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responses to audis "standards

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  1. What I responded to them are in () at the end of them.
  5. 1. floods ew o_O did a tsunami hit when u walked in nigga jkwat   (da fuq is that)
  6. 2. smoking/drugs bad breath k (we are fucking 15 who would smoke)
  7. 3. horny boys gtfo (welcome to the internet)
  8. 4. piercings um ew fuck urself (didnt u want those?)
  9. 5. to many tatoos (wtf)
  10. 6. big dixz ew jk omg (horny fool refer to number 3)
  11. 7. emo guys sorry ew tho (agreed)
  12. 8. guys who like adventure time im sorry but pls grow balls (that show actually good lol)
  13. 9. high pitched voices ew (da fuq)
  14. 10. guys who talk about their dick (why so curious?)
  15. 11. guys who r just to kinky ok (da fuq is kinky)
  16. 12. guys with no swag (ya cause thats MORE important then anything -sarcasm-)
  17. 13. guys who r fat (duh)
  18. 14. mcdonalds.com (why u got a site)
  19. 15. acne pro active nigga (da fuq is a pro active)
  20. 16. mommys boys im sorry but ew panzy (refer to grow balls)
  21. 17. moobz (refer to 13)
  22. 18. ratchet boys (da fuq this isnt 1980s)
  23. 19. cocky (but u like cocks)
  24. 20. guys who r just dickheads (refer to brenden)
  25. 21. players (ur mom in my bedroom)
  26. 22. haterz (urself)
  27. 23. womanizers (da fuq, - looks at dictionary -)
  28. 24. arabs (they smell)
  29. 25. FACIAL HAIR (SOMETIMES) (because fuck puberty thats why)
  30. 26. guys who work at mcdonalds (refer to 13 and 17)
  31. 27. guys who have ugly shoes (cause that changes everything -sarcasm-)
  32. 28. guys who smell like dog shit (who smells like dog shit women)
  33. 29. guys who think their cool ok no (lol refer to 12)
  34. 30. guys who r just weird af and is all like faps ya (welcome to the internet)
  35. 31. happy trails ew o_O (da fuck is happy trails)
  36. 32. guys with huge butts (you would love that wouldnt u)
  37. 33. guys with yolanda lips no bitch my lipgloss is poppin not urs (da fuq, yo weird)
  38. 34. big noses (isnt that jews?)
  39. 35. SUPER WHITE GUYS EW (does that include cock asians)
  40. 36. guys who cant rap kbye hit the road (wow)
  41. 37. guys who take pics of their shit o_O (spike) (obviously never heard the real story)
  42. 38. guys who say they need to shit (grow up and deal
  43. 39. guys who watch porn (that means everything on the internet ROFL)
  44. 40. guys who wear mandles sorry but ew (whats mandles)
  45. 41. guys who dont shower (who wouldnt)
  46. 42. guys who cant twerk dat a$$ (makes no sense)
  47. 43. guys who like pop okew (pop?)
  48. 44. guys whos pants r tighter than mine (bullshit)
  49. 45. guys who wear white beatterz (da fck)
  50. 46. guys who like kids jk LMAO (eww)
  51. 47. guys who want kids ew (wtf)
  52. 48. kids(three words - cycle of life -)
  53. 49. alot of chins (u will like 69 chins, so thats invalid)
  54. 50. guys who talk about feeling girls tits in class (spike) (never heard real story)
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