/utg/ fan comic recommendations.

DocMelonhead Mar 8th, 2019 (edited) 785 Never
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  1. Continuations (may contain a revived Asriel (not like that matters)):
  2. Dog of Future’s Past (pacifist)(complete):
  3. Endertale (soulless?):
  4. Over the void (pacifist):
  5. Growth spurt (pacifist):
  6. HorrorTale (neutral):
  8. What ifs:
  9. Undercop (complete/oneshot) :
  10. Inverted Fate :
  11. Scramble Saga:
  12. Frisky Caretaker (complete/oneshot) : Flowers :
  13. Zombie tale :
  15. Deltarune:
  16. Paper trail (same author as DoFP) :
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