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Sep 5th, 2019
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  1. Entire Kobayashi (Thor) Site Google Translated, Right to Left
  3. Anything in parathenses is notes not from Google Translate.
  4. -------------------------------------
  6. Cold Peak Shitenno Head (Reiho/River City High?)
  7. “Head” is a term used to refer to “the strongest guy in the team”. Speaking of the strongest man in the cold peak school Shitenno, will there be other than "Kobayashi"?
  9. Hot blood (Hot-Blooded Tough Guy)
  10. Like “muscle strength” and “jump strength”, “hot blood power” is a special ability that humans have. The higher the “hot blood power”, the more “hot blood”. "Hot blood power" = "Hot blood"!
  12. Mach chop (Stone Hands, Dragon Feet, etc.)
  13. Speaking of Kobayashi's special technique, "Mach Chop". Mach is the speed of sound (= 340 / m), but there is no other person other than Kobayashi who is a real person and can deliver such a chop.
  15. Do I have to rewind my time?
  16. Is it possible to rewind the time like a clock with a mainspring? Time travel is the dream and hope of all mankind. If you can rewind time, don't make that person cry again. I would like to say a cool line.
  18. ... I'm not really happy to hear a heart symbol from a relative ...
  19. If you put 100 “Heart Marks” on the mount and submit them, you will not be able to send back a nice item. There are a lot of similar marks.
  21. The details are not so good!
  22. The word “namenyo” is a word often used by “Kuni” (Kunio). The meaning is "Do not take a playful attitude" (Don't mess with me), and it does not mean "Don't lick" literally. If you try to mess with something like "Lick me", it's probably a Mach kick (Dragon Feet) prey.
  24. Hattori brothers (Double Dragon Twins)
  25. Speaking of “Hattori Brothers”, it would be Dubdra Brothers, “Ryuichi” and “Ryuji” (Randy and Andy) of Ryomine Gakuen…. What is your relationship with Kobayashi?
  27. Let's go ... Mizoguchi-kun
  28. Can such a line be said to be about "Mito Komon" or "Kobayashi"? But who is Mizoguchi-kun?
  30. Hot-blooded hard school
  31. Kuni Okun (Kunio-kun)
  33. Complicated human
  34. If you are a busy modern person, you may have a feeling of “moy”. However, “moya” here means “misty”.
  36. D power
  37. “Power” means “power”, but having “D” at the beginning makes it so meaningful, it must have immense potential.
  39. It ’s good to have something extra, so I ’d like you to tell me the business first.
  40. Speaking of Kobayashi, this phrase. Even so, it is a little annoying.
  41. But no one wants to hear any extra stories.
  43. Yamada's bloodline (Simon, Slick)
  44. Speaking of “Yamada”, it ’s probably the evil general general, “Oda Yamada”, the former student council president of Cold Peak Gakuen. What does "blood line" mean?
  46. Evil future person
  47. Just because it is a “future person” does not mean that everyone is a good person. Some people may be bad. Is the concept of good and evil correct in the first place?
  49. Huh, it ’s a foolish guy… Let ’s take it all together ...
  50. A word of fear that politely pushes the opponent down to the bottom of fear. Is the opportunity to hear such words once in my life?
  52. Flying machine
  53. Meaning a machine that flies in the sky. The name changes depending on whether it is confirmed or not. By the way, the unidentified flying object is called “UFO”.
  55. Huhfu ... This is not the back but this is the front. My enemies are not bad ...
  56. Daytime face is an excellent high school student, and night face is a talented person who bundles badness. Is there a different interpretation?
  58. I'm a little big executive of the Todo Group, a little global giant
  59. The word “a little” seems to be fooled, but I would like to say that it is actually a great person. Speaking of the Todo Group, the “Athletic meet” is familiar.
  61. The future without feelings
  62. Certainly Kobayashi doesn't express much emotion, but is there anything related to it and the future? In the future, have people lost their emotions?
  64. Time management office
  65. Meaning “organization that manages time”. What does it mean to manage time? Can you say that “do not be late” is a kind of time management?
  67. Squid! Kobayashi
  68. “Ika Suze” is a slang that means “cool” or “attractive”. There is a high possibility that it is a dead language now. By the way, if you translate it into a modern translation, it's “Cool! Kobayashi-san”.
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