Showing Off

Jan 26th, 2015
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  1. You sit on the far side of the bed against the wall while you watch Kat tease Robin. Being in the same room is much different than watching. You hear them giggle with your own ears. Smell their bodies with your own nose. Reach out and touch them with your own-
  3. You try to pull your hand back before anyone notices. You see Kat give you a little wink before going back to kissing Robin.
  5. Damn.
  7. “Take off your clothes,” Kat commands. She says it to Robin, but she’s looking at you. Her eyes are just so...hungry. What is it about that girl that makes people want to listen?
  9. “Keep your choker on,” Kat tells Robin. “You’re my little pet after all.”
  11. Robin nods and looks at Kat with a cute, vulnerable look.
  13. “Say it,” Kat pulls Robin’s chin up, stopping her from looking at the ground.
  15. “I’m your little p-pet.”
  17. “Good girl,” Kat runs a finger through her hair, then pulls her in for another kiss. “Very good. Now, turn around”
  19. Robin turns around and faces you. She averts her gaze. You can see her entire naked body.
  21. You and Robin both have small bodies, but you wish yours was like hers. Where you’re pale and soft, she’s firm. She doesn’t have much in the way of boobs, but hers are so perky. Her butt is small, but it’s round and toned and cute. Her stomach shows the faint outline of her ab muscles. She’s somehow got those nice hips and that little thigh gap.
  23. “Like what you see?” Kat’s eyes mock you as she displays Robin.
  25. “No! What?”
  27. Robin looks hurt.
  29. “I mean, yes, but-”
  31. “See? She likes your body.” Kat nibbles Robin’s ear. “I like your body,” She whispers.
  33. You bite your lip as you watch Kat run her hands over Robin right in front of you. Kat makes Robin go on all fours, so her face is next to yours.
  35. “Look at Clair. Let her know that you’re my pet.”
  37. Robin looks at you with her one good eye. You can see her embarrassment, but you can also clearly tell how turned on she is.
  39. ------------------
  41. You are Robin.
  43. “I-I’m Kat’s pet,” you say as you feel Kat moving behind you.
  45. What’s she doing? You begin to turn your head back, but you feel her stop you.
  47. “Nah ah. I told you to look at Clair.” Kat runs a finger along your naked back, making you shiver.
  49. You do as you’re told.
  51. You’ve always done what you’re told. That’s just who you are. You don’t want to cause problems for anybody, and you like to know you’re doing the right thing. If someone you trusts tells you to do it, you’ve always just trusted them about the harder questions behind it. You obey.
  53. But with Kat, it’s different. You listen to her because you want to. She’s never forced you to do anything. Even when you left your dad and didn’t know what to do, she tried to get you to ask yourself what you want instead of just giving you a task. Kat doesn’t try to control you. You even acted dominant back in Clairborough and she accepted it. Kat let’s you figure out who you are for yourself. You trust Kat more than anyone.
  55. Clair’s face is a little fuzzy from this angle. You adjust your head so you’re looking at her with your good eye. You hate your bad eye. Not because you get stares and can’t see as well, but because you know it’s hurting Kat. You don’t want to hurt her. You should have been more careful, more aware of your surroundings. Now Kat blames herself.
  57. Clair’s eyes go wide and you hear a distinct buzzing sound, bringing you back into the moment. You try to look around out of instinct, but you feel Kat’s hand on your choker, gently keeping you facing Clair.
  59. “Bad girl!” She gives you a sharp slap on the butt and you gasp in surprise.
  61. As much as you’re trying to branch out and be your own person, being controlled like this in bed is so exciting! You’ve always tried to hide any naughty thoughts deep down. You love how Kat can clearly define what is and isn’t correct. When you’re getting lewd with her, you can let yourself safely lose control. It’s comforting.
  63. And embarrassing! Clair’s staring right back at you, not saying anything. Does she think you’re weird? No, Kat wouldn’t do this in front of her if Clair would make you feel bad. Clair’s face is a bit red. She’s enjoying this too.
  65. Kat runs the vibrator between your legs and you moan loudly.
  67. “I was going to make you feel so good, but since you’ve been a bad girl, now you need to earn it. It’s a shame, and I feel how wet you are.” Her finger rubs your slit from behind, then pulls away.
  69. “P-please?” You hope that’s what she wants.
  71. “Oh no, that’s not good enough. You’re going to have to bark for me, pet.”
  73. “B-bark for y-you?” You’re still staring at Clair. She looks as surprised as you.
  75. Another sharp smack hits your backside. “Don’t say it, do it.”
  77. You’re so embarrassed, but so excited. You look right at Clair and bark.
  79. “Good girl,” Kat runs her hand up your thigh and you shiver. “You must really want it bad, huh?” Her voice drips with a fake pouting accent.
  81. “Y-yes master, p-please.”
  83. Kat smacks you again. You moan right into Clair’s face.
  85. “I didn’t say you could speak again. If you really want it, bark!”
  87. ---------------------
  89. You are Clair, and you’re soaking wet. Robin is on all fours, naked, and barking while Kat teases her with the vibrator.
  91. And you’ve promised not to go in their heads. You’re right here and you can’t do anything! It’s like smelling the most delicious meal in your life and not being able to taste it. You wonder how Kat and Robn taste. You mean, actually taste with your own tastebuds.
  93. Get a grip Clair! WHat’s wrong with you? You can’t be this turned on.
  95. Robin yelps.
  97. “Good Robin. You may speak now. I want you to tell Clair how bad you want it.”
  99. Okay, you can be this turned on, but you can’t let them see.
  101. “I-I want it so bad,” Robin breathes at you. Her voice is shaking. She’s sticking her cute little ass in the air trying to get Kat to touch her again. “Please, master! I want it so bad I’ll do anything!”
  103. “Anything? If I told you to go down on Clair right now, would you?”
  105. Fuck it. You’re going in Robin’s head. You wait for her to look away for a half second and take a deep breath. You dive in as subtly as you can manage.
  107. Wow, she really is soaked. Even more than you. Actually feeling what somebody else is feeling is tricky as a psychic. The first thing you learn is to shut out the emotions and only read the surface thoughts or memories. If you feel their emotions, you leave yourself in a dangerous situation. If you’re in somebodies head and they were to suddenly panic, it causes you to panic as well.
  109. But you’re safe. The only thing you feel is intense embarrassment and arousal. Robin wants to be Kat’s slave and make her happy. Right now, you feel that too.
  111. Robin finally gives in. “I’d do it,” she admits. She’s telling the truth. She’s even a little excited at the idea.
  113. “I’d like to see that,” Kat mocks. “But not now. You’ve earned a treat.”
  115. Kat slides the vibrator along Robin’s aching pussy. You fight hard not to moan as you feel it too. Holy hell why do you not own one of these?
  117. “Ah~!” Robin whimpers. Damn, did you say it too? You can’t tell. You don’t think so, otherwise Kat would point it out.
  119. “Oh thank you!” Robin thrusts her butt back into it and you want to thank Kat too. “Ahh!”
  121. Kat smiles at you from behind Robin. Why is she giving you that look?
  123. She slowly and carefully starts sliding the vibrator inside Robin. Your face twitches as you pretend not to feel it. Look away Kat! Stop staring! At least Robin is too far gone to notice you squirm. A bead of sweat drops down your face.
  125. Kat must know. Why else- HNNNNG- would she be looking at you like that? You can’t even put up a good act. Robin is already starting to convulse and you grit your teeth. Robin screams into a pillow as Kat thrusts into her with the vibrator in one hand and reaches around to massage her clit with the other.
  127. You moan. You can’t help it. You look Kat in the eyes as she skillfully brings Robin to another screaming orgasm. You both know what’s going on and you’re way too far gone to pretend otherwise. She just smiles that wicked, cruel smile of hers and that just adds to what you're feeling off Robin. You grab a pillow and bite it as you dig your fingers into it. You feel every amazing second of what Robin feels and you actually enjoy knowing that Kat knows. This is embarrassing, terrible, bliss.
  129. Your head is dizzy, but you manage to recover before Robin. She flops over on her side and you see her red face. Her eyepatch is all scrunched up from stuffing her face into the bed.
  131. “T-thank you.” Robin’s voice is weak and happy.
  133. “Oh, you’re going to.” You notice for the first time that’s Kat’s removed what’s left of her clothes and sitting in the chair across from the bed. Her legs are spread and her arms are resting on the dresser behind her. “I don’t think we’ve given Clair enough of a show quite yet.”
  135. Kat snaps her fingers and points between her legs. “Crawl.”
  137. Robin is still weak. She crawls off the bed on all fours and comes to a stop between Kat’s legs.
  139. “M-may I?” Robin asks, looking up at her.
  141. Kat displays the vibrator again. This time it’s off. “You may, if you earn it.” She holds it out in front of Robin’s face. “This needs to be cleaned.”
  143. Robin begins licking it. You taste her tasting herself. Kat looks at you and you pretend nothing is amiss. You’re trying to cling to the last scraps of dignity you have.
  145. Robin starts taking it in her mouth, going up and down as deep as she can manage. She gags a few times but keeps going. You hear Kat’s thoughts, calling her a trooper.
  147. “That’s good Robin. Now ask permission nicely.”
  149. “M-may I service you?” Robin looks up from sitting on her knees. The curve of her back makes you both jealous and turned on.
  151. Kat simply guide’s Robin’s head in closer. She gasps as Robin begin’s licking her. You gasp with her. Kat’s looking you right in the eyes, hoping for you to crack. Even if she already knows what’s going on, you don’t want to give her the satisfaction, but you’re too weak-willed to stop feeling what she’s feeling. You need it.
  153. “Right there Robin, that’s it,” Kat coos. She’s watching how you react. Trying to do what she thinks will affect you. It’s working.
  154. You try to stop it. You both love and hate how she always wins these little battles. Look for something else. Pull out dammit! You’re a prodigy! Think of anything else.
  156. You look at the scars along Kat’s body. She’s taken a thousand small cuts and bruises, and she never even stops to think about it. She dove off that cliff to save her Gyarados and took a salvo of rocks in the back because of it, and she doesn’t even care. Even Vance is mindful of his injuries, if just because he worries it’ll slow him down.
  158. And yet all you can think about is how sexy and badass it makes her.
  160. Her wicked little grin fades and she pulls Robin up. She must know you’ve managed to pull away.
  162. “M-master?” Robin glances up submissively, wondering if she did something wrong.
  164. “On the bed, Robin.”
  166. Robin quickly complies. Kat positions them both so that they can grind into each others leg. She puts one hand behind Robin’s head and another plays with her nipple. Robin grabs Kat and grinds harder.
  168. Instead of an elaborate display, Kat and Robin make sweet, passionate love. It’s sweet and intimate. They kiss and ignore your presence.
  170. You have to dive back in.
  172. “I love you,” Kat whispers as she kisses Robin, grinding into her. You feel it. You feel everything Kat expresses and how Robin reacts.
  174. Robin replies with a passionate kiss. She’s lost in the moment. She feels so happy she wants to cry. You wipe away a tear. It’s a strange feeling to be so in love and so lost in a haze of lust. You understand the concept of making love now.
  176. Somewhere in the back of your own mind you try to remind yourself that these aren’t your feelings. You don’t love Kat or Robin, you’re just leeching off their emotions. This is why opening up to emotions and feelings is so dangerous.
  178. The things that have always gotten you off have been a long line of increasingly taboo perversions. You’ve explored the depths of depravity through other people and found it fun until it became as boring as a child’s toy.
  180. This isn’t fun, it’s magical and painful. It’s the most taboo and strangest thing you can associate with sex. You’ve seen memories of people do incredibly private things. Sometimes terrible, sometimes disgusting. This is the first time you’ve felt like you’re truly invading though. At the same time, you’re so fascinated by it you can’t get away. You don’t want to. Your body is on fire and your heart aches for Kat and Robin.
  182. You try to scream out both their names at once as they climax. Luckily they’re far too lost in each other as their minds go blank. Wave after wave of intense pleasure courses through all three of you until it slowly subsides.
  184. Kat and Robin lay tangled in each other for what feels like forever. Their sweaty, tired bodies unable to move. You take the opportunity to sort your brain and remind yourself of who you are.
  186. The afterglow is wearing off. Kat glances over to you. You’re sitting perfectly upright, stiff as a board.
  188. "See? I sat through the whole thing," you brag. "Like I said, I don't care."
  190. Kat doesn’t buy it. "If you're so cool with it, maybe you can join in next time." You vow to beat her at this one day. You’re way too mixed up right now.
  192. "Like I even want to! Whatever!" You get up suddenly, then feel all the gushiness in your body shift. You waddle in weird, awkward steps to the door and try to keep her dress covering her legs. "I'll be in my room s-s-sleeping." Real smooth Clair.
  194. You stumble into your room and toss off your clothes. That was intense. You’ve grounded yourself again. You try to avoid the fact that you’re pretty sure you’ve developed a serious crush of your own on both of them, but you do your best to turn back to dirtier thoughts. How did that grinding work again?
  196. You take the largest pillow and straddle it on the bed. You grind over it and feel the silky smoothness.. Oh yeah. Just like that.
  198. You bit your lip and pity the cleaner who’s going to take care of your sheets.
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