A letter

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  1. **THE FOLLOWING LETTER SEEMS TO HAVE BEEN WRITTEN IN INK. THE HANDWRITING IS SHAKY AT BEST. All pieces marked with Brackets [] have been struck through with a line.**
  3. To my Darling Moonlight
  5. First, I must [apologies] apologize for my [behavor] behavior. I hope i did not worry you. I sometimes forget i have mor [vigir] [viger] life when i am cloaked. I hope you did not fret over me. I also need to apologize for maybe coming off as rude towards the end of our dance? I did not mean to [insalt] upset you if i did.
  7. As you can see, I am still learning how to right [propor] [prep] well. I am a little self-conchious about it now that i know how [complecks] complex it is. A small part of me is happy i never sent you all of those scrawls from when i was back in my [dunjuneering] adventoring days. Maybe i will though if you ask
  9. Is the lady of the house still upset with me? I will try to keep my [cassting] spells to a more manageable level. I hope i do not cause the family too much stress. Is it okay that I call them that? The family? It feels right, but i don't know how much every one else thinks so too. [especally] Specially since of all the [commottion] ruckus i caused. I'm sorry i don't visit much either.
  11. I will end this letter on a happy note at [lest] least. I am working on something very special for you. **THIS SECTION OF THE LETTER HAS BEEN BLOTTED OUT WITH INK.** I hope you like it, but I won't spoil what it is yet. i was so [ecksited] thrilled about it i almost forgot, which is why there is a black smudge on the page. sorry about that too. Still. It is going to be very pretty, even if it could never compare to you.
  13. Write back soon
  14. Ars
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