had a lawn i'd be yelling at "damn kids" to "get off it"
  598. <6c659f0c> a1c18d45 uses twm
  599. <6c659f0c> with no root image
  600. <a1c18d45> i did use that for a while, and i actually liked it
  601. <6c659f0c> because that's what everyone used back in his day
  602. <6c659f0c> hahaha
  603. <a1c18d45> i had this really old crappy laptop and twm was all it could handle
  604. <a1c18d45> give me an old laptop, and an xterm to steer her by
  605. <fd9a01ef> 714a7546: or any windows expert - someone just deleted csrss.exe (thought it was a trojan) cant access mssql - what can they do - can they copy the file from another working computer???
  606. <14774ccc> woo, restore cd?
  607. <fd9a01ef> no restore cd
  608. <14774ccc> no windows cd?
  609. <fd9a01ef> nada
  610. <714a7546> lol
  611. <fd9a01ef> sfc won't work because of those issues
  612. <714a7546> don't delete csrss!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  613. <714a7546> how did you do that? Did you disable WFP?
  614. <fd9a01ef> avg
  615. <fd9a01ef> antivirus
  616. <714a7546> csrss is a system file. Windows File Protection should fix it if you try to delete it
  617. <714a7546> what version of Windows?
  618. <fd9a01ef> 2000
  619. <714a7546> oh. I don't remember if WFP was enabled yet
  620. <714a7546> grab it from another PC at the same service pack level
  621. <714a7546> If you don't have one, decompress it from the service pack installation files for the SP level of that workstation
  622. <fd9a01ef> copy it and reboot?
  623. <714a7546> yup
  624. <fd9a01ef> ty
  625. <fd9a01ef> damn new yorkers
  626. <c6f44754> +1
  627. <fd9a01ef> i don't think that's the problem anyway
  628. <c6f44754> although, they do know how to make pizza
  629. <fd9a01ef> the problem is that they are stupid
  630. <c6f44754> don't know how to label streets though
  631. * 714a7546 remembers when a particular network admin deleted all the files on C:\ on his Win95 box to "clean" it
  632. <c6f44754> "it's at the corner of 22nd and 10th" "...orly?"
  633. * c6f44754 likes philadelphia
  634. <fd9a01ef> yeah that is messed up
  635. <fd9a01ef> both of you ^^^
  636. <c6f44754> hehe
  637. * c6f44754 sees ability to work seeping away
  638. <fd9a01ef> you worked early today - cll it quits
  639. <c6f44754> I get to quit at 1
  640. <c6f44754> but that's another 54 minutes...booo x_x
  641. <fd9a01ef> 55 minutes
  642. <fd9a01ef> we can entertain you
  643. * fd9a01ef juggles
  644. <c6f44754> hehe
  645. * 6c659f0c tosses fd9a01ef a frying pan, some eggs, a torch, a chainsaw, and a baby
  646. <c6f44754> however this ends up, it will be entertaining
  647. * fd9a01ef catches frying pan, cuts open eggs with chainsaw, cooks them with torch and feeds them to the baby
  648. * c6f44754 claps
  649. <6c659f0c> that was... much less climactic than i expected
  650. <fd9a01ef> baby dies from salmmonella poisoning :/
  651. <14774ccc> wait, she didn't mention jalapeños
  652. <6c659f0c> ...
  653. <6c659f0c> she?
  654. <0f4b34d9> Rumor has it she is trying to get anything for it, 6c659f0c
  655. <fd9a01ef> hmm
  656. <6c659f0c> 0f4b34d9: forget she
  657. <fd9a01ef> that';s interesting
  658. <0f4b34d9> Okay, 6c659f0c.
  659. <6c659f0c> be back in a bit.
  660. <6c659f0c> back
  661. <14774ccc> that was a bit
  662. <6c659f0c> indeed
  663. <16bfdbae> debian 4.0 has 21 cd's?
  664. <16bfdbae> that is insane
  665. <14774ccc> or one blu-ray disk?
  666. <c6f44754> 16bfdbae: there are a lot of packages, why is that a bad thing?
  667. <c6f44754> that's not the installer, that's the repository
  668. <16bfdbae> not a bad thing. just insane that anyone would want to download all the packages and save to cd
  669. <16bfdbae> then again if you live in siberia I guess that would be a plus
  670. <c6f44754> yep, siberia, africa, my sister's dial up in north canada
  671. <14774ccc> What's this 'dial up' you speak of?
  672. * 14774ccc ducks
  673. * 14774ccc then remembers those years
  674. <16bfdbae> c6f44754, where does your sister live ?
  675. <c6f44754> 16bfdbae: near grande prairie, alberta
  676. <16bfdbae> oh she is in the middle of nowhere
  677. <c6f44754> I think technically she's about an hour north of there, her post office box is in grande prairie (no mail to her house)
  678. <c6f44754> heh, yes, she is
  679. <14774ccc> Other than her, what's up there?
  680. <6c659f0c> 14774ccc: mooses
  681. <14774ccc> afternoon, f348212c
  682. <f348212c> hi 14774ccc
  683. <6c659f0c> another gentoo user?? \o/
  684. <9add00a6> you guys are multiplying
  685. * 9add00a6 breaks out the salt peter
  686. <f348212c> i use gentoo first and foremost :-P
  687. * f348212c blushes
  688. <6c659f0c> i keep switching. i was gentoo 100% then started using ubuntu as my desktop, now i'm swaying back to gentoo
  689. <f348212c> ubuntu CD is the best tool for installing gentoo ;-)
  690. <14774ccc> salt peter?
  691. <6c659f0c> ubuntu's ubuntu repos leave a lot to be desired
  692. <6c659f0c> uh.. minus one of those ubuntus. heh
  693. <6c659f0c> f348212c: ever use sysresccd for an install? it's my new favourite
  694. <6c659f0c> (and it's gentoo-based!)
  695. <c6f44754> sleep now!
  696. * c6f44754 naps
  697. <6c659f0c> \o/
  698. <f348212c> i have not seen sysresccd, i'll check it out
  699. <6c659f0c>
  700. <714a7546> hi a1c18d45
  701. <a1c18d45> hi 714a7546
  702. <69fd3513> a1c18d45 and 714a7546: you two see my comments on using the ipaq from last night's chat?
  703. <a1c18d45> i did not
  704. <714a7546> kinda. I remember skimming them in passing
  705. <714a7546> I have an iPaq at home somewhere I meant to put linux on. Its probably compatible
  706. <714a7546> it has no wifi though. Only BT
  707. <714a7546> I was going to put Familiar on it
  708. <69fd3513> yeah. that's what is on mine
  709. <714a7546> I wonder if I can put Openmoko on it
  710. <6c659f0c> might have to do some driver coding
  711. <69fd3513> 714a7546: don't know what model you're using but some, like mine (3955), give you the option of using the Expansion Pack. opens you up to a bunch of pcmcia (16-bit only) cards. of course there's always the SDIO slot but bt and wifi adapters are hard to find for those.
  712. <69fd3513> bbl
  713. <714a7546> I would rather have a freerunner
  714. <14774ccc> hrm
  715. * a1c18d45 will order a freerunner as soon as the om site unbreakifies
  716. <714a7546> probably won't have a freerunner any time soon unless it gets CDMA support
  717. <a1c18d45> that's doubtful, since most of the works uses GSM, IIRC
  718. <a1c18d45> s/works/world
  719. * a1c18d45 searches for more caffeine
  720. <a1c18d45> afternoon_drag--
  721. <6c659f0c> afternoon_drag--
  722. <6c659f0c> also, wtf:
  723. <0f4b34d9> Title: YouTube - The Dawn of the Tera Era (at
  724. <14774ccc> that_downvote_you_just_made++
  725. <a1c18d45> this video makes me wish i took drugs
  726. <16bfdbae> 6c659f0c, wtf is that video?
  727. <a1c18d45> in fact, it may inspire me to start
  728. <6c659f0c> between that one and all the tom waits i'm listening to, i feel like i'm ON drugs
  729. * a1c18d45 fires up banshee with his Pink Floyd playlist
  730. * 16bfdbae slaps 6c659f0c for posting that link
  731. <16bfdbae> 6c659f0c--
  732. <6c659f0c> :(
  733. <6c659f0c> hey, this is relevant for a42c5963 from last night:
  734. <0f4b34d9> Title: Slashdot | How To Encourage a Young Teen To Learn Programming? (at
  735. * a1c18d45 posted the link to our engineering jabber conference and the wtfs/minute rate just jumped
  736. <6c659f0c> hahahaha
  737. <14774ccc> afternoon, 82a02d6c
  738. <82a02d6c> afternoon...
  739. <82a02d6c> going out on a limb here to assume that ubuntu-us-pa would cover philly =)
  740. <a1c18d45> seems to primarily cover philly
  741. <6c659f0c> i'd venture most of us in here
  742. <6c659f0c> yeah
  743. <82a02d6c> cool
  744. <82a02d6c> I have to admit the heresy of logging in from a mac at present, but 8.04 is running in a VM ;)
  745. <14774ccc> that reminds me, i need to get 8.10 up and running in a vm
  746. <a1c18d45> it's not a heresy to run mac os
  747. <6c659f0c> lot of mac users in general
  748. <a1c18d45> it's just in poor taste ;-)
  749. <9171b8d1> lol
  750. <82a02d6c> lol
  751. * 14774ccc 's mac is sitting next to him right now
  752. <9171b8d1> to /announce/ it
  753. <82a02d6c> guilty as charged
  754. <82a02d6c> (on the poor taste)
  755. <9171b8d1> so now you have to move to pittsburgh
  756. <14774ccc> simmer down y'all, at least he isn't running that there windows
  757. <a1c18d45> we do need more yinzers
  758. <9171b8d1> this is how we welcome
  759. <82a02d6c> <- sulks
  760. <82a02d6c> seriously though, good to meet you all
  761. <9171b8d1> nice to have you!!
  762. * 14774ccc hands 82a02d6c a pile of /me's to us
  763. <82a02d6c> haha
  764. <14774ccc> use*
  765. * 82a02d6c has been away from IRC for a while
  766. <14774ccc> hrm... this rain has been taunting me all day
  767. <14774ccc> using the dhcpd server, is there a way to get a list of all current leases?
  768. <6c659f0c> should be in /var/lib/dhcp3
  769. <14774ccc> 6c659f0c c6f44754 ^
  770. <714a7546> Is it possible to use Irssi with variable width fonts?
  771. <14774ccc> hrm, i saw that, but was wondering if there was anything 'easier to read'
  772. * 6c659f0c shrugs
  773. <6c659f0c> i mostly use dnsmasq for dhcp
  774. <6c659f0c> what do you mean by easier to read?
  775. <14774ccc> maybe a conveninet list or something
  776. <14774ccc> instead of that fun file
  777. <6c659f0c> pastebin it for me
  778. <9171b8d1> call upon the powers of sed/grep/cut
  779. <14774ccc> hrm, i guess it's easy enough to read
  780. <9171b8d1> coward
  781. <6c659f0c> heh
  782. <6c659f0c>
  783. <0f4b34d9> Title: HP shatters excessive packaging world record | The Register (at
  784. <6c659f0c> that reminds me.
  785. <6c659f0c> bvag--
  786. <14774ccc> I saw that before it was on slashdot, before it was on digg, before it was on reddit, before it was on #ubuntu-us-pa
  787. <82a02d6c> haha
  788. <9add00a6> _outlook_ can't print html emails. wtf.
  789. <14774ccc> hahahahahha
  790. <14774ccc> really?
  791. <6c659f0c> yarly
  792. <9add00a6> the rest of office can, if I open that email in word, I can print it, I can print plain text emails, I can print that email from firefox
  793. <6c659f0c> 0f4b34d9: really is <reply> ya, rly
  794. <0f4b34d9> Got it.
  795. <9171b8d1> afraid of vulns prolly
  796. <6c659f0c> 9171b8d1: no no. it can DISPLAY html emails.
  797. <6c659f0c> just not PRINT them.
  798. <9add00a6> yah, MS is afraid of vulnerabilities
  799. <9add00a6> that's a new one
  800. <6c659f0c> heh
  801. <9171b8d1> more vulns, sorry
  802. <14774ccc> screenshot them into ms paint, then print
  803. <9171b8d1> lol
  804. <14774ccc> or just use thunderbird
  805. <9add00a6> it doesn't work that way unfortunately
  806. <14774ccc> explain
  807. <9171b8d1> 9add00a6: you need a thumbdrive with all the foss portable apps when you play with windows
  808. <9add00a6> this isn't me, this is a client
  809. <9add00a6> i dont play with windows
  810. <9add00a6> I use the linux lab at school
  811. <9add00a6> i stopped going to the main lab because blocked shell was pissing me the hell off
  812. <14774ccc> incoming storms!
  813. <14774ccc> contractors don't let clients use outlook?
  814. <9add00a6> wtf are you talking about
  815. <14774ccc> I assume this goes with the same stuff as:
  816. <14774ccc> friends don't let friends use ie
  817. <9add00a6> im pretty sure we charge extra for outlook support
  818. <14774ccc> good
  819. <9add00a6> user_incompetence--
  820. <14774ccc> user_competence++
  821. <6c659f0c> user_incomptetence--
  822. <714a7546> user_termination++
  823. <c6f44754> naps++
  824. <a1c18d45> naps++
  825. <14774ccc> @karma naps
  826. <0f4b34d9> 14774ccc: Karma for "naps" has been increased 42 times and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 42.
  827. <14774ccc> afternoon, a42c5963
  828. <a42c5963> 14774ccc: good afternoon.
  829. <82a02d6c> afternoon
  830. <714a7546> hi a42c5963
  831. <a42c5963> I was looking into C++ courses at the local community college, for about 100 bucks I can take one online
  832. <a42c5963> so I think i'm going to go through the tutorials and then take it
  833. <82a02d6c> that's cool
  834. <a42c5963> I guess.
  835. <a42c5963> so far the tuts look complicated
  836. <82a02d6c> you already code in other languages?
  837. <a42c5963> PHP doesn't count.. lol
  838. <82a02d6c> lol
  839. <82a02d6c> do they have any intro comp sci classes? algorithms? data structures? depending on where you are already, those might be useful
  840. <a42c5963> So not really.. I started learning C# a long time ago.
  841. <a42c5963> and I didn't really look. What databases are going to be helpful to me?
  842. <c6f44754> a42c5963: any reason for learning c++ specifically?
  843. <6c659f0c> a42c5963, 82a02d6c: do you know each other?
  844. <a42c5963> No.
  845. <82a02d6c> nope
  846. <9add00a6> C# rules
  847. <9171b8d1> noob bonding
  848. <82a02d6c> haha
  849. <f348212c> anyone know KDE? How do i undo the setting, "Keep Above Others" on the window behavior?
  850. <a42c5963> c6f44754: well we had a discussion last night, but I was hoping to get involved developing for Ubuntu.. To inform a bit more, i'm 14, looking to get involved, short version
  851. <9171b8d1> why'd ya mess it up
  852. <14774ccc> 9171b8d1: now now
  853. <6c659f0c> a42c5963: mysql and sqlite are pretty big in the F/OSS world. postgresql also can be helpful
  854. <c6f44754> a42c5963: ah gotcha, sorry I missed that conversation - have people given you links to the involvement docs? starting with bugs is a great way to get going
  855. <a42c5963> c6f44754: not really. they just pointed me in the direction of C++ :-P
  856. <c6f44754> starting with bugs lets you just ease into the more complicated stuff and get a *feel* for things
  857. <9171b8d1> damn, naps work - she's on foss fire
  858. <c6f44754>
  859. <0f4b34d9> Title: Get Involved | Ubuntu (at
  860. <c6f44754> and this is great:
  861. <0f4b34d9> Title: ContributeToUbuntu - Ubuntu Wiki (at
  862. <82a02d6c> a42c5963- I can't speak to the ubuntu-community side of things, but I'd look into an intro comp sci course in parallel to whatever you do to get involved with Ubuntu :)
  863. <c6f44754> 9171b8d1: haha, I haven't had energy in days
  864. <9171b8d1> c6f44754++
  865. <82a02d6c> (if you haven't done something like that already)
  866. <9add00a6> a42c5963: if you want a good project to get involved in, that's easy to start, come to #gnome-do
  867. <c6f44754> but I'd really suggest getting involved with the bug team
  868. <c6f44754> plus, they are nice :)
  869. <c6f44754> and will teach you everything you need to know
  870. <a42c5963> 9add00a6: i haven't any experience up to this point, and don't know any language yet.. fyi.
  871. <a42c5963> Well how long about do you think it'll take to learn C++ i know i asked last night but..
  872. <a42c5963> It would be cool to pair me up with someone to help me along
  873. <c6f44754> it's different for everyone, and if you have an immediate practical application
  874. * c6f44754 has trouble learning a language unless she has a real reason
  875. <a42c5963> what do you mean by that?? 'has a real person'?
  876. <c6f44754> reason :)
  877. <9171b8d1> reason
  878. <a42c5963> oh geeez
  879. <a42c5963> lol
  880. <9171b8d1> or, is she a bot?
  881. <a42c5963> i'm reading this and the C++ tut at the same time
  882. <82a02d6c> its getting ugly looking outside... anyone getting rained on?
  883. <a42c5963> not yet.
  884. <c6f44754> I hear thunder
  885. <a42c5963> supposed to though.
  886. <82a02d6c> power blinked last night
  887. <82a02d6c> :)
  888. <82a02d6c> :(
  889. <a42c5963> So if I go "get involved" with the bug fixing people they'll help me along you thinK?
  890. <c6f44754> a42c5963: yes, they always need more people
  891. <69fd3513> a42c5963: hi. if you're looking for someone to pair up with, i'm slowly learning Python gui development. can only play at night though, past 8 - 10pm.
  892. <c6f44754> a42c5963: one thing you can do is get involved with the bug team, start focusing on programs or a language you like, and learn more about specific things as you go - perhaps then take a class if you feel you need to
  893. <a42c5963> 69fd3513: Hm. I'm good with that time for another month or so until school starts. Would prefer C++ though.
  894. <69fd3513> ok. good luck then :)
  895. <a42c5963> c6f44754: yeah..
  896. <a42c5963> 69fd3513: you also
  897. <9add00a6> *cough* gnome-do *cough*
  898. <9171b8d1> lol
  899. <a42c5963> 9add00a6: yeah I heard you :-P what exactly will i get to do in there?
  900. <9171b8d1> mentor 9add00a6
  901. <9add00a6> you'll learn C# (very similar to C++/Java), Gui development, and how to program as part of a team
  902. <a42c5963> Maybe Ill pop in there in afew minutes
  903. <a42c5963> and see what's up
  904. <c6f44754> a42c5963:
  905. <a42c5963> Will anyone care that i'm so young?
  906. <c6f44754> some helpful stuff there
  907. <c6f44754> a42c5963: nope :) Ubuntu welcomes everyone
  908. <a42c5963> haha. okay.
  909. <c6f44754> but you might be interested in #ubuntu-youth
  910. <a42c5963> well. lets check out #gnome-do first so that 9add00a6 doesn't kill me :-P
  911. <c6f44754> he'll kill you anyway
  912. <6c659f0c> 82a02d6c: are you malvern-ish area?
  913. <9add00a6> :P
  914. <9add00a6> there's a #ubuntu-youth?
  915. <14774ccc> 9add00a6: no
  916. <82a02d6c> bts - funny you should ask - I have an office in Malvern, but I'm home now (more conshy area)
  917. <6c659f0c> ah, okay
  918. <9add00a6> 82a02d6c: where in malvern?
  919. <82a02d6c> hoping to be downtown-ish before too long :)
  920. <9add00a6> west philly ftw
  921. <9add00a6> I move in a week :)
  922. <82a02d6c> office right off the 202 - near the big Wawa
  923. <9171b8d1> near new wegmans?
  924. <14774ccc> 16:21:03 < TomGarrett2> ....and the ING Direct building just got hit with lightning
  925. <c6f44754> heh
  926. <14774ccc> ^ he's workign in that building
  927. <c6f44754> my upses keep beeping
  928. <714a7546> are they going to blow up?
  929. <14774ccc> doubt it, as they are still operating inside
  930. * 82a02d6c hopes no lightning disrupts his comcast
  931. *** 9171b8d1_ is now known as 9171b8d1
  932. <c6f44754> pouring now
  933. <a1c18d45> i keep forgetting yinz are all in philly... i look outside and it's sunny
  934. <9add00a6> yinz?
  935. <0f4b34d9> It has been said that yinz is a western PA thing, 9add00a6
  936. <9add00a6> ah, that explains why it makes no sense
  937. <a1c18d45> haha
  938. <6c659f0c> 9add00a6++
  939. <9add00a6> :P
  940. <a1c18d45> i know people who say 'yinz guys'
  941. <9add00a6> haha
  942. <9add00a6> central pa?
  943. <6c659f0c> i know someone who says "HAAAAAYYYY YOOOOOO GGUUUUYYYYSSSSS"
  944. <a1c18d45> no, here
  945. <9add00a6> they took the worst of both sides
  946. <a1c18d45> i try not to use too much yinzer in my speech, but when i get tired or drunk it creeps in
  947. <9add00a6> haha
  948. <9add00a6> getting_drunk++
  949. <9add00a6> I just get sarcastic..
  950. <9171b8d1> yinz_speak++
  951. <9171b8d1> drink all day?
  952. <9add00a6> apparently
  953. <9171b8d1> he
  954. <6c659f0c> 9add00a6: don't hold out, foo'
  955. <a42c5963> btw the people in #gnome-do Don't think I should help them :'(
  956. <9add00a6> well, I was unaware that you don't even currently have an ubuntu install
  957. <a42c5963> 9add00a6: well I do just the mobo fried..
  958. <9add00a6> until you do, you won't get much benefit from doing a do plugin
  959. <a42c5963> 9add00a6: i can also take the ahrd drive out and just pop it in another computer. easy enough.
  960. <a42c5963> Raining here now.
  961. <a42c5963> So what do you all do with/for ubuntu??? or are you just users.
  962. <6c659f0c> varies from person to person that you ask
  963. <69fd3513> a42c5963: i'm a user. but lately, i use as a platform for learning stuff, like python :) it's just so easy to get the packages you need, no searching around.
  964. <69fd3513> bbl
  965. <a42c5963> 69fd3513: indeed. Once I get my mobo in to fix my computer I'll be back on Ubuntu for C++ too.. For now i'm stuck on OS X
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