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Dragoon elemental effects

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Feb 19th, 2019
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  1. Based quite a bit on the shouts of Skyrim, the upgraded Dragoon's function kind of works in a similar way to what the normal AATs of Black Ops 3 and 4 would, with some slight variations. Upon upgrading the first time, the Dragoon is given a random elemental effect out of four, and every 4-6 rounds, that effect will change to something else. I suppose, in a way, you could say that the PaP process distorted the gun into something quite different.
  3. The elemental effects of the guns (and their inspirations) are as follows:
  5. Centrifugal Force (based on the 'Unrelenting Force' shout): Upon activation, sends all zombies within a 15 ft. radius flying, similar to a shot from a Thundergun. Any zombies outside of that 15 ft. radius, but within a 25 ft. radius of the blast, are stunned for a short period of time.
  7. Volcanic Symphony (based on the 'Fire Breath' shout): Upon activation, all zombies within a 15 ft. radius are blasted with flames from the ground, disintegrating them after a short couple of seconds. Any zombies within a 25 ft. radius of the blast are dealt burn damage for a short period. There is a slim chance of zombies caught in the 25 ft. radius becoming explosive.
  9. Arctic Sky (based on 'Frost Breath' and 'Ice Form' shouts): Upon activation, any zombies caught in a 10 ft. radius are frozen in place, able to be shattered either with normal bullets or walked through. Any zombies caught in a 30 ft. radius are slowed down.
  11. Tendrils of Dawn (based on 'Soul Tear' shout): Upon activation, a void blast is sent out. Any and all zombies in a 10 ft. radius die on impact, and lend the player a small increment of extra health for a short period of time. The zombie that the bullet activated on becomes Turned, taking out zombies for you for 15 seconds. Any zombies caught in a 30 ft. radius of the void blast are slowed, and are given 5 seconds of void damage over time.
  13. (yeah, the effects are kinda tuned to 11)
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